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    Buck Regulator Quiz

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    Vishay microBuck Converters ICs provide solutions to overcome 5 main infrastructure power conversion challenges. How much do you know about buck regulators? Take our Buck Regulator quiz to test your knowledge. To earn the Buck Regulator Badge, score 100% on the quiz, rate this document, and leave your feedback on the quiz as a comment.  We have some great prizes for the first 4 people who score 100% in the quiz.

    To learn about Vishay microBuck Converters in detail, attend our webinar on the 5 Things You Need to Know About Buck Regulators.


    1) What is the SiC461 maximum adjustable switching frequency?



    2) What is the name of the SiC461 on-line simulator?



    3) What are the primary benefits of SiC46x devices to the power PCB designer?



    4) What is one benefit of using a microBUCK solution with external compensation?



    5) What is the SiC461 output voltage accuracy?



    6) What are the typical applications of the SiC461 device?



    7) What is the main benefit of using the Power Saving Mode (PSM) mode?



    8) The SiC46x device architecture allows for ________________ with minimum output capacitance and tight ripple regulation at very light load.



    9) What is the SiC461 peak efficiency?



    10) What is the input voltage range for the SiC461 device?

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