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    When downsizing multilayer ceramic capacitors (MLCCs) from larger case sizes down to 0201, there are several considerations. The first is supply chain availability. As customer designs get smaller, so do the requirements for the size of components like capacitors. Therefore, manufacturers like Murata are ramping up their production lines to accommodate smaller case sizes. Second are the design or technical considerations. For background on this topic, watch the following interview between Yang Jiang, Murata Product Manager, and James Lewis, element14 Presents host, as they discuss these considerations. Then watch the Workbench Wednesdays Episode, where James shows how the design considerations affect a 555-timer circuit.

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    Watch Interview with Yang Jiang - Murata MLCC Product Engineer

    WorkBench Wednesdays 30: Ceramic Capacitor Voltage Effect


    1) In the WorkBench Wednesdays episode, James compared the performance of 0201 ceramic capacitors to what other case size?



    2) What affects the thickness of the dielectric layers in an MLCC?



    3) An X5R ceramic’s capacitance changes from -55C to …



    4) What does a Class II or Class III ceramic capacitor lose due to the applied DC voltage?



    5) True or false: only 0201 MLCCs suffer from capacitance loss with applied voltage.



    6) Murata’s SimSurfing design tool shows what kind of data about ceramic capacitors?



    7) Both AC and DC voltage has an effect on a multilayer ceramic’s capacitance.



    8) In the WorkBench Wednesdays video, the primary reason the 555 timer circuits blinked at a different frequency (or rate) is due to:



    9) With an applied DC voltage of 8 V, how much capacitance did the 0201, 1µF 10V capacitor lose?



    10) 0201 capacitors are impossible to work with, and their characteristics are too difficult to understand.

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