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    Introducing the Essential Tips for Makers, Series 1 eBook

    Welcome to the first in a series of Essential Tips for Makers brought to you by our team at the element14 Community, some of our top members and friends. Whether you are new to Making, or just looking for inspiration, we hope that you find something in here to help you along your way.


    The Maker community is inspiring – and with increased availability and affordability of single board computers, development kits and other technologies, there is a huge opportunity for this community to create the next world changing piece of technology. The power is no longer purely in the hands of large companies with significant levels of investment – it has turned on its head and we have seen amazing ideas spring up from workbenches in the spare bedroom or the garage.


    If you are new to Making or looking for ideas or support with your projects, then our element14 Community is a must. With around half a million members, there is always someone out there who can lend a hand or provide some motivation when your project is challenging. If you are further along the way and have built a product you think might ‘be it’ – then do get in touch. We work with professional Makers to help them bring their products to market and make their dreams a reality. If you think your idea might be the next big thing – it just might!


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