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    The BeagleBone® Quiz will test your know-how when it comes to using and setting up BeagleBone® hardware, as well as interfacing equipment, problems, and what to avoid along the way. How much do you really know about BeagleBone® hardware? Take the quiz and find out!

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    1) Which BeagleBone® is not built around Texas Instrument’s AM335x/8 System on a Chip (SoC)?



    2) Which product line creates the technology behind the BeagleBone® graphical hardware?



    3) What is the main Linux distribution for BeagleBone® hardware?



    4) ______ is typically configured at boot to light during CPU activity.



    5) The micro SD Card slot on a BeagleBone® is used only for storage when an eMMC is present.



    6) By default, a BeagleBone® is set up to connect as a network adapter over USB.



    7) When using mDNS, by which name can you connect to the BeagleBone®?



    8) At what voltage does the logic operate on the BeagleBone® GPIO pins?



    9) What is the operating clock speed of the PRU-ICSS cores on the BeagleBone® hardware?



    10) Which is not a method of connecting to a BeagleBone® by default?



    11) How many processing cores are available with the on-chip PRU-ICSS?



    12) What is the command to enable USB Type-C host mode on the BeagleBone® AI?



    13) What is the default pin mode of P2, pin 5 on the PocketBeagle®?



    14) What is the best way to control the functions of the GPIO on the BeagleBone®?



    15) In which order does the BeagleBone® typically perform its boot process?



    16) How many I2C ports are available on the BeagleBone® AI?



    17) Before the BeagleBone® AI, what speed was the typical BeagleBone®?



    18) Which model of BeagleBone® does not have a dual core PRU-ICSS microprocessor?



    19) The AM335x has an internal oscillator that can be used for a Real-Time Clock.



    20) There are many combinations of pin multiplexing possible, though a certain number are valid due to _____ limitations.



    21) Which BeagleBone® is designed with motor control in mind?



    22) How many boot modes can the BeagleBone® support?



    23) Which platform provides the visual learning application for the BeagleBone® AI?



    24) What are the names of the cores on the BeagleBone® AI that support machine learning?



    25) Which BeagleBone® supports 4k encoding and decoding for h264?



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