Version 5

    Name:  Ritvi Mishra


    Current home town:  Pune, India

    Did you attend university? Yes, I am currently a sophomore, pursuing bachelor's in technology, majoring in Electronics and Telecommunications

    Current Job: I am currently interning. I am working on a project that involves connecting to MQTT via a GSM module(GPRS).


    My favorite projects from element14 presents are: I love re-purposing videos and the very conceptually exploring videos, hence my favourite  element 14 videos are mostly from the learning circuit and the electronics inside


    My project:

    In this project we are creating a MQTT mesh which once set-up can be used for anything under the sun. This personally though is a first part towards building a smartphone controlled watering system.


    The following are the requirements(components, software, etc..):

    • Raspberry Pi with wifi/network connection(used here: Raspberry Pi 4)
    • Any ESP8266 Module(used here: Node MCU)
    • Arduino IDE
    • Pyhton3
    • LEDs (or any other component like buzzer, motor, etc. which can be interfaced with GPIO pins)
    • Resistors(10k, 100ohm)
    • Jumpers
    • Breadboard
    • Power sources for both the controllers
    • Smartphone with playstore
    • MQTT interfacing mobile application


    Link to the codes:



    Project video: