Version 11

    Name: Caroline Dunn

    Current home town: Atlanta, Georgia, USA

    Did you attend university?  Yes, I graduated from Georgia Tech, Master of Science in Electrical and Computer Engineering, and Bachelor of Electrical Engineering, I also completed an MBA in Marketing at the University of Phoenix.

    Current Job: Vice-President of Marketing at Alexa Dev Group

    Your favorite electronics projects from element14 presents or youtube:

    My favorite element14 presents video is the Raspberry Pi 4 VR Headset made from 2 older video cameras. I like this project for the upcycling aspect!


    Your project:

    Turning on lights in your home by flipping a switch with your hand can be quite a chore! In this project, I create a touch-free experience by enabling a motion sensor to control smart home devices. My project combines a Raspberry Pi, PIR motion sensor, and IFTTT to create a touch-free smart home experience.


    Links or files that support your project:

    All code is available on my GitHub repository here -


    Your Project video: