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    The element14 #badass Women Engineers and Makers Film Festival is open and we’re looking for input from our members on which videos should win!


    Voting is limited to element14 members - so you have to register or log in to vote.


    There are two ways to vote for your favorite video:

    • "Like" the document that features the builder's video
    • Share the specific content on social media

    While you only have the ability to "Like" a video once, you can share that same video as many times as you'd like across various social media platforms. Each "Like" and each "share" constitutes one vote apiece, so share your favorite builder's video as much as you can in order to rack up more votes and help her win the grand prize! Sharing on social media is a great way to expand your outreach and drum up excitement for your favorite video.


    Content creators and fellow tech enthusiasts, want to earn even more votes? Use your social media channels to encourage your followers to visit the element14 Community and "Like" your work. We won't judge you for pestering grandma to vote for your video. But she can only vote once for your video!


    After voting closes on May 29, we will tally up all of the "Likes" and shares for each video and determine the winners. A total of 10 winners will be announced on June 2.  Consideration will be given to Community Member voting, but final decisions will be made by element14 Judges.  As per the terms and conditions for this contest,

             Judging Criteria: All of the following which will have equal weighting:

      • Build a working, useful life hack project featuring Raspberry Pi or Arduino showing off your engineering and electronics skills;
      • Create an engaging video that shows the progression of creating the project that is entertaining as well as instructive;
      • Presenter should demonstrate enthusiasm for electronics and engineering,  authenticity, originality and character.


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    Please note:  In the past we have had issues with contestants gaming the system by having friends and family create multiple accounts to vote.  Our system allows a variety of checks to ensure that we know who voted for your video and if there are “duplicate” accounts involved.  If this happens, it will result in disqualification.