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    How well do you know the hardware available? Usually on the element14 Community we ask you about a particular topic or a singular computer board. Now it's time for something a little different!


    Up for grabs is a quiz badge for how well you know Rohm, Rohde & Schwarz and Multicomp Pro hardware and equipment, from oscilloscopes to Diodes, Mosfets and Bench Power Supplies. For some of the hardware you can gleam the information from this document, but for the trickier questions you'll have to click through to the online stores and read through the descriptions and datasheets! Get the quiz correct and you'll be linked to our Farnell online store where you can choose to give your details in exchange where Farnell donated on your behalf to worthwhile coronavirus support charities, also purchases over €50 on the listed hardware below over the months of July/August and Farnell will donate to a coronavirus supporting charity on your behalf! Help to show how much you're helping us to show that #FarnellCares by sharing your results and the Quiz on social media with the hashtag #FarnellCares.


    Over the course of July and August 2020, Farnell donated to charity depending on purchases made on the following products for those based in Europe and anyone who signs up with their details on the online store, unfortunately as you are not not likely to be situated in Europe you will not be able to join in with these activities, we know you'd love to help out so show your support by completing this quiz and taking an interest or purchasing the products listed.


    A word of Thank You from Chris Breslin, President of Farnell



    Preparing for the Quiz

    To get the answers to the questions you'll need to clue yourself up on the specifications and datasheets of the following hardware, equipment and components. Available to buy on our online stores. Or jump straight to the Quiz!


    Multicomp Pro

    Rework StationThe Multicomp Pro MP740029 is a 4-in-1 rework station, including functionality for soldering, hot air, desoldering and electronic tweezers. This intuitive station has a high accuracy MCU control which synchronously detects whether the 3x tool channels can be used independently without manual interference.
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    Waveform Generator

    The MP750288 from Multicomp Pro is an 80MHz, 2-channel arbitrary waveform generator, featuring max 1.25GS/s sample rates, 1Hz frequency resolution, 14-bits vertical resolution and max 1M arbitrary waveform length.

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    The MP720106 from Multicomp Pro is a 14-bit high vertical resolution, 200MHz, 2-channel digital storage oscilloscope with decoding kit (RS232, SPI, I2C, CAN trigger/decode), touch-screen functionality and built-in Wi-Fi, function generator and digital multimeter with data-logging function.

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    The Multicomp Pro MP720013 is a 2-in-1, 8-bit, 100MHz mixed signal oscilloscope with logic analyser. Featuring an 8" colour LCD display, USB data transmission support, 20 group automatic measurement options, auto-scale functionality, FFT and 16 digital channels.

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    Solder Station

    The MP740068 from Multicomp Pro is a single channel, 150W soldering station.
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    Power Supply

    The Multicomp Pro MP710086 is a 150W, single-channel, linear benchtop DC power supply with channel outputs of 0-30V / 0.5A x 1CH.

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    Spectrum Analyzer

    The Multicomp Pro MP700022 is a 1.5GHz spectrum analyzer. Featuring 160dBm displayed average noise levels, <1.5dB total amplitude accuracy, EMI pre-compliance test kit, 1.5GHz tracking generator kit and a large 10.4" display.

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    Hand-held loop calibrator with stable performance and up to 0.02% high accuracy. Measures DC voltage/current and loop current, source/simulate DC current. Designed with auto stepping and ramping, the 25% stepping function can be used for fast linearity detection.

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    LCD Screen

    The Multicomp Pro MP730028 is a 5.5 digit bench-type digital multimeter. Featuring a 4" high resolution LCD screen, reading rates of up to 150 readings, true RMS AC voltage and current measurements, dual line display support and multi-IO interface.

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    Power Supply

    The MP710066 from Multicomp Pro is a 3-channel linear DC power supply. Featuring auto conversion of constant voltage and current with current limit protection, and CH1 and CH2 master-slave tracking.

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    ROHM Semiconductor

    Power IC

    BD71837MWV is a programmable Power Management IC (PMIC) for powering single-core, dual-core, and quad-core SoC’s such as NXP-i.MX 8M. It is optimized for low BOM cost and compact solution footprint. It integrates 8 Buck regulators and 7 LDO’s to provide all the power rails required by the SoC and the commonly used peripherals.

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    Gate Driver

    BM6109FV-C is a gate driver with an isolation voltage of 2500 Vrms. It has an I/O delay time of 700 ns, minimum input pulse width of 600 ns, and incorporates the fault signal output function, under voltage lockout (UVLO) function, Short circuit protection (SCP) function, overcurrent protection (OCP) function, overheat protection function, active miller clamping function and temperature monitoring function.

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    BV2HC045EFU-C is a 2-ch high-side switch for automotive application. It has built-in over current protection function, thermal shutdown protection function, open load detection function and under voltage lockout function. It is equipped with diagnostic output function for abnormality detection. An external component can arbitrarily set the over current limit and the time to limit to achieve the optimum over current protection for the load.

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    GMR50 series is a shunt resistor that provides industry-leading 4W rated power (at electrode temperature TK=90°C) in the compact 5.0mm×2.5mm size. This new series combines a revised electrode structure with optimized device design that improves heat dissipation to PCB where the resistor is mounted on.. The result is a 39% smaller mounting area over conventional 4W rated products. In addition, this new series can sustain against overcurrent loads and deliver stable current detection accuracy even when unexpected loads exceeding the rated power are applied, contributing to improve reliability in system level. It is ideal for current detection in motors and power supply circuits used in automotive systems and industrial equipment.

