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    February of 2020 will mark the eighth birthday of the initial release of the Raspberry Pi 1 Model B. While the Pi is far from the first single board computer, none have enjoyed the same widespread success. Alternatives to the Pi may have faster CPU speeds, more IO, or specialized on-board peripherals, and they have their place, but none of them have that “just right” combination of price, support, power, and features. According to the Raspberry Pi blog, over 19 million Pis have been sold.


    This writer has been using and following the evolution of the Raspberry Pi since its release. I watched as it transitioned from a tool for students and hobbyists to a viable option for certain types of engineering projects. If you’re considering the Raspberry Pi because you are curious about electronics and coding, or even if you are a practicing engineer, just go for it ! The size of the community and the sheer number of publically available forums, tutorials, and projects means that you will be in good company as you explore and experiment.


    As “just right” as the Raspberry Pi may be, unfortunately popularity doesn’t always equal perfection. The Pi has its eccentricities and idiosyncrasies like anything else. But that’s okay; the following tips are going to help you overcome some of the vulnerabilities and limitations of the Pi.


    - Cabe Atwell, element14 Contributor


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