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    Industrial Ethernet Quiz
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    How much do you know about industrial ethernet technology, protocols, and components? Take our quiz to find out.

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    1) Ethernet can replace what conventional technology used in traditional industrial networks?



    2) An end-to-end Industrial Automation Solution can incorporate which of these elements:



    3) Which of the following is NOT an Industrial Ethernet solution?



    4) For the industrial technology "Ethernet/IP" what does "IP” stand for?



    5) Which technology block is at the core of an industrial automation system?



    6) What is the benefit of gold-flash palladium nickel plated contacts on RJ11 and RJ45 modular jacks?



    7) Which organization manages the Ethernet/IP protocol?



    8) True or False: Brad Micro-Change (M12) Connectors have built-in strain relief to radiate stress in side-load conditions.



    9) A Molex Brad(R) IO-Link digital hub can offer up to how many connected devices at once, using a single PROFINET IP address?



    10) A Molex Brad(R) applicomIO Ethernet/IP network interface card provides connectivity for which of these:



    11) True or False: Molex's Brad(R) Ultra-Lock Stainless Steel Connection System creates a repeatable IP69K seal.



    12) What unique condition can an IP69K-rated connection withstand?



    13) True or False: Molex Brad(R) "Push-to-lock" connectors can be unlocked with a 4-digit PIN.



    14) True or False: Molex IP20 and IP67 Ethernet switches are PROFINET-compliant.



    15) Single Pair Ethernet (SPE) is different from traditional Ethernet's physical layer in what way?



    16) From the list below, which is NOT an advantage of Industrial Ethernet:



    17) Molex's industrial remote access solutions do NOT offer which benefit:



    18) Which is NOT an advantage of a Magnetic Jack?



    19) A Molex MXMag connector can support what maximum Ethernet speeds?



    20) Which is NOT true about the Molex Brad Micro-Change connectors?



    21) The Ultra-lock connection system from Molex can handle what maximum current?



    22) True or False: The Brad M12 Ultra-Lock Connection System offers push-lock connectivity, which means they cannot be used with traditional M12 threaded connectors.



    23) What are the two types of Ethernet/IP devices?



    24) Recessed pins within a die-cast shield offer what advantage?



    25) True or False: The Brad M12 Ultra-Lock 2.0 Female Cordset complies to the IEC 61076-2-010 standard and utilizes Weld-slag, oil-resistant (WSOR) cable to withstand multiple harsh-environment conditions, including welding and cutting oil.

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