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    IR SBD

    RB088BM200FH is the 200V ultra-low IR SBD optimized for automotive applications including powertrains and xEVs. It offers ultra-low leakage current (IR) characteristics to achieve high withstand voltage of 200V. Replacing FRDs and rectifier diodes typically used in vehicle systems with ROHM's new SBDs make it possible to improve forward voltage (VF) characteristics significantly (11% lower than conventional FRDs). This reduces application power losses and allows smaller package designs by reducing heat generation, contributing to greater space savings.

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    Buck boost

    The BD83070GWL is a synchronous buck-boost DC/DC convertor providing 3.3 V or 2.5 V output from single-cell Li-ion battery or other input between 2.0 V and 5.5 V. It has the capability to support up to 1 A output over input voltage range of 2.7 V to 5.5 V. It seamlessly changes between buck and boost operations depending on the input voltage.

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    SMLD12WBN1W is a White chip LED with 1608 (1.6x0.8mm) size that achieves class-leading reliability. This new package offers superior mountability and long operational life, which makes it ideal for use in display panels (e.g. temperature control displays) in industrial and compact consumer equipment.

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    Rohde & Schwarz


    The RTB2K-COM4 from Rohde & Schwarz is a RTB2000 series 70MHz, 4 channel digital oscilloscope (launch edition). This oscilloscope has 10.1" high resolution 1280 x 800 pixel capacitive touchscreen TFT display with gesture support and upgrade of R&S RTB2004 oscilloscopes to 300MHz bandwidth (RTB-B243). R&S®RTB-B1 option turns every R&S®RTB2000 into an intuitive-to-use MSO with 16 additional digital channels. The bundle also includes application packages (-K1, -K2, -K3, -K15, -B6). Power of ten (10bit ADC, 10Msample memory and 10.1" touchscreen) combined with smart operating concepts make the RTB2000 digital oscilloscope the perfect tool for university laboratories, for troubleshooting embedded designs during development and for production and service departments. The 10bit A/D converter yields up to a four fold improvement to get sharper waveforms with more signal details.

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    Spectrum analyzer

    R&S FPC1500 is the only spectrum analyzer on the market that provides the value of three instruments. Incidentally, these are the three most commonly used instruments on an RF engineer's workbench, for instance in IoT device development. A single instrument also means that to obtain the specified measurement performance, only a single investment and a single calibration are required.

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    Power Supply

    The R&S®HMP DC Power supplies are primarily designed for industrial use. With three or four output channels and up to 10 A output current per channel, these rugged instruments are ideal for a wide variety of applications. They offer high efficiency with low residual ripple and many protection functions.

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    The RTM3K-COM4 from Rohde & Schwarz is a RTM3004 complete bundle. The RTM3004 complete bundle include 100MHz, 4 channel RTM-3004 digital oscilloscope with upgrade options. The oscilloscope has 10.1" high resolution (1280 x 800 pixels) capacitive touchscreen TFT display with gesture support, 10bit ADC and 40Msample/channel standard, 80Msample interleaved memory depth. The oscilloscope includes a wide range of upgrade options. AWG, MSO, I2C, SPI, UART/RS-232/RS-422/RS-485, I2S LJ/RJ/TDM, MIL-1553, ARINC 429, CAN/LIN, power analysis, frequency response analysis, history and segmented memory, spectrum analysis.

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    The single-channel R&S®NGM201 and the two-channel R&S®NGM202 deliver up to 60 W of output power per channel. The output channels are floating, galvanically isolated and protected against overload and short circuits. With four measurement ranges for current and a resolution of up to 6½ digits when measuring voltage, current and power, the R&S®NGM200 power supplies are perfect for characterizing devices that have low power consumption in standby mode and high current in full load operation. In many cases, an additional digital multimeter is no longer necessary.

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    The Quiz!


    1) What's the frequency range at a resolution of 1uHz when creating a Sine wave with the Multicomp Pro MP750288?




    2) What is the bit depth of the anaolgue to digital converter in the MP720106?




    3) What's the rated output current of the MP710086 ?




    4) Under which scenario will the MP700005 Loop Calibrator automatically power off?




    5) Which is not a feature, or possible feature of the MP730028 Bench Top Digital Multimeter?




    6) What is the input voltage range of Rohm's BD71837MWV Power Management chip?




    7) What type of Power Load Switch is the Rohm BV2HC045EFU-CE2 ?




    8) Rohm's GMR50 has a tested endurance temperature of 90degC




    9) The output voltage of Rohm's BD83070GWL Buck-Boost DC/DC Converter is 2.0v or 5.5v




    10) Is the luminous intensity of Rohm's SMLD12WBN1W1:?




    11) The interleaved sampling rate of the Rohde & Schwarz RTB2004 is:




    12) The frequency range of the FPC1500 is:




    13) The HMP4040 has how many outputs?




    14) What is the maximum output voltage of the NGM200 ?




    15) What is the RF input impedance of the FPC1500 ?


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