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    Connectors V: High-Speed Connectors

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    The element14 ESSENTIALS of High-Speed Connectors covers the basics of high-speed connectors, including their design, types, functions, and applications. To extend the knowledge covered in the main module, this supplementary guide discusses the types of related components used for prototyping or product development.

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    High-Speed Connectors


    202828-0506 Mezzanine Connector, Hermaphroditic, 5 Rows, 124 Contacts, Surface Mount, Copper Alloy

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    This Hermaphroditic Mirror Mezz connector provides stackable mating to support data speeds up to 56 Gbps per differential pair for telecommunications, networking, and other applications. Self or cross-mating of this hermaphroditic connector enables easy achievement of the desired mated height to meet application requirements.

    The two electrically tuned signal contacts cleanly transmit high-speed signals for maximum signal integrity

    Wider ground pins balance the electrical field and shield the differential pair from surrounding transmission lines

    Robust shrouded housing design encapsulates the pin field, protecting the pins and offering blind-mate guidance to eliminate any possibility of mis-mating

    Intricately designed terminal structure


    0755860002 iPass Connector System, 0.80mm Pitch, iPass I/O Surface Mount Receptacle, Right-Angle, External Application, 68 Circuit, 0.38µ Gold (Au)

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    iPass I/O surface mount right-angle receptacle mates with 74547 series iPass cable assembly. The iPass Connector System offers a full interconnect system that enables flexible speed compatibility for applications up to 14 Gbps. The iPass connectors and cable assemblies consists of both external and internal I/O configurations.

    External iPass products consist of an SMT host-connector design providing placement options on both sides of the PCB, as well as placement stability.

    The low-profile, fully integrated press-fit connector assembly with cage provides up to 32 differential pairs with one-step placement to the PCB.

    External cables are a flexible, low-profile high-performance assembly featuring a paddle-card design to reduce cross-talk and improve sign integrity.

    Die-cast EMI guide frames provide a robust cable-to-chassis interface.

    Internal iPass products consist of right-angle and vertical connectors with hood kits that act as disposable pick-and-place caps. The overmolded cable assemblies provide 100 Ohm differential impedance with tight-skew control and low cross-talk.


    1719820142 Nano-Pitch I/O Interconnect System, Nano-Pitch I/O Connector, Right Angle Receptacle, Surface Mount, 42 Circuits

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    Nano-Pitch I/O receptacle connector with multi-protocol support, enhanced signal integrity to support PCIe’s OCuLink and SAS-4 (MiniLink) applications, right angle orientation, high temperature thermoplastic housing, and compatibility with PCIe and SAS protocols.

    Moves data at 25 Gbps.

    Nano-Pitch I/O Interconnect System is compatible with all known PCIe, SAS, and SATA protocols, as well as future-proofed for PCIe Gen 4 (16 GT/s) and SAS 4 (25 Gbps).

    Solves space and performance issues in download systems well into the future.


    0747630020 QSFP+ Universal Loopback Adapter, 100 Ohms Impedance, Serial ID, 0dB, 12C PortExpander

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    QSFP+ Interconnect Systems transmit up to 28 Gbps per-serial-lane and offer thermal protection and Temp-Flex and Optical Cable Assemblies to ensure excellent signal integrity (SI) and prevent electromagnetic interference (EMI).

    Product Family: I/O Connectors

    Application: Module-to-Board

    Component Type: Adapter

    Flammability: 94V-0

    Gender: Dual

    Material: Plating Mating Nickel

    Voltage: Maximum 3.3V


    1062831001 Quad Small Form-factor Pluggable (QSFP) Optical Jumper Cable Assembly, 4 TX, 4 RX

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    QSFP+ Interconnect Systems transmit up to 28 Gbps per-serial-lane and offer thermal protection and Temp-Flex and Optical Cable Assemblies to ensure excellent signal integrity (SI) and prevent electromagnetic interference (EMI).

