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    Welcome to the Sustain the World Challengers Page!

    The element14 Community is pleased to introduce the Sustain the World Design Challenge with Infineon.

    Infineon is challenging Community members to design a solution to make their lives easier, safer, and greener.  They will be utilizing this kit from Infineon: XMC4700 Relax Lite Kit, the Platform2GO XMC4200 MCU, the TL94112 Motor Controller, the DPS368 Pressure sensor, the TLV493D A1B6 MS2GO Magnetic Sensor, and a Profet+2 12 Smart Switch Shield. Members can either use the sensors provided on the XMC4700 Relax Lite Kit board, or add their own sensors and actuators to be controlled by the Arduino Compatibility and Arduino Cloud.


    Project Phases


    Challengers Announced

    22nd July 2020

    Kits Shipped

    20th July 2020

    Projects Due (10 Weeks)

    7th October 2020

    Winners Announced

    Early November 2020 at Electronica 2020

    Please join us in congratulating the official sponsored Challengers!

    We look forward to reading all of their initial blogs introducing their project designs. As challengers create more blogs over the next weeks, you can follow along with them using the links below.

    akshitagupta15june | asokfair | balachandramhegde | cgsolutions | coderdojostpaul2 | crisdeodates | cyberwizard | dang74 | enkrypted | faed1ng | fyaocn | karthickiot | kurama007 | lesmalave | regrowthtech | saganefect | sami9974 | shirishbharde | wanfp97 | wtos03


    challengers profileakshitagupta15june

    The Home Super Smart

    Synopsis: This project is about an eco-friendly design of residential apartment buildings with the use of home automation features.  The world has already evolved into a global village where pollution, disasters, and diseases have spread to a maximum capacity. To preserve the earth and all living things from extinction, we need to start using the concept of eco-friendly or progressing towards eco-friendly solutions in our environment.

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    Smart Farm Hoe

    Synopsis: The Smart Farm Hoe has a built-in BLE module that can interface with 3D magnetic sensors, which allow users to control the motor speed via BLE/BLE MESH. It can connect to an Android app which enables Cloud access, motor running status, and power status, notifying multiple users via Whatsapp. I hope this smart hoe can help farmers and be suitable for home gardening projects using light/motor control options.

    asokfair's project blogs

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    Smart Water Management System

    Synopsis: This project focuses on accuracy readings in water pressure sensors in a storage tank. It can accurately auto-recalibrate existing level sensors to remove errors caused by drift over time by utilizing early detection of drift data and analytics. An analytics-based recalibration technique is applied by reconstructing the continuous response curve of the sensor as opposed to using a set of discrete values (offset) for recalibration. This technique would help us further increase the accuracy of readings throughout the spectrum of measurement.

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    Crop Circulator

    Synopsis: A greenhouse dome is surrounded by an aquaponic farm in the form of fully automated crop circles that flow in-and-out of each other. Each crop circle represents a skill trade, for a vocational rehabilitation program. For example, the outer ring is a fish farm where water is pumped to the greenhouse dome to create a natural swimming pool in the center ring. The waterlines are bordered by trees for shading, cooling, and water retention. Houseboat trailers with aluminum foam filled landing craft styles are used to setup workshop and living quarters in this program.

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    Synopsis: Inspired by the garbage-in, garbage-out philosophy of programming and dustbin on, enters the droid R2D3.  This general manager bot is a melting pot of ideas and innovations using the three Ms in Lean Management to gather vital information from the team. The R2D3 bot has an operating system, a C2C economy and optimization, and Lean AI knowledge—a new strategy in Lean Management. Mobility is in two dimensions—take two motors and a differential drive mechanism, with a simple M4 processor, to make our minds meet in a R2D2 alloy dustbin.

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    Smart Home Energy Monitoring

    Synopsis: The Smart Home with Energy and Utility Monitoring System will help ease the inspection, monitoring, and analysis of energy and utilities in our homes. Without managing sustainable sources, there can be no sustainability.

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    Coastal Monitoring Platform

    Synopsis: To protect coral reefs from an external threat, I propose a system of buoys called the "Magwayen Sentries."  It allows coastal law enforcement and scientists to monitor the reefs, using computer vision to detect microplastics infestation, coral bleaching, and illegal fishing. The buoy is designed to be self-protecting from dangerous elements and sabotage from fishermen by being self-closing when the system is tampered with.

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    Rain Aware Water Management System

    Synopsis: One way to help sustain the world is to conserve its water supply, since droughts are occurring in regions where they have never before.  My idea conserves water in an automated sprinkler system that reads and monitors barometric pressure and detects conditions of on-coming rain.  When rain is forecasted, the scheduled watering will be readjusted to the next cycle.  A switch is used to control the valve systems in the delivery of water.

