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    Introducing the Retro Gaming Volume 1

    It might seem odd to play retro games. After all, do people carry around old Nokia brick cellphones instead of modern smartphones packed with features? Are there die-hards out there who exclusively use the first version of Microsoft Word and stick with their AOL email addresses?


    We all have our reasons! Nostalgia is a part of the attraction of vintage games – these are tried and true titles that we’ve enjoyed for decades. Playing them is like going home to old friends; we know we’ll enjoy spending time with them, regardless of our age. They carry a sense of familiarity, and yet we often discover things about them that didn’t strike us on our first play through way back when.


    And what’s more, there are no monthly fees and no micro-transactions. There’s also no DLC, no patches, and no necessary hardware upgrades. You just plug and play! You don’t have to build your character, select a map, and you’ll never need to download that 3 GB day one patch. And you probably won’t even need to spend time blowing on cartridges or cleaning CDs.


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