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    Sensors VI: Automotive Sensor for EV/HEV Applications

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    The element14 ESSENTIALS of Automotive Sensors for EV/HEV Applications covers sensor technology used in automotive applications, ranging from hybrid electric vehicles (HEVs) to fully electric vehicles (EVs). To extend the knowledge covered in the main module, this supplementary guide discusses the types of related components used for prototyping or product development.

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    Airflow Sensor


    FMA-500-T1-40W-GV Air Flow Sensor, FMA Series, Filtration Air Restriction, Analog, 1/8-27 NPT, 40in H2O, Vacuum Gage

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    The NovaSensor FMA Series of Filtration Air Restriction (FAR) Sensor accurately measures the pressure loss across a variety of air filtration devices, utilizing high accuracy NPA piezoresistive technology in a low-profile form factor that is easy to install and maintenance-free. Available in multiple positive or vacuum pressure ranges, mating with an integrated AMPSEAL 16 (3-way) electrical connector and 1/8-27 NPT female pressure connection port.

    Supply Voltage: 5VDC

    Linear Output: 0.5V to 4.5V (Ratiometric)

    Diagnostic Features (Bridge Connection Checks, Bridge Short Detection, Power Loss Detection)


    Sealed AMP Electrical Connector

    Multiple Pressure Ranges Available (Vacuum and Pressure)

    Fast Response Time

    REACH & RoHS Compliant


    Battery Coolant Temperature Sensor


    WTF0803B001 RTD Sensor, -40 °C, 100 °C, 2.828 kohm

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    The Coolant Temperature Sensor (CTS) monitors the temperature of the coolant that is being pumped around the battery to cool the battery module of EVs/PHEVs. If the battery module starts to overheat, the Coolant Temperature Sensor relays a signal to the Battery Management System (BMS). The BMS uses this information to prevent battery packs from any damage and maximize performance.

    Integral connector with compact size

    Existing field-proven design

    Alternate RvT curves and terminal plating available

    Various dimensions to meet package requirements


    Engine Temperature Sensor


    GE-1711ATM Temperature Sensor, Engine, -40°C to 180°C, 10 kohm, 3977 K, Brass, Amphenol Sine ATM Connector

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    The Thermometrics GE-1711 / GE-1797 Engine Temperature Sensor (ETS) monitors the temperature of the coolant, oil, or fuel being used in an engine. Their purpose is to provide a signal output that is proportional to engine temperature. This signal can be used as an input to a temperature gauge, provide input to an Engine Control Unit (ECU), or control a cooling fan circuit.

    High accuracy and long-term stability

    Fast response time

    Pigtail connector

    Existing field-proven design

    Alternative RvT curves possible

    Different connection systems to meet package requirements

    180°C max operating temperature

    Both brass and stainless steel configurations available, depending on media/interface/environment

    Other resistance and beta values possible

    RoHS compliant


    Gas Detection Sensor


    T3031-2-2K-24-P Gas Detection Sensor, Harsh Environment, Carbon Dioxide, 2000 ppm, 5 %

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    The Telaire T3030 Series is a range of Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Sensor designed to meet the specific needs of customers who require measuring CO2 in harsh or difficult environments. Based on a series of modules, the casing offers a number of combinations to meet the needs of range, supply voltage, and output type in various applications. Example applications include buses, refrigerators, subway stations, and railway carriages, and more.

    Accurate Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Transmitter for HVAC control applications

    Easy mount with 2 external tabs

    Rated up to IP67 (build dependent)

    Available with potting

    Different calibrations available up to 20% CO2 concentration

    Analog or digital output options

    Non-Dispersive Infrared (NDIR) measuring technology

    Shipped factory-calibrated

    Accuracy for 10-year life

    Extended operating temperature range


    Inductive Position Sensor


    PSC360G2-F1A-C0000-ERA360-RE-K Magnetic Position Sensor, PSC-360 Series, Rotary, Flat Shaft, Simple Output, Analog, 360 °, 30 Vdc

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    The PSC-360 is a high performance non-contacting rotary position sensor for automotive, off-road, marine, medical and industrial applications without the limitations of potentiometric solutions (e.g., wear, limited electrical angles). A configurable switch output, as an option, integrated within the sensor is available too. Redundancy can be achieved by employing a dual die version providing independent voltage outputs with fully customized characteristics providing the possibility to detect error outputs by the host electronics. Sealed for harsh environments and flange mounted for easy positioning when necessary, it provides high stability under harsh environment conditions such as vibration, shock, extreme temperatures, humidity, dither, moisture, or dirt. Available with fly leads, it can be customized to customer´s needs to any desired connector configuration.

