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    10 BBC micro:bit Projects In 10 Days | Project14 & micro:bit | Summer Code Club Challenge | The Great micro:bit Education Giveaway

    10 BBC micro:bit Projects In 10 Days

    Teach your pupils to flash images using the micro:bit's LED grid. These are quick and accessible project lessons to introduce new users to the basics of Microsoft Block Editor and how online code can be applied to external devices.


    Project14 & micro:bit

    Project14 is a monthly electronics competition featuring a different theme each month—voted by you.  Apply for a competition using your micro:bit project for a chance to win a $200 shopping cart, or vote for an upcoming theme.

    Summer Code Club Challenge

    Kitronik and the Community challenged our members to set up their own summer code clubs in their local communities.  See the winners!

    Contest Winners

    The Great micro:bit Education Giveaway

    25 micro:bit Club packs were given away to select educators all over the world, who detailed the projects they undertook in their classrooms.

    Contest Winners