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    Logic probes are great for debugging 7400 series logic chips and digital circuits. In this video, James makes a counter circuit and debugs each stage as he builds, with a Logic Probe. If you are wondering, “do I need a logic probe” this video shows how one can be used and even answers when you should consider buying one.


    Supplemental Links:

    The Learning Circuit 66 - 555 Timer Modes Explained
    The Learning Circuit 53 - How to drive a 7-segment display
    The learning Circuit 50 - How Logic Gates Work
    The Learning Circuit 73 - How Decade Counters work


    Programmable logic probe with a PSoC
    By: David Koudela

    Logic Probe with Display
    By: Andy Clark

    ByEar 2000, a DIY Logic Probe
    By:Jon Clift

    Bill of Material:


    PartManufacturerQuantityBuy KitBuy Kit
    Logic Analyzer Probe, 72-50072-500TENMA1Buy NowBuy Now
    Handheld DMM (72-7780)TENMA1Buy NowBuy Now
    Bench Portable Power Supply, Adjustable, 1 Output, 300 mV, 30 V, 0 A, 4 A (72-2660)TENMA1Buy NowBuy Now