Version 1



    Parts List


    Component TypeComponent NameDescriptionQuantity
    Core ArchitecturePICPeripheral Interface Controller MicroController1
    Processor16-Bit16 Bit Central (Micro)Processing Unit1
    Processor FeaturesCANController Area Network1
    I2CInter Integrated Circuit1
    PWMPulse Width Modulation1
    RTCReal Time Clock1
    SPISerial Peripheral Interface Communications Protocol1
    Interface and ConnectivityAudio OutSpeaker / Audio Output1
    EthernetRJ45 Socket1
    GPIOs (Expansion Port / Pin Headers)General Purpose Input/Output Header1
    HDMI / microHDMIHigh-Definition Multimedia Interface1
    Power ConnectorConnector Designed for Power Connection1
    Prototype SpaceArea designed for Test Circuitry / Protoboard1
    SD / MicroSDSecure Digital / Micro Secure Digital Connector1
    USB-AUniversal Serial Bus - A Connector1
    MemorySRAMStatic Random Access Memory1
    FeaturesAudio CodecAbility to encode/decode Audio1
    DACDigital to Analogue Converter1
    DIP SwitchesManual Mechanical Switches1
    GFX Chip (2D/3D)Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) 2D/3D1
    LEDs/LED Array/RGBLight Emitting Diode(s)1
    Power ButtonSwitch to control Power1
    Reset ButtonSwitch to Reset Power to the Board1