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    What's this about?

    We need your help. molex is asking the element14 Community members and you for your input, especially if you're an Electronics Design Engineer. Your input will help to shape the future of molex and how they create and produce their components to better suit your needs.

    With these eight questions, of which we're only asking for your input, not your personal data, we will select the most valuable feedback and give you the equivalent of a $200 shopping cart for your regional store to spend on what you want, at Farnell, Newark or element14 electronics.

    What are High-Speed Connectors? This is a bit vague..

    We have more information and details on High-Speed Connectors and what we're referring to on our Essentials course: element14 Essentials: Connectors V - practically these can range from HDMI, DisplayPort and SATA through to RJ45, Mezzanine IEEE 1386, zSFP+ Interconnect System, PCI, PCIe, and QSFP+ and zQSFP+.

    Okay, What do I Do for my free Shopping Cart?

    Fill out the questions below!


    1) Please describe in a few sentences your technical background and current job role.


    2) For what types of end-products do you currently purchase high-speed connectors?


    3) High-speed connectors have traditionally found use in data center and server applications. In what new or non-traditional applications are you expecting to use high speed connectors?


    4) How do standards (e.g., VITA 57.1 FMC Standard, 96Boards, VPX Protocols, PCIe) influence your use and specification of high-speed connectors in product design?


    5) What are the key technical needs (e.g. stackups, tolerances, via design, trace widths, plating, circuit capacity, height above board, PCB termination options, etc.) that dictate which high-speed connectors you specify?


    6) How do reference designs by component manufacturers influence your choice of a specific brand of high-speed connector?


    7) From a high-speed connector perspective, what is the leading technical obstacle that you need to overcome?


    8) How does your current relationship with a high-speed connector manufacturer influence your connector purchasing decisions?

    *Multiple entries will be discarded.


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    Please answer all questions!
    Thank you for participating, we'll be in touch if you win!