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    Every year Farnell launches a Trends survey to help us and you understand the landscape of the market and customer needs. The results are in and you can download them in our IoT Trends Report PDF, and any new customers will also get a Farnell Discount code!

    For the past few years the subject at the top of trends has been the Internet of Things, our 2020 Trends Report eBook is condensed findings of our survey of our global customer base between September and December 2019.

    We got back 2,015 completed questionnaires from 67 countries, primarily from engineers of IoT solutions.

    This report presents key findings from our survey.

    So if you are doing market research on building a new product, seeing what is popular or just want to understand our engineers thoughts on IoT, this Free IoT eBook is for you.

    Some of the Questions we asked are:

    • What is your key concern regarding IoT?
    • What do you believe will be the top IoT Industry in 5 years’ time?
    • What programming language do you use in your IoT devices?
    • What Cloud Service provider would you prefer for your IoT solution?


    To find out the engineers answers to these questions and many more:


    Download the Survey from Farnells IoT Survey Page Here


    Discount Voucher for New Farnell Customers

    To sweeten the deal a little, we are also offering a Discount Voucher for new customers who sign up from UK, DE, FR, PL, ES, CN Regions. We are giving 10% for UK, DE, FR, PL, ES, and 15% for CN.
    If you are a new customer to Farnell you can click one of the links to your local Farnell store below and they will send you out the PDF and a Discount code to your email address.

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