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    Seed Machine

    Synopsis: The goal of my project is to create a robot which helps in automatic planting of seeds.  The project will make use of the Platform2GO XMC4200, TLE94112 for Arduino, Pressure Sensor - DPS368 and Magnetic Sensor - TLV493D A1B6 MS2GO.

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    Smart Irrigation

    Synopsis: My concept is a device that will ensure users are watering their plants adequately. It uses moisture sensors that read the soil and create data for optimal watering amount. Then users will be alerted via email. Adequate battery power for the kit components, and individual housings to protect each sensor/board will be needed. The Platform2GO is connected to sensors and the Wi-Fi module, enabling it to send data wirelessly.

    faed1ng's project blogs

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    Smart Low Energy Freezer

    Synopsis: The Smart Portable Freezer is used for distributing vaccines or insulin for medical purposes.  The battery bank is included with the freezer to provide a power source of 12V, just enough to drive the NPN cooling pad.

    fyaocn's project blogs

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    Smart Garden Plants Watering IoT System

    Synopsis: In my home there are about 40 different types of flower or fruit plants that takes me about three hours to water in the summer. It is tough to manage or protect them during this season, because each plant prefers specific climate conditions. I would like to check on them and create a smart device so watering can be automated per specific plant categories.

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    Smart Hydroponic System - Measures Climate Change

    Synopsis: Greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide (CO2) can cause air temperature to rise which speeds up the melting of Arctic ice. This hydroponic prototype will help users understand climate change and time scale. End-users can adjust cooling fan speed, duration of LED light, oxygen air pump in water, measure the temperature and CO2 in the system by going through the photosynthesis process.

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    Home Farm Health

    Synopsis: I live near the sea and polluting industries, where among the local problems is the high level of harmful gases to our health.  My design is a farm health system that measures these gases in air quality, so I can take advantage of planting fruit trees near the house to provide shade and keep the house cool, thus reducing the carbon footprint from air conditioners. Also, the farm will use recycled water from a second hydroponic system to plant legumes for consumption.

    lesmalave's project blogs

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    Live Environmental Animal Feedback (LEAF)

    Synopsis: The goal of this project is to create a sensor-assisted feeding and watering system for animals raised according to Agro-ecological principles. By integrating precision farming technology we enable the sustainable intensification of alternative farming systems. This tool will drastically increase farm efficiency by reducing feed waste, improving animal welfare by detecting anomaly patterns such as reduced feed consumption, increased water consumption, and evident behaviour. Increased efficiency and animal welfare quality will enable the local farmers to compete effectively with the industrial farming sector.

    regrowthtech's project blogs

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    Remote Guided Garden Data Logger

    Synopsis: Similar to an Automated Tree Planter, but instead of planting the plant or tree it's placed inside a Garden area and takes samples for soil composition, temperature readings of the root zone and plant leaf, dedicated moisture meter, ph monitor, CO2 Logger, and problematic warning system. This little device will help growers to track and monitor the output of their growing mediums and areas to obtain the most accurate information to achieve optimal planting conditions so they get the most out of their gardens. I am almost curious if I could install a laser guided grid system to break down the areas into quadrants or sectors for optimal data.

    saganefect's project blogs

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    Robotic Farmer

    Synopsis: A vehicle which can precisely position itself close enough to a plant to collect sensory data including temperature, moisture, and soil nutrients.  This data will be used to optimize the time to harvest fruits and send information the computer. AI will be used to analyze this data and to control the weather.


    sami9974's project blogs

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    Smart Garbage

    Synopsis: Smart Garbage intends to segregate items according to which garbage/recycle bins they belong to. The solution encompasses devices procured from the developer's kit. The brain of this project will be Infineon's XMC4200. Other peripherals include motors which can be connected using the TLE94112, a DC motor control shield that fits right onto the XMC4200, DPS368 pressure sensor, moisture sensor, MQ6 gas sensor, and LEDs for indicators.

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    Smart Garbage Collection System

    Synopsis: Littering is one of the major issue for many countries. Whether on purpose or not, public places often end up with a lot of rubbish. To counter this issue, I propose a garbage collector and compressor system. The Garbage Collector will move around to collect left-over rubbish then return to its base to compress the rubbish and charge its battery when the garbage collector's bin is full or when it is low in battery.

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    Food Waste Management

    Synopsis: If we can reduce food waste from every household, it will reduce the cost of garbage management for cities. And if we can recycle food waste, it will improve the environment. This project "Food waste recycle bin" will convert wasted food into organic resources for planting trees. Users just put the waste into the crusher slot so it can be shredded into smaller pieces and the controller will open a valve to fill the tank with EM compost to dehydrate the waste.  Then the controller will start a motor to mix everything together.  This bin will use solar power outside the home, which makes it even suitable for remote areas or camping sites.


    wtos03's project blogs

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    Good Luck Everyone!