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    Join Us in Sustaining the World with Infineon

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    The Challenge


    The element14 Community is pleased to introduce the Sustain the World Design Challenge with Infineon.


    Infineon is challenging the element14 community to design the most creative solution utilizing the XMC4700 Relax Lite Kit, the Platform2GO XMC4200 MCU, the TL94112 Motor Controller, the DPS368 Pressure sensor, the TLV493D A1B6 MS2GO Magnetic Sensor, and a Profet+2 12 Smart Switch Shield, all from Infineon.


    Infineon wants the element14 community to design solutions to make your life easier, safer, and greener. You can use the sensors provided on the board, or add your own sensors and actuators to be controlled by the Arduino Compatibility and Arduino Cloud.


    Challengers are invited to use this kit to Sustain the World.


    If applicants are successful, they can take advantage of the XMC4700 Relax Lite Kit, the Arduino Compatible XMC4200 MCU, 3D Motion, Pressure Sensor Motor control, and Smart Switch Challenge kit.


    20 successful applicants will receive the Challenge Kit free of charge to build and blog their project with. For the chance to win one of the prizes below, you must blog your build process and the final outcome of your Challenge Kit Projects within the Sustain The World Challenge space.


    What Can I Build?

    You can build anything you want, as long as it uses the XMC4700 Relax Lite Kit and at least two other of the Infineon peripherals included in the kit.


    Example applications could include:

    • Micro Plastics Monitoring Buoy
    • Remote fleet of ships which monitor pollution levels
    • Roadside Littering Monitor
    • Distributed CO2 Monitoring station
    • Self-compacting Trash Cans
    • Recycling Composition Tester
    • Sea Level and Levy Monitor
    • Automatic Tree Planter
    • Trash Collection Bot


    The Kit Buy Kit*Buy Kit*The Specs


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    • XMC4700-F144 Microcontroller based on ARM® Cortex®-M4 @ 144MHz, 2MB Flash and 352KB RAM
    • On-Board Debugger
    • Power over USB
    • ESD and reverse current protection
    • 2 x user button and 2 x user LED
    • Arduino hardware compatible 3.3V pinout


    Platform2GO XMC4200

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    • Arm Cortex M4
    • 256 kB Flash Memory
    • 2x Shield2Go Connectors
    • Arduino Compatible Connectors
    • 5v Power

    Motor Controller

    TLE94112 for Arduino

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    • DC Motor Control Sheild
    • Arduino Uno compatible
    • 12 x Half Bridge
    • Each can drive up to 0.9A
    • Polarity protection


    Pressure Sensor - DPS368

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    • Shield2Go Format
    • Pressure or Temperature
    • I2C or SPI
    • FIFO capable of holding 21 readings

    Magnetic Sensor - TLV493D A1B6 MS2GO

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    • Shield2Go Format
    • X,Y, Z Magnetic Field
    • Linear Travel and 360 Degree Rotation
    • Arduino Library
    • 2Wire I2C

    Smart Switch

    Profet+2 12v Shield for Arduino Shield

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    • Arduino Uno Format
    • 12v
    • 12a
    • PWM
    • Open Load Detection
    • Under voltage Protection


    Be Rewarded on the Community

    For entering and taking part in the Design Challenge competition, you'll be rewarded the following badges:


    Apply to join the Design Challenge and receive a badge and points for applying! Make sure you've thought your application through, made it original and your own work. If you are building upon someone else's work, make sure you cite your sources. Direct copies of work will not be accepted.
    Post your first blog! We expect updates on how your Design Challenge project is going, so don't hold back, tell us your thoughts, difficulties, and how you're progressing. Remember you're assessed based upon your updates, and don't be afraid - other challengers and members are there to help you with any problems you have, and it helps the staff to keep an eye on you!
    10 blogs! Wow, has it really been that long? We hope you'll keep us updated about your project at least once a week, for 10 weeks. We'll not be impressed if you only put a one-liner in there, that's what messages are for. Blogs are to make sure you're giving us all of the juicy detail, trials and tribulations of what's going on, and it keeps everyone honest!
    Even if you're not a challenger in the Design Challenge, we appreciate every member who joins in and gives a helping hand to applicants and members. If your messages are found to be helpful, we want to acknowledge that and reward you!


    Need help? Comment and read the resources below:

    Technical Resources:


    Infineon For Makers Support Page


    XMC4200 Platform2GO

    Support Page

    User Manual


    PROFET +2 12V Arduino Shield

    Data Sheet



    Data Sheet


    DPS368 Pressure Shield

    Data Sheet


    3D Sense Shield2Go

    Data Sheet


    The Dates


    Project PhasesDates
    Applications Open1st May 2020
    Applications Close (1 Month)

    25th May 2020

    Challengers Announced

    22nd July 2020

    Projects Due

    7th October 202

    Winners Announced

    Electronica 2020

    Prizes Shipped

    Early November 2020


    The Prizes


    PrizePrize Category


    Grand Prizes

    • $500 USD Donated to the Environmental Charity of your Choice
    • 100 Trees Planted in your Name
    • Envirocycle Home Composter
    • Click and Grow Home Smart IoT Garden
    • Reusable Metal Straw and Cutlery Set

    Runner up

    • $250 USD Donated to the Environmental Charity of your Choice
    • 100 Trees Planted in your Name
    • Click and Grow Home Smart IoT Garden
    • Reusable Metal Straw and Cutlery Set

    Finisher Prize


    For anyone who completes 10 Blogs and a project with the featured product.

    • Solar USB Charger Battery Bank
    • 10 Trees Planted Per Finisher

    *Or local equivalent


    The Judges


    Technical Judge Team
    element14 Community Judges
    element14 Community Team


    The Terms


    Selected official applicants will be chosen to receive the "Kit" listed above. These successful applicants will be our sponsored challengers, and they must use at least 3 of the items of kit provided within their project. Those not chosen as sponsored challengers may also join the competition, but they must base their projects around the kit listed above and adhere to all terms and conditions of the challenge.

    They need to post their progress and final project as at least 10 blog posts before the closing date. Posts which are media rich with photos, videos, and code samples will be viewed more favorably in the judging process.

    Please read the full terms and conditions of the challenge, attached below.


    Ready to join the challenge? Then Apply Here


    If you are not successful in becoming a sponsored challenger but still want to enter, all you need to do is use the Kit as described above in your project and adhere to the same Terms and Conditions for a chance to be our winner! Non sponsored challengers are eligible for the Finisher and Winner Prizes as well.