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    Techno Toys


    "Great start to the new competitions and well done to everyone that entered." - mcb1

    "Thank you very much that's a great news! I am going to buy parts for the next project." - Molham

    "Congratulations to the winners ! Three + 1 projects in the mood of the Project 14 compeition (?) challenge (?) contest (?) game (?) ... What is it is, and is great !" - balearicdynamics

    "Congratulations to everyone, a great Project14" - Workshopshed


    Step Climbers




    First Place Trophy







    Sparky the Power Chick by  dougw

    "Sparky was a marvelous way to 'upcycle' something by adding some other bits." - Community Member Judge

    "Power Chick is simple, well written up and (has) a nice video" - Community Member Judge

    DollaS Dancer by Molham

    "I agree, definitely not primitive. A system of sensor, control and actuators (motor+music). I think all of the projects presented are the right sizes for what I think project14 is." - Community Member Judge

    This little bug has a bug by idanre1

    "This little bug is another excellent example of upcycling." - Community Member Judge

    Geeky Gadgets


    "Well, thank you! I'm really flattered to receive my badge and the mention. Congratulations to everyone here and a massive THANK YOU to all the active members, it's a great community to be part of." - the-dubster

    "This is awesome!! The whole Project 14 was a really good idea, well executed and I really enjoy seeing all the cool projects appearing. Congrats everyone!

    Thank you for the voucher, I shall spend it on some more projects of course : )" - shabaz

    "The team at E14 Community seems to be really working hard and it shows by the number of new things we see. I am glad to be a witness to the evolution.


    Stay awesome guys and keep rockin." ipv1


    Step Climbers





    First Place Trophy



    Project Portfolio Badge by fvan

    "Portfolio badge is the winner, because it is more complete and also a bit more complex" - Community Member Judge

    "Portfolio badge gets my vote, a well documented and stylish project."  - Community Member Judge

    Geeked Out Business Cards by dougw

    "Great Geeky Gadget." - mcb1

    Build your own Torch/Flashlight! by shabaz


    Going Green

    "Good projects with much variety. Fun to read as much as a lot to learn. Thanks,"  - clem57

    "I must mention project14 is awesome!  It gets me started doing project I have always wanted to do, but didn't find the time. For some reason because it is done in a community way, I find myself more stimulated doing nice projects" - idanre1

    "Great job everyone!!! Enjoyed watching your projects come to life!"gam3t3ch

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    First Place Trophy

    IOT Irrigation valve by idanre1


    Chicken Coop Livestream by fvan


    DIY Test Equipment


    "Thanks so much for the prize, I used the voucher for quite a lot! There was stuff in the basket for several projects, including a power supply, a signal generator and also some bits to finish building the LED Torch/Flashlight . It is really appreciated. Now to sort all this out! .." - shabaz


    "Outstanding projects - congratulations to all who participated. I enjoyed the great ideas and all the postings."dougw

    "Nice work everyone. It's always great to see DIY Test Equipment that has been made because nothing else exists, or it's way too expensive.  I might need to build the Cyclops-1000 as I've had a couple of occasions when the speed could be useful." - mcb1

    "The Project 14 competitions have really added a lot of good content to the forum and I have greatly enjoyed following everyone else's projects."jw0752

    Step Climbers




    First Place Trophy



    Cyclops-1000: An Electronic Eye for Rotational Speed Measurement by shabaz

    "A very well designed product that borders on being commercial. The target use is broad, lending itself to various applications." -  Community Member Judge

    Process Duration Timer by jw0752

    "A well defined project that met all the objectives. It used cheap and readily available parts which were repurposed to suit the project." - Community Member Judge

    "Timing events can be really important in a lab, and this project was unique in that it took a low-cost circuit (a clock) and transformed it into a timer in a very unique way. Then John extended it further by using an Arduino to control it based on voltage thresholds. It would be very useful for anyone wishing to characterise a battery or capacitor." - Community Member Judge

    "If I had to vote for just one, it would be the Process Duration Timer, because it is something I've always wanted to make for myself too, a timer for measuring things in the lab." - Community Member Judge


    DIY Test Equipment: Mini Air Jet by rsc

    "A very simple solution to a unique problem. The design concept lends itself to other uses. The finished project was tidy and fit for purpose." -