    Simple and robust magnetic design

    High resolution (up to 14-bit)

    Ratiometric analog or PWM outputs

    Absolute position feedback up to 360º (keeps position on power loss)

    True full redundant version

    Sealed construction for harsh environments such as off-highway and marine

    Protected from dust, moisture, vibration and extreme temperatures

    Endless rotation

    Fully programmable transfer function output at the factory with electrical outputs up to 360º

    Self-diagnostic features

    Over voltage protection and reverse voltage protection

    Extended voltage input supply values


    Motor Coil Temperature Sensor


    A-1737A-1737 Temperature Sensor, Motor Coil

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    The Thermometrics A-1737A-1737 Motor Coil Temperature Sensor is used on a starter generator to provide temperature measurement of the motor coil. Typically mounted on the neutral bar, it detects increases in current that would indicate a failure that could lead to a stall. The sensor can also be used to monitor the motor windings temperature and warn of an over-temperature conditions.

    High accuracy and long term stability

    Existing field proven design

    Weld connections covered by PTFE Heat Shrink

    Meets the temperature and vibration demands of EV and HEV traction motors

    Alternate RvT (resistance versus temperature) curves available

    Custom packages available to meet various motor configurations

    A variety of terminal and connector options


    Pressure Sensor


    NPI-19A-100GV Pressure Sensor, 100 psi, Voltage, Gauge, 10 VDC, O-Ring Seal

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    The NovaSensor NPI-19 Series of Medium Pressure Sensor consists of current-driven, media-isolated pressure Sensors, incorporating state-of-the-art IsoSensor technology. They are designed to operate in hostile environments while still providing the outstanding sensitivity, linearity, and hysteresis of a silicon sensor.

    The piezoresistive sensor chip is housed in a fluid-filled cylindrical cavity and isolated from measured media by a stainless steel diaphragm and body. As with all NovaSensor silicon Sensor, the NPI Series employs SenStable® processing technology, providing excellent output stability.

    The modular design allows for a variety of pressure port modules, which are hermetically welded to the sensor header module. To compensate for temperature effects, a complete resistor network is supplied on a hybrid ceramic substrate. The IsoSensor design minimizes temperature errors to provide a maximum offset error of 0.75% FSO over the 32°F to 158°F (0°C to 70°C) compensated range.

    Solid state, high reliability

    316L stainless steel, ISO sensor design

    ±0.5% static accuracy

    Temperature compensated 32°F to 158°F (0°C to 70°C)

    High sensitivity, 100 mV FSO with 1.0 mA excitation

    Linearity 0.1% FSO typical

    Four standard ranges: 0 to 15 psig (0 to 1 bar), 0 to 250 psig (0 to 17 bar) available in gauge or absolute

    Voltage driven ranges: 15, 30, 50, 100, 200 and 300 psi (1, 2, 3, 7, 14 and 20 bar) gauge and absolute

    Standard configurations include:

    • 1/2 in-20 UNF threaded male port with 1.0 in (25 mm) flange
    • 0.74 in (18.8 mm) diameter x 0.28 in (7 mm) long cylinder with o-ring seals
    • 1/4 in-18 NPT male port with 7/8 in (22 mm) flange
    • 1/8 in-27 NPT male port with 7/8 in (22 mm) flange

    Custom configurations and other pressure ranges available.




    CL-30 Thermistor, ICL NTC, 2.5 ohm, -25% to +25%, Radial Leaded, CL Series

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    The Thermometrics CL Series of Inrush Current Limiting Thermistors consists of a disc thermistor with uninsulated lead-wires, and are used to control inrush current when switching power supplies. The main purpose of limiting inrush current is to prevent components in series with the input to the DC/DC converter from being damaged. Typically, inrush protection prevents nuisance blowing of fuses or breakers as well as welding of switch contacts.

    Low cost, solid state device for inrush current suppression

    Excellent mechanical strength

    Wide operating temperature range: -58°F to 347°F (-50°C to 175°C)

    Suitable for PCB mounting

    Available as a standard with kinked or straight leads and on tape and reel to EIS RS-468A for automatic insertion

    Low steady resistance and accompanying power loss

    Small size

    Low cost solid state sensor


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