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    Welcome to the Challengers' Page of Experimenting with Vibration Sensors!

    Our 'Experimenting with Vibration Sensors' Competition in collaboration with KEMET, has now launched.  The 14 challengers will use the the vibration sensors kit to experiment with vibration sensors and showcase what they have learned.  All Challengers are eligible for the Grand Prize, The Runner Up Prize, and the Finisher's Prize. They will receive a Challenger Kit for FREE.


    Please join us in congratulating the official Challengers.  We look forward to reading their initial and final blogs.

    asokfair | charlieo21 | dwinhold | dougw | fyaocn | guillengap | jissdeodates | zst123 | neuromodulator | ralphjy | swathic | souravv | yosoufe



    Project: Vibration Sensors and Musical Instruments

    Synopsis: To turn any planar surface into a musical instrument, so I can play instruments on the surface.

    asokfair's project blogs



    Project: Automotive Vibration Sensor Application

    Synopsis: To know the exact vibration resent in the boards used in an electric vehicle for group rapid transit (GRT) using autonomous vehicles in a railroad like system

    charlieo21's project blogs



    Project: Machinery Safety Experiments

    Synopsis: To sense the vibrations on different machinery around the shop and create different scenarios. Gather information and come up with safety solutions.

    dwinhold's project blogs



    Project: Stirling Engine and Vibration Sensor

    Synopsis: Use the vibration sensor to monitor and quantify the magnitudes, modes and directions of the vibration by mounting it in different locations and orientations on a Stirling Engine.

    dougw's project blogs



    Project: Vibration Tracing on A Car

    Synopsis: I am fascinated by application of Deep Learning in real life. The goal of this experiment shallbe to build one model with tagged data. Then fixed on frame of car , to show different turning mode of the car.

    fyaocn's project blogs



    Project: Investigating and identifying threshold sound or vibration levels

    Synopsis: To undertake a study that includes investigating and identifying the threshold sound or vibration levels that might adversely affect these aquatic species in terms of their health, behaviour and reproductive capabilities.

    guillengap's project blogs



    Project: Noise & vibration analysis of automotive disc brakes

    Synopsis: I propose a noise and vibration analysis module to be attached to the brake pedal of the vehicle.

    jissdeodates's project blogs



    Project: Patterns produced by different vibrating devices

    Synopsis: To detect a threshold amount of vibration and toggle an LED. To plot out a graph on my PC and tap on the sensor. To apply the FFT algorithm on the sensor data. To look for patterns produced by different vibrating devices.

    zst123's project blogs



    Project: Motor Vibrations Experiments

    Synopsis: To use the vibration sensor to perform vibration analysis of a motor.

    neuromodulator's project blogs



    Project: Footstep Vibration Sensing

    Synopsis: To determine who (me, my wife, the dog) was present in a room using the vibration pattern from their footsteps.

    ralphjy's project blogs



    Project: Machinery Vibrations

    Synopsis: To use the Vibration Sensor to measure the vibrations of machinery parts.

    swathic's project blogs



    Project: Monitor Vibrations in an Air Conditioner Compressor

    Synopsis: To create a system that monitors the vibrations in the compressor of an air conditioner to predict when it is time to clean the air filter mesh.

    souravv's project blogs



    Project: Sleep seizure detection system and more

    Synopsis: To create a sleep seizure detection system and associated systems.

    gam3t3ch's project blogs



    Project: Vibration Sensors and Exercising

    Synopsis: To measure the noise and vibration we are creating while exercising and find a threshold that we should not exceed.

    yosoufe's project blogs

    Good Luck Everyone!