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    Welcome to the 1 Meter of Pi Design Challenge!


    As your rocket ship blasts into space, speeding to Mars, you have 1m3 of space to grow your food and nutrients for the journey. Resources are limited, and you need to make it work!

    Luckily, your friends at the Community have provided 25 successful applicants with a Raspberry Pi 4 2GBRaspberry Pi 4 2GB, a Pimoroni PIM487 Automation HAT, PIM486 Enviro HAT, and a PICO HAT Hacker PCB to help them prepare their 1m3 builds. You have 10 weeks to save your crew.

    This could be the 1m3 of space on your rocket, or it could be used to feed the masses, or in an urban setting to help feed the needy during a global disaster.

    25 successful applicants will get the Challenge Kit free of charge to build and blog their project.


    The Dates


    Project Phases


    Applications Open17th August 2020
    Applications Close (about 1 Month)14th September 2020
    Challengers Announced14th October 2020
    Projects Due5th January 2021

    Winners Announced

    Jan 2021
    Prizes ShippedJan 2021


    Please join us in congratulating the official sponsored Challengers!

    We look forward to reading all of their initial blogs and introducing their project designs. You can follow along with the challengers using the links below, as they create more blogs over the coming weeks.

    ajayvishaalamgalbu | blockheadcoding | cbohra00627 | crisdeodatescoderdojostpaul2dules | feiticeir0ilvyanyatka | jduchniewiczjissdeodateskarthickiot | kurama007 | milosrasic98 | moi8765nikki14 | nilutpol_kashyap | raspberrypitechguy | rockcacti | skruglewicz | stevotechsurbhika | ujjwalrathod00700vidyamohanan | vishwasn

    ajayvishaal Ajay - IN

    The Savior

    amgalbu Ambrogio - IT


    blockheadcoding Aaron - USA

    Autonomous Rotating Farm Pod

    cbohra00627 Chinmay - IN

    Feeder Container

    crisdeodates Cris - IT

    Autonomous Cultivation

    coderdojostpaul2 Anil - USA

    Rest in Pest

    dules Davor

    Aquaponics Box

    feiticeir0 Bruno - PT

    Space Vegetables

    ilvyanyatka Victoria - USA

    Mushroom Paradise

    jduchniewicz Jakub - PL


    jissdeodates J. Joseph - IN

    Autonomous Pest and Decay Management

    karthickiot Karthick - IN

    AI Plant Monitor

    kurama007 Satoshi - USA

    360 Degree Micro Gravity Garden

    milosrasic98 Milos - SB

    Robot Assisted Garden

    moi8765 Moinak - IN


    nikki14 Nikira

    Edible Algae system

    nilutpol_kashyap Nilutpol - IN

    Raspberry Pi Hydroponics

    raspberrypitechguy Hugo - US

    Food on Mars

    rockcacti Anthony - USA

    The Space Salad System

    skruglewicz Steve - US

    Edible Algae

    stevotech Ian - UK

    Raspberry Pi Farm

    surbhika Surbhika - IN

    Spirulina Farming In SPACE

    ujjwalrathod00700 Ujjval - DE

    Automation for Lighting plants in Space

    vidyamohanan Vidya - IN

    Portable Oxygen Generator

    vishwasn Vishwas - IN



    Interested in joining the Challengers? You can do it as a non-sponsored Challenger! Here's how:

    Simply purchase the Raspberry Pi 4 2GBRaspberry Pi 4 2GB, integrate it into your project, keep the space requirements under 1m3 and post 10 blogs about your design journey in the 1 Meter of Pi space (tagging your blogs ' 1meterofpi ') and you'll be eligible to win the awesome prizes.

    Read full terms & conditions for more details.

    Good Luck Everyone!