Version 2

    Tested, validated, and upgradeable – from the lab to the living room. A complete, production-grade software and hardware platform, certified by NXP, for fast development of future-proof IoT products.


    Quick and Easy Product Development

    Bringing intelligent edge compute to your applications is a considerable drain on time, budget, and development resources. The NXP EdgeReady portfolio dramatically reduces these requirements so you can focus on what you do best – product design.



    NXP EdgeReady Solutions bring the comprehensive computing and security of our EdgeVerse platform together with our broad portfolio of scalable embedded processors and connectivity devices for a wide range of high-performance edge applications.



         Face Recognition

         Minimize development time of your face recognition features with this solution based on our i.MX RT-based crossover MCU.

         MCU-based Solution for Face Recognition







         Alexa Voice Service

         Add Alexa voice assistant functionality to your products quickly and easily with our ultra-small, low cost i.MX RT-based solution.

         MCU-based Solution for Alexa Voice Service






         Local Voice Control

         Address user privacy and latency concerns by adding offline voice control to products without Wi-Fi or cloud connectivity.

         MCU-based Solution for Local Voice Control