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    This week we’ve launched a podcast on vehicle electrification hosted by EE Times and editor Nitin Dahad. Nitin is joined by NXP’s Jens Hinrichsen, the executive vice president and general manager of Business Line Advanced Analog. The episode is timely, based on industry developments and the steady growth of EVs, even in a relatively unpredictable year for carmakers.

    Not long-ago, electric vehicles were an interesting addendum to the mix of vehicles that carmakers offered. While they were important indicators of a new direction in the automotive industry, they were largely niche offerings, more akin to a brand concept than a serious financial undertaking. What a difference a few years make.

    Buoyed by the appeal of electric vehicles to environmentally minded consumers, government legislation aimed at curbing Co2 emissions, improved range capabilities and a variety of new exciting vehicles entering the market, there is xEV growth on the horizon.

    Based on third party research, NXP anticipates that the market for various forms of EVs will make up nearly 25% of the total autos produced by 2023, up from mid-teens percentage in 2020. Futhermore, we believe xEV should account for just under 50% of the total autos produced in 2030.

    As encouraging as these developments are, they come with a lot of questions. Carmakers are now looking to move from a relatively small run of vehicles to large scale production. How will they take on this initiative in a competitive and profitable way? Electric vehicles need to gain the trust of consumers for range, safety and environmental footprint while being profitable; a tall order for both disruptive and traditional carmakers alike.

    Join Nitin Dahad and Jens Hinrichsen in the latest episode of the Smarter World Podcast focused on vehicle electrification and especially battery management systems and the role that they play.


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