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    Ceramic capacitors change capacitance with applied voltage, temperature, and age. They are the most popular electronic component, yet many do not understand what causes this capacitance to change. In this video, James teams up with Murata to see what happens to a simple timer circuit when changing a capacitor from a 1206 case size to a much smaller 0201.

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    Notes from James: The timer circuit I used is an astable multivibrator based on the popular 555-timer chip. The boards built in the episode used a CMOS version. In all measurements, the timer capacitor had a 1 microfarad capacitor and 10 volt rating. While not shown in the episode, I did build boards with 1206, 0805, 0603, 0402, and 0201. I decided only to show the 1206 and 0201 since they had the most considerable difference.


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    GRM033C81A105ME05D - 0201, 10V, 1uF, X5R Ceramic Capacitor

    GRM319R71A105KA01D - 1206, 10uV, 1uF, X7R Ceramic Capacitor