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    Happy May, Community!


    It was a wildly busy April for us over here at the element14 Community. With Stay at Home orders extended in Illinois affecting the Chicago office and our European offices experiencing the same, we have had to come up with some creative ways to stay in touch with each other and keep moods lifted. We have resorted to changing up our video-conferencing backgrounds and sharing photos of our meals and pets. What are some things you all have been doing with your own friends and family?


    Today we are presenting to you our final winner for our Cool Tools campaign for week 4 and this Community member was also selected to be our overall grand prize winner.


    Thank you again for all of your entries and comments!


    Our week 4 and Grand Prize winner for the Cool Tools Kit Awards 2020 is weiwei2!


    In his comment (which you can read in all of its glory here: he wrote us a full story which starts off like so:


    This is a story about POWER.


    130 years ago, Tesla has battled Edison to provide electricity to the world. Regardless who won, both AC and DC has continued to serve us well up till today. The most reliable tools that i continue to use are the various power supplies. They are my war chest of power supplies.


    From the modest 5V regulated voltage bread board module (shown with the new element14 gift breadboard from quiz), to various dc-dc converter modules, to the countless DC adapters i have amass over the years, they have served in various battlefield. Now, while some of them are killed in action, some missing in action, some veterans war heroes still march on. One of them i consider my oldest friend is this black color simple transformer based power supply. It is a gift from my father, who, as a chargeman, has amazed me since i was young to the world of electricity. My father is a maker, who create some fancy electrical gadget like battery driven go cart for us to ride on. I ended up taking electronics engineering , and this power supply is hand built by him.


    Congratulations to all of our winners from this campaign and as always, we appreciate you all so much for all that you've shared with us.

    To today's winners, watch out for a message from someone on our team coming into your inbox to ask you about prizes. We have a list of some pretty cool stuff in our giveaway list but due to some potential logistics issues we want to make sure that we're awarding you things you can actually receive at this time. If you haven't received a message yet, hang tight we promise we will be reaching out to you by the end of this week!


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