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    Industrial Safety Quiz
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    How much do you know about basic safety principles and designing safety into industrial applications? Take our quiz to find out.

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    1) The Wieland samos(R) PRO COMPACT safety logic controller offers which of these features to support safety needs:



    2) Which aspect would a Wieland samos(R) PRO safety controller NOT be suitable to monitor when used in a combustion industry application:



    3) For the requirements to meet operation conditions of furnaces, which safety standard would apply?



    4) In safety and industrial controls, what does the acronym HMI mean?



    5) Wieland HMI Touch Panels are available with which type of screen protection rating?



    6) Of these universal interfaces, which are available on HMI Touch Panels from Wieland?



    7) ISO 12100 is a standard that provides basic terminology, principles, and a methodology for achieving safety in the design of machinery?



    8) ISO 12100 also covers the risk and/or damage to domestic animals, property, or the environment.



    9) Which types of hazard does ISO 12100 NOT cover?



    10) Which standard covers the safety requirements and guidance on the principles for the design and integration of safety-related parts of control systems?



    11) Which standard specifies the procedures and conditions to be followed for the validation by analysis and testing of safety functions, the category achieved, and the performance level achieved by safety-related parts?



    12) Which of these is not a basic safety principle, as stated in ISO 13849-2?



    13) Regarding the use in safety standards, SRP/CS stands for what:



    14) What features do a Wieland Safe Relay include?



    15) Which European standard applies to lift (elevator) systems?



    16) A DCS is a computerized control system for a process or plant with control loops. What does DCS stand for?



    17) Wieland's samos PRO COMPACT safety controller can monitor which of the following type of analog sensor?



    18) How many analog sensors can a single Wieland PRO COMPACT safety controller monitor?



    19) Wieland samos PRO COMPACT safety controls have 16 or 32-bit resolution for analog sensors.



    20) What type of equipment does the standard UN 746 cover?



    21) What is the purpose of a light curtain?



    22) What type of beam resolution is available for Wieland's SLC Series safety light curtains?



    23) Which ISO standard associates guards with interlocking devices?



    24) Which Wieland sensor family provides a contactless safety switch?



    25) For monitoring a machine door status (open/close), which Wieland product would fit best?

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