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    Adam has been interested in engineering and fixing/tinkering with electronics since a very early age. The first video game system he disassembled was a Nintendo DS just out of curiosity in fourth grade. His projects really began from reading about and watching electronics projects online and having the drive to create similar projects. While he made very rudimentary projects without many tools at a very young age, the first tool he purchased was a soldering iron. In early middle school, he realized that his upcoming projects needed a soldering iron, and this continued from tool to tool, acquiring new skills along the way. He has been steadily acquiring equipment as his projects evolve.

    He is passionate about electronics and robotics, but one of the ways he has learned and acquired experience with robotics is through animatronics. Halloween stores have hired him for years to diagnose and fix broken animatronics-- often zombies, horror movie slashers, etc, but through working on animatronics he has learned even more about the mechanical side of robotics.


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