    Product Family: Fiber Optic Assemblies

    Boot Type: Straight

    Connector-to-Connector MTP-to-MTP

    Mode: Multimode Enhanced

    Cable Length: 1.0m

    Cable Size: 3.00mm

    Fiber (Core/Cladding): 50/125µm

    Net Weight: 19.800/g

    Single Ended: No

    Wire/Cable Type: OM3 Plenum


    45971-3315 Mezzanine Connector, High Density, Receptacle, 1.27 mm, 10 Rows, 300 Contacts, Surface Mount

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    Low-profile SEARAY Mezzanine Connectors and Jumpers deliver a 12.5+ Gbps data rate, small footprint, and robust solder-charge termination, while SEARAY Slim Connectors also improve airflow to address thermal management issues. Also, because jumpers employ solder-charge technology, they offer lower applied cost compared to BGA connectors. SEARAY Mezzanine Connectors provide high-density signal transfer and a low profile to mitigate space constraints while meeting high data rate requirements. SEARAY Slim version offers 4 rows of signal contacts with a 7.00mm-wide footprint, as narrow as many 2-row mezzanine connectors.

    Mezzanine Connector Type: Receptacle

    Pitch Spacing: 1.27 mm

    No. of Rows: 10 Rows

    No. of Contacts: 300 Contacts

    Connector Mounting: Surface Mount

    Contact Material: Copper Alloy

    Contact Plating: Gold Plated Contacts

    Product Range: SEARAY 45971 Series


    111111-0410 zSFP+ 1-by-4 Ganged Cage Assembly with Elastomer Gasket

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    zSFP+ Interconnect System for 56 Gbps serial channels, delivering unparalleled signal integrity with superior EMI protection for next-generation Ethernet and Fibre Channel applications. zSFP+ SMT connectors support current 10 Gbps Ethernet and 16 Gbps Fibre Channel applications, with the ability to support up to 25 Gbps serial lanes. The preferential coupling design uses a narrow-edge, coupled blanked- and formed-contact geometry and insert molding to optimize electrical performance. The zSFP+ SMT connector shares the same PCB footprint, mating interface, and EMI cage dimensions as the SFP+ SMT form factor, making it backward compatible.

    Product Family: EMI Cages

    Application: Module-to-Board

    Component Type: Cage Assembly

    Overview: zSFP+ Interconnect System

    EMI Panel / Bezel Mount: Elastomer Gasket

    Material: Metal Copper Alloy

    Net Weight: 17.700/g

    Orientation: Horizontal

    Packaging Type: Tray

    Port Configuration: 1x4

    Rear Legs 0

    Termination Interface: Style Through Hole - Compliant Pin


    714360164714360164 1.00mm Mezz (IEEE 1386) Plug, Surface Mount, Dual Row, Vertical Stacking, 64 Circuits, 6.35mm Unmated Height, with PCB Locator Pegs, without Robotic Placement Metal Cap, Tube Packaging

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    The IEEE 1386 standard contains the details for adding standardized PCI mezzanine cards (PMC) to VMEbus and Multibus host boards. There are also many LAN, WAN, telecommunications, PC, and workstation users who want a standardized mezzanine scheme and see the IEEE 1386 as the best approach.The fully shrouded leaf-style design minimizes the chance of damaging plug contacts. Receptacle contacts feature a low mating force that reduces PCB stress. Gold over Nickel contact plating enhances long-term reliability, while the UL94V-0 LCP housings withstand SMT reflow processes and are RoHS compliant. Excellent tolerance absorption allows the connector to be used in combinations of one to four mated pairs for up to 256 circuits.

    Multiple stack heights 8.00 to 15.00mm

    Low mating forces

    Less stress on PCB and solder joints

    Leaf-style contact design-Terminal protected during mating and handling

    High reliability with 100-cycle durability rating

    Liquid-crystal polymer housing

    Anti-flux intrusion feature

    Compatible with no-wash soldering processes.


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