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    Mendel 3D Printer Upgrade and Maintenance

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    By now a lot of you might have an old cheap 3D printer around. Clem upgrades his old cheap fire hazard of a 3D printer with a genuine Arduino Mega running Marlin 2.0 and a Custom made PCB to give it quick access buttons for functions  like Filament loading and Unloading and increase its security features with independent measurement of temperatures and Heater voltage and current. While upgrading his own machine he walks you through the settings you need to properly configure your machine should you choose to upgrade it.


    Supplemental Material:



    Bill of Material:


    Product NameManufacturerQuantityBuy KitBuy Kit
    TEXAS INSTRUMENTS Current Sense Amplifier, 1 Amplifier, SOIC, 8 Pins, -40 °C, 125 °CTI2Buy NowBuy Now
    BOURNS SMD Current Sense Resistor, 0.1 ohm, CR Series, 2512 [6432 Metric], 3 W, ± 1%, Metal FilmBOURNS2Buy NowBuy Now
    MIDAS Graphic OLED, 64 x 32 Pixels, White on Black, 3V, I2C, 14.85mm x 16.6mm, -40 °CMIDAS1Buy NowBuy Now
    SAMTEC PCB Receptacle, Board-to-Board, 2.54 mm, 1 Rows, 8 Contacts, Through Hole Mount, SSQ SeriesSAMTEC1Buy NowBuy Now
    SAMTEC PCB Receptacle, Elevated Strip, Board-to-Board, 2.54 mm, 2 Rows, 40 Contacts, Through Hole MountSAMTEC1Buy NowBuy Now
    ARDUINO Development Board, Arduino Mega 2560, ATmega2560 MCU, 54 5V I/O, 16 Analogue Inputs, 4 UARTsARDUINO1Buy NowBuy Now
    OMEGA PCC-SMD-20 ConnectorOMEGA4Buy NowBuy Now
    TMC2208 SILENTSTEPSTICKTrinamic4Buy NowBuy Now


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    Ramps 1.4

    old junky 3d printer

    Printastick (