Version 6

    Name: Amy Worrall

    Current home town:  Coventry, United Kingdom

    Did you attend university?  University of Warwick, B.Sc. (hons) Psychology

    Current Job: Software engineer

    Your favorite electronics projects from element14 presents or youtube :

    Commander X16 (The 8-Bit Guy):


    Your project:

    I reverse engineered a USB device in order to make a clone of it using a Teensy.

    I wanted to use an expensive theatre lighting controller, but couldn't afford it. So I hired one for a weekend, packet sniffed the USB protocol, and made my Teensy spoof the original device so that the official software would talk to it.

    In the video I've tried to explain a bit about how USB works, as well as show the complete process I went through to clone the device. Hopefully this is something a little different, but still of interest to the Element14 core audience!


    Links or files that support your project?

    Will provide code on request. I've got some stuff on GitHub at the moment but it needs tidying up before I'm happy to publicise it!


    Your Project video: