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    Finding a Successful Career in Engineering


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    Introducing the Finding a Successful Career in Engineering, Part 2 eBook

    This eBook is the second in a series on finding success in your career in engineering. We will discuss workplace culture, diversity in engineering, dealing with setbacks, and much more. You’ll get insights and advice from engineers working at leading companies like 3M, Molex, Kemet, Keysight, and Tektronix. You will hear from engineers who are just getting started, and from those who have worked their way up to senior roles. We hope this will be a useful resource as you navigate your career in the exciting world of engineering.


    Engineering is an exciting career path, one which allows you to develop your creative thinking and problem solving abilities, while making an impact on the world. Engineers often work in teams to tackle complex challenges that can’t be solved alone, and that’s just scratching the surface. As an engineer, your skills are highly coveted, so you have options. What makes sense to you today, may not be clear tomorrow. What’s the right fit for you at this moment? When’s the right time to consider a different role? We’ll attempt to find answers to these, and many other questions, from engineers in various roles and stages of their careers.


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