    "This was awesome because it was a simple thing yet really useful and something that ought to be a purchaseable product. Also it looked really good with the custom enclosure." - Community Member Judge

    Project14's DIY Test Equipment: DIY Constant Current Load by ipv1

    "A simple approach to an issue when adapting and testing power sources. The maths matched the reality, showing good design." - Community Member Judge


    Solar Powered Yard Gadget

    "Congratulations to the winners and participants. These projects are completed without sponsorship, so it is good to see them rewarded with a prize and/or recognition." - dougw


    "This is awesome, thank you! I will of course post here what I spend the shopping cart voucher on. Thanks so much, it is really appreciated." - shabaz


    Step Climbers




    First Place Trophy



    Building a Solar Charger by shabaz

    "This is a good project and I am glad you are sharing your research with us." - jw0752

    "Interesting. Hope you keep this post updated with your progress Shabaz. I am sure there are a lot of people who will be interested and can find useful applications for it."  -  urkraft

    "I can see several applications using your basic design."DAB

    Tilt Solar Light by carmelito 

    "This is a great concept and a nice build. Your cousin is going to be lucky to have such unique lights for his patio."jw0752

    Wacky Automation Devices

    "Thanks element14 and congratulations to all participants. These project14 's sure spark lots of different and interesting ideas." - dougw

    "Well done guys (and girls) it was a very interesting challenge." - mcb1

    "Loved the projects great job everyone! and thanks for sharing."gam3t3ch




    First Place Trophy


    Purple Panic Button by dougw 

    "Awesome project ! the first thing that hit me, was lines from the movie - Ace Ventura - Pet detective, which I just watch last week for the umpteen time.." - carmelito

    "A great project. Nothing else but a great project" - balearicdynamics


    "It took some good skills to come up with a two axis mechanical device to dunk the tea bag." - DAB

    "Well done. have automated something and I can imagine that some people that have a disability may find the concept useful." - mcb1

    Voice activated torch using a Rube Goldberg Machine by Workshopshed 

    "Nice setup and presentation Andy and Megan. No one who hasn't tried to setup one of these sequence machines really understands how difficult they are. You did a great job."jw0752


    Simple Electronic Repairs

    "This competition will be really tough to vote on, all technically succeeded in showing useful information, and they did it with the faulty gear at hand. Anyway, I'd find it hard to select favourites, but if I had to, from personal interest they would be the vintage gear ones. I like looking at old machines."shabaz

    "Good job everyone. Sadly today it is a throwaway society, and these prove it doesn't always have to be."  -  mcb1

    "There’s nothing that can’t be fixed with some duck tape, drywall screws, and a BIG hammer."rsc

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    First Place Trophy





    Potentiometer Repair by rsc

    "I agree that they are all worthy, but I do like the Potentiometer repair as it demonstrates some worthy skills." - Community Member Judge

    Cool LED Display

    "Congratulations to all the entrants!  These were all interesting and creative projects.  Thanks for sharing your projects with the community, it was a pleasure to read and follow your post.  To all the winners and honorable mentions and extra big congrats!" - genebren


    Step Climbers




    First Place Trophy




    Hello My Name is...In Lights! (with instructional video and all required files!)  by makethingstoday

    "I also love that Sean included a simplified version of the name tag if you want to use regular LEDs.  I think that puts his entry over the top." - makethingstoday

    "A great project. Nothing else but a great project" - balearicdynamics


    "It took some good skills to come up with a two axis mechanical device to dunk the tea bag." - DAB

    "Well done. have automated something and I can imagine that some people that have a disability may find the concept useful." - mcb1

    Voice activated torch using a Rube Goldberg Machine by Workshopshed 

    "Nice setup and presentation Andy and Megan. No one who hasn't tried to setup one of these sequence machines really understands how difficult they are. You did a great job."jw0752

    Cotton LED star with Digispark module by kk99

    "Interesting idea for creating a light emitting artifact. Easy to build, simple to expand and definitely fun to build one to attract the attention of all home visitors." - Community Member Judge

    "Creative and strangely cool." - Community Member Judge

    "Looks fantastic, and full documentation (code and schematics)."  - Community Member Judge

    "Very attractive design, combining art and LEDs." - Community Member Judge

    Slot Cars by kk99

    "Really well documented. Quite an elaborate traffic light controller."- Community Member Judge

