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    Arduino MKR Zero Animatronic Rosie the Robot from the Jetsons

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    The year 2020 still sounds like the far off future, but we’re already here, and while the technology we enjoy is pretty snazzy, we still lack the classic hallmarks of the world of tomorrow: flying cars, sky high cities, and most importantly… robot servants! Instead of waiting for the future, DJ’s decided to build it today in his ongoing mission to make the fictional robots that he loves come to life. While she might not be quite as fully featured as her cartoon incarnation, this animatronic version of Rosie from the Jetsons is a step in the right direction.


    Bill of Materials


    Product NameManufacturerQuantityBuy KitBuy Kit
    Arduino MKR ZeroARDUINO1Buy NowBuy Now
    ESP8266 Feather HuzzahAdafruit1Buy NowBuy Now
    5mm Red LedLumex2Buy NowBuy Now
    330Ohm ResistorMulticomp Pro2Buy NowBuy Now
    Standard Servo1Buy NowBuy Now
    3D Printer Filament, 1.75mm, PLA, WhiteVerbatim2Buy NowBuy Now
    5V 50W Power SupplyTDK-LAMBDA1Buy NowBuy Now
    Power Entry ModuleSchaffner1Buy NowBuy Now
    I2S AmplifierAdafruit1Buy NowBuy Now
    Micro ServoAdafruit2Buy NowBuy Now


    Additional Parts:


    Product Name

    (60x) 6-32Screws

    (3x) Large Servo

    1/8” Styrene Sheet

    1/“ Acrylic Sheet

    3W 4Ohm Speaker