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    Build an Anti-Troll Bot Using TensorFlow and Arduino

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    Andy hooks up a USB Keyboard to a Microcontroller to see he can use machine learning to do a critique of his internet comments. Challenges included flashing the firmware of the FTDI module, analysis of USB Human Input Device (HID) data and running a machine learning algorithm on a 32bit Arm M0 core.


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    VNC2-48Q USB HOST ControlFTDI1Buy NowBuy Now
    VNC2 Debugger/ProgrammerFTDI1Buy NowBuy Now
    Development Board, Arduino MKR ZeroARDUINO1Buy NowBuy Now
    DC Servo Motor, 6 VAdaFruit1Buy NowBuy Now


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    Jumbo sized googlie eyes

    PETG 3D printer filament

    MDF board