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    Congratulations to genebren for  DMX diagnostics tool!  You are the Grand Prize Winner of a $400 Shopping Cart and Every Arduino Nano (Nano 33 BLE Sense, the Arduino NANO 33 BLE, Nano 33 IoT, Nano Every, and Nano Classic).  You will also receive a Grand Prize Trophy Badge!


    Congratulations to jomoenginer for TinyML on Arduino Nano 33 BLE Senseralphjy for Focus Laser using Micro-LIDAR,  and ashutosh_pandey for Nanorama Project14: Integrated Diagnostics Health Kit!  You are the First Place Winners of a $200 Shopping Cart and an Arduino 33 BLE Sense!


    Congratulations to jc2048 for Simple NANO Battery Tester Prototypewolfgangfriedrich for Arduino Hot Plate - What's for dinner?balearicdynamics for The Nanodronedubbie for  LEDGrid Displayredcharly for  Candle in the windsjmill01 for The specified item was not found.Arduino Nano bot - using ultrasonic sensor by  carmelitoNanoDrive your 7-segment display by luislabmoHatching a hockey stick hack in a hurry! by  BigG ,  and dixonselvan for FlappyRama - Flappy Bird Game using Arduino Nano 33 IoT and Processing !  You received votes from our judges and are the Runner Up Winners of an Arduino Nano 33 IoT board!


    Finally thank you to everyone who participated.  We will be sending out up to 20 Arduino Nano boards for your NanoRama projects as a way of showing our thanks and appreciation! 


    We will also be sending out custom branded Fighting Germs hand sanitizers (when they become available) throughout the community to encourage EVERYONE to participate in the FIRST of its kind design challenge to fight back against the COVID-19 pandemic: Fighting Germs!


    The NanoRama competition celebrated the 3rd birthday of Project14 by celebrating the 15th birthday of Arduino.  In a few short days Arduino will be visiting the community for the first time since our  Smarter World MKR WAN challenge for  LoRa Meets Arduino, a Journey in the LPWAN World where you'll get a chance to win a pair of the new MKR WAN 1310 boards for asking good questions and impressing them with our community.  If you haven't signed up yet, please do and support more Arduino activity in the community!  Speaking of impressive, the projects that you did were great and covered a lot of range.  The grand prize went to genebren for his DMX diagnostic who decided to finally get around to doing a project using an Arduino after he took the Arduino Fundamentals: Part I: Quiz which we used to kick off the celebration.  We also had a  Arduino Nano Giveaway where we gave away the new line of Arduino Nano boards even before they became available at any of our stores and asked you  Which Board Are You Going to Use for Your Arduino Day Project?  The poll helped give us an idea of what we wanted to do to celebrate the combined birthdays of Arduino and Project14.  With Arduino Day happening on March 21st we bumped up our annual April birthday celebration to late March.  As we prepared to send out the Nano giveaway winners their Arduino Nano boards, the lockdown occurred even before we had a chance to launch NanoRama.  What began life as an idea that came from Projects That Fight Germs by 14rhb and an option to be voted on in the March poll was launched Fighting Germs a few days after we went on lockdown.  At the same time we encouraged NanoRama participants to a Fighting Germs project with their Nano board.


    Some great COVID-19 projects during this competition included The 20 Second Handwash by  vimarsh_Nanorama Project14: Integrated Diagnostics Health Kit by ashutosh_pandeyCandle in the wind by redcharly,  and  The specified item was not found. by sjmill01 .


    The projects that were submitted during the NanoRama competition showed incredible diversity.  Both the grand prize and the first place winners are testament to that with a project that involved test equipment, a project that involved machine learning,  a photonics project that used Micro-LIDAR, and of course a project that involved Fighting Germs.    Runners up included more test equipment, more lasers, robotics projects, IoT projects, and more fighting germs projects.


    A special thanks to the following  element14 presents hosts for going through each of these projects and helping us pick out winners: mayermakes , davedarko , and  kalebclark .  They were joined by our community judges  gecoz and DAB


    Without further Ado here are your winners.......


    {tabbedtable} Tab LabelTab Content

    The Winners

    The Grand Prize


    DMX Diagnostic Tool by genebren:


    Community Member Scoring:


    Engagement Score:  82 Likes, 5 Bookmark, 16 Comments, 9 Helpful,  Total:  112


    Grand Prize: 4 points, First Place:  2 point Engagement Bonus: 2 points Total Points: 8 Points


    DMX diagnostic tool




    First Place Winners:


    TinyML on Arduino Nano 33 BLE Sense by jomoenginer:


    Community Member Scoring:


    Engagement Score:  54 Likes, 8 Bookmarks, 13 Comments, 12 Helpful,  Total:  87


    First Place:  2 points Engagement Bonus: 1 point Total Points: 3 Points


    TinyML on Arduino Nano



    Focus Laser using Micro-LIDAR  by ralphjy:


    Community Member Scoring:


    Engagement Score: 46 Likes, 14 Comments, 1 Helpful,  Total:  61


    Grand Prize: 2 points  First Place:  2 points  Total Points: 4 Points


    Focus Laser using Micro-LIDAR



    Nanorama Project14: Integrated Diagnostics Health Kit  by ashutosh_pandey :



    Community Member Scoring:


    Engagement Score: 10 Likes, 1 bookmark, 3 Comments, 2 Helpful,  Total:  16



    Grand Prize: 2 points  First Place:  1 point  Total Points: 3 Points


    Integrated Diagnostics Health Kit


    The Runners Up

    Runners Up:


    The following members received first place votes.



    Simple NANO Battery Tester Prototype  by jc2048:


    Simple NANO Battery Tester Prototype




    Arduino Hot Plate - What's for dinner?  by wolfgangfriedrich :


    Arduino Hot Plate - What's for dinner?


    Arduino Nano Bot by carmelito:


    Arduino Nano Bot







    The specified item was not found.  by sjmill01:


    Social Distancing while Team Building with Arduino Nano 33 IoT



    The Nanodrone  by balearicdynamics :


    The NanoDrone



    LEDGrid Display by dubbie:


    LEDGrid Display

    Candle in the wind  by redcharly :

    Candle in the wind



    FlappyRama - Flappy Bird Game using Arduino Nano 33 IoT and Processing by dixonselvan :


    FlappyRama - Flappy Bird Game using Arduino Nano 33 IoT and Processing


    NanoDrive your 7-segment display by luislabmo:

    NanoDrive your 7-segment display



    Hatching a hockey stick hack in a hurry! by BigG:


    Hatching a hockey stick hack in a hurry!


    2 points were awarded for every grand prize pick, 1 point awarded for each of the three first place picks.  Finally, we used engagement metrics such as likes, comments, bookmarks, and helpful answers to reach a final consensus on each of the picks.  The project with the most points was awarded 2 points, with the three runners up given 1 point each.


    Scoring from judges and engagement were given equal weight so engagement was used to break any ties between members because voting was spread between a lot of great projects!


    In the comments below:


    Be sure to Congratulate the Winners and Keep Being Awesome!