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    Continuum Robot Tentacle Prototype

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    They say that nature doesn’t use wheels, so if we want to get organic movement out of a robot, perhaps we should use organic actuators, no? While this build doesn’t have muscles per se, it does have tendons that allow for more flexible motion that we don’t typically find in robot arms. Tentacle robotic mechanisms have been around in Hollywood special effects for years, but they don’t show up in hobby builds too often. Join DJ on his robot journey as he builds a continuum robot arm that will finally allow him to catch that wiley spider-man.


    Bill of Materials


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    Arduino MegaArduino1Buy NowBuy Now
    10K Ohm Linear PotentiometerBourns3Buy NowBuy Now
    5V 3A Power SupplyProj-Elic1Buy NowBuy Now
    PLA FilamentVerbatim1Buy NowBuy Now
    DC Barrel Jack AdapterOSEPP1Buy NowBuy Now


    Additional Parts:


    Product Name

    (2x) Standard Servo

    Micro Servo

    (10x) 3mm Universal Joint