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    MiniZed is a single-core Zynq 7Z007S development board. This board targets entry-level Zynq developers with a low-cost prototyping platform.

    The MiniZed provides for an ef´Čücient hardware reference design with a Cortex A9 processor core. It is an inexpensive board that can be used to run workshops and tutorials. Product Brief (Datasheet)

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    USB & Cable
    Block Diagram

    Hardware Specification

    On-board connectivity through the Murata "Type 1DX" wireless moduleprovides:
    • Wi-Fi 802.11b/g/n
    • Bluetooth 4.1 plus EDR and BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy)
    On-board memory from Micron
    • 512 MB DDR3L
    • 128 Mb QSPI flash
    • 8 GB eMMC
    Peripherals can be plugged into
    • Dual Pmod-compatible connectors (16 GPIO)
    • Arduino-compatible shield interface (22 GPIO)
    • USB 2.0 host interface
    Physical interface
    • Two bi-element user LED’s
    • User pushbutton
    • Reset pushbutton
    • User switch
    The integrated power supply from Dialog generates all on-board voltages. An auxiliary microUSB supply input can be used to power designs that require additional current.
    On-board MEMS sensors from ST Micro
    • LIS2DS12 Motion and temperature sensor
    • MP34DT05 Digital Microphone
    Reference Designs

    H264 Video Streaming on Avnet MiniZed

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    Tutorial 01 Build a Zynq Hardware Platform

    Tutorial 02 First Application - Hello World

    Tutorial 03 Generate and Run Test Applications

    Tutorial 04 FSBL and Boot from QSPI

    Tutorial 05 PS SPI PMOD

    Tutorial 06 PL SPI Controller

    Tutorial 07 PS I2C PMOD

    Tutorial 08 PL I2C PMOD

    Tutorial 01-08 Solutions

    MJPEG Video Streaming over Wi-Fi on MiniZed using the TDNext Pmod

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    Prebuilt Platforms Using Hardware Definition Files (HDFs)

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