    "A really fun project by the looks of it, for the creator and for the kids that will use it. Pretty well documented." - Community Member Judge

    DIY LED Ferris Wheel by dixonselvan

    "Great project for fathers and their kids  I loved the time-lapse video and everything explained. Dixon has put a lot of effort into this mini project." - Community Member Judge

    "This isn't the first time Jon presented a simple build with all necessary explanation and the best proofs of work - the oscilloscope screens. The discussion below this project even expands the original idea. I hope he will continue with his effort to educate us in analog circuitry designs."  - Community Member Judge

    BrightH2O light! by julior

    "Cyclists-safety related project, but very amazing and attracting all surrounding traffic  Nice build, well documented, easy to replicate and/or modify. Very "cool LED display", indeed." - Community Member Judge

    "I thought that this was very creative and the LED effect was great!" - Community Member Judge

    Infrared thermometer by kk99

    "Very nice. Good use of an unusual LED display." - Community Member Judge

    "Well documented and well built."  - Community Member Judge

    Mini LED Christmas Tree by carmelito

    ''The beauty of this project lies in its simplicity." - Community Member Judge


    The Holiday Special

    "Congratulations to all, who attended. I am glad that Project14 is not about the most sophisticated design in the world, but about inspiring others by things simple to make, yet brilliant in some way." - koudelad

    "I want to thank the judges and Element14 for choosing myself and kids to be one of the 1st place prize winners. Now for the hard decision to figure out who to give the "Gift shopping cart" to (I will leave this up to my kids, with my help). Thank you again!!" - dwinhold


    "All of the projects were great which I imagine was tough for the judges to choose an ultimate winner, but that Desktop Christmas Tree was very well done and looks quite professional.  Perhaps it will show up as a commercial product next holiday season.  I would like to thank... everyone with Element14 for providing such an outlet for Engineers as well as aspiring Engineers to participate in the awesome design challenges that Element14 has opened to the public.  I personally find it very helpful since you get to see other folks projects and processes. You guys Rock!."  - jomoenginer 


    Step Climbers




    First Place Trophy


    Grand Prize Trophy


    Heart Trophy




    Desktop Christmas Tree by jofas

    "This project was well documented, felt very much like a tutorial.  I really liked the proof video, it almost made me feel like it was still Christmas." - Community Member Judge

    "I liked the idea of a 3D Christmas tree, including a custom printed base and the tree itself. Simple, but elegant build also showed effort to create a custom made PCB and everything else to make it a "ready to be manufactured" product. I believe Joey spent many hours of learning with this project." - Community Member Judge

    "Code and schematics available. Looks really great." - Community Member Judge

    "I am not sure yet what I would do with the STEAM kit. The best option seems to be to donate it to a local school but I would have to do some research to determine which school near me could use this. I know some schools have robotics clubs, they would probably benefit the most from receiving the STEAM kit." - jofas


    The Clausometer Christmas Spirit Meter by ntewinkel


    "A great implementation of a theme using some old fashioned bodgering." - Community Member Judge

    "Looks really nice, very original and in the holiday spirit, and full code and schematic described." - Community Member Judge

    "Code available, schematic described (which pins to connect where). Well documented, and looks really great." - Community Member Judge

    Flip Connected X-Mas Ornament by jomoenginer

    "Brilliant project! ...My pick for the 3D printer and STEAM is Flip-Connected." - Community Member Judge

    "The Sam's STEAM Kit I would donate to a local school in my area that does not have the means to purchase such items for their students."  - jomoenginer

    Infinity Living Christmas Wreath by dwinhold


    "Unique idea for a Christmas artifact. ...the result is beautiful." - Community Member Judge

    "If I win the grand prize I would keep the 3d printer and use it to make small toys for kids to enjoy. The SAM's STEAM KIT will be given to my sons school for their computer science class. This is a way to help many students with a single (incredible) gift. Whom ever wins this challenge, the donation of the gifts is truly the spirit of the holidays!! Merry Christmas and/or Happy Holidays everyone!!" - dwinhold


    Project Elf House- Complete by beagles


    "Fantastic solution and very simple implementation." - Community Member Judge

    "Looks really nice, and the circuit was available." - Community Member Judge