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    Simple Music Maker


    "Congratulations to the other winners, commiserations to the runners up, and 'thank you' to all who organise Project14 and those who were involved with the decision making. The basket will get spent on components for further blogs and what I need to finally finish Jan's load and see how it compares with the simulations. Not quite sure what I'll do with a fog machine." - jc2048




    First Place Trophy





    A Simple Arduino Music Box by jc2048


    "Excellent presentation and fantastic series of posts." - Community Member Judge

    "a nice simple project to encourage people to try out electronics. The circuit is simple but uses some nice old school Op Amps etc. It contains a good explanation and all the required code"  -  Community Member Judge


    Simple electronic musical instrument  by kk99



    "I think this really captured the simplistic title. The circuit is really easy to understand and I like the ability to individually tune each channel. The whole design looks good as well - something that should enable those just beginning to copy and understand." -  Community Member Judge

    "Novel implementation and simple electronics." - Community Member Judge


    Dum-De-Dum, the Cardboard Drum! by balearicdynamics


    "A great combination of high and low tech to build a playable instrument.  This was a creative and interesting project." - Community Member Judge

    "Novel approach using cheap materials."  - Community Member Judge


    The IOT Wind Chimes by  fmilburn


    "Great integration and control of a potentially noisy nuisance." - Community Member Judge

    "What a great idea but something I've never seen motorised before. This is on my list of things to make for myself."  - Community Member Judge


    Old fashioned Japanese Music Box by  Workshopshed


    "Very novel approach." - Community Member Judge


    Homemade Electric Guitar by dwinhold


    "Nice woodworking and implementation." - Community Member Judge


    Smart Alarm Clock


    Step Climbers




    First Place Trophy


    Object Sensing Clock  by  guycarver


    "Great build! I have the exact same clock might will have to try this out. Mince still works but like yours the buttons are now starting to play up and the light to view the clock at night is extremely dim now. This project will give life back to my little old Micronta Quartz!" - rdp_technology

    "Thanks for the excellent post. It was fun to see such a sophisticated and well designed build. To look at the exterior of the Radio Shack Clock one would never suspect what a cool project it holds." - genebren


    Self-adjusting clock with e-display by kk99


    "Very nice concept.  I really like the self-adjusting concept of this clock.  The running around and adjusting clocks on day light savings time changes is very frustrating.  Did I forget a clock?  Did I get all the clocks set correctly?  We even bought a clock that automatically adjusts for the time change, but even it failed to switch once, leaving us a bit off schedule. Nice project!"genebren

    Movers and Shakers


    "Congratulations everyone! This was a fun series of projects to read about.  Always impressive seeing motion, sensing and electronics combined."shabaz


    Step Climbers






    First Place Trophy





    Walky the Biped Robot by genebren

    "Considering the effort the author spent developing the project, solving the issues in the walk mechanism, this project (is) the star (for) followers of Project14. A great example of a collaborative project." - Community Member Judge

    "First place was really easy to pickout and has to be WalkyII. If I was able to mark on just one thing then the cute name would have got this to win, however it also did really well in my opinion on all other aspects." - Community Member Judge


    Continuous Servo Bot - using Arduino Nano by carmelito 


    "Interesting approach and a good idea on the base of the project. In my opinion, a better software approach can do the difference but I appreciated the detail of the project. " - Community Member Judge

    Jumbo Servo by Workshopshed


    "A new approach developing projects based on servos. The author developed a great way to make big servos with a minimum effort and low price. In my opinion, he opened a new way to make projects 'thinking big'". - Community Member Judge


    Converting an existing effect pedal to operate a second effects unit using a resistive strip sensor. by ipfreely



    "ipfreely's guitar amp looked really cool, great video did get (one of) my top scores for the fun aspect." - Community Member Judge


    Solar Power Devices

    "Thanks to community members for the recognition and kind words above about my project.  Also, a big thanks to element14 and congratulations to the other winners.  I encourage others, especially students and those that might be watching from the sidelines to enter these contests.  I have learned something from each one I have entered (even when I didn't win :-)  and have always received encouragement and helpful suggestions from community members.  And the prize will pay for the next project.  Thanks again!" - fmilburn


    Step Climbers




    First Place Trophy


    Grand Prize Trophy




    Solar Bubble Blaster  by fmilburn


    "This project should be the Grand Prize winner. Including the kids and teaching our future developers is so important. It followed the theme of this challenge being solar power with summer fun included.  .... The video is fun and done like a commercial. The kids add that special touch to the final demo. ....I really like this project, it was fun, included kids and is a good summer fun project. Including the kids in the project makes it priceless, they will remember this for many years. The information provided makes this a project most can make. ...Very positive feedback from everyone. Having the kids involved was highly welcomed." - Community Member Judge

    "Maybe ...not the most complex (from) a technology point of view but I think that the "Solar bubble blaster" deserves the grand prize. First, because the project has been fully completed and second because it is one of these projects that include a really difficult target. And the "customer satisfaction" of the user of this hacked toy has no price" - Community Member Judge

    "This was a fun little project, with plenty of engineering packed in a small package, and just enough cute kids enjoying the process" - Community Member Judge


    Simple Solar Bot by snidhi


    ""This project should be first place. It followed the theme and was completed. Being the first solar project by snidhi made it even better. ...Very detailed steps on how this project was created. From schematics, video, images and text. It could be re-made by many with the information included. ...Many uploaded videos detailing the continued progress throughout the project. The final video submission proves that it works and has a lot of potential. ...The project was original and very well planned. ...This being S Nidhi's first time working with solar power made it more impressive. There were some issues that were overcome with a couple of changes. ...Feedback was positive and encouraging." -  Community Member Judge

    "This was a great lesson in overcoming deficiencies in initial plans and persevering to complete your goals" -  Community Member Judge

    "There was plenty of detail to follow, nice videos and a great sense of motivation." - Community Member Judge


    Solar SPEC by ralphjy


    "This will be very useful for those with solar panels. ...The feedback from the community was positive and encouraging." - Community Member Judge

    "Well done, clean and neat, a good design and a good performance tester." - Community Member Judge

    "Monitoring of solar panels is a very important part of solar energy projects, this was a great attempt to achieve that goal."  - Community Member Judge


    Project 'GiraSol' - Oliver Schalles  by oliverschalles


    "The concept and use make it possible to help many."- Community Member Judge

    "An interesting aspect of this project is the first video testing the proof of concept and then the real world application." - Community Member Judge

    "This project was based on some interesting concepts of solar energy" - Community Member Judge


    Clustered MCUs


    "Thank you a lot! I am really happy that this project won but more I loved the judges comments, this is for me the best prize. And all the other three winners fully deserve their place.  I want to special mention to John (jc2048 ) for his genial idea. Happy that you were finally able to provide also a short demo for our pleasure."   -  balearicdynamics

    "Some interesting and involved projects there - well done everyone. Reviewing them all together here, I'm struck by how much work went into them. And all that clever software too.  I think  deserves the 'craziest' prize for his fun and entertaining animatronic - the video certainly made me smile. Perhaps we should have a 'toy hack' Project14 at some stage and all have a go."jc2048

    "Thank you for sharing the magic!!" - gecoz

    "They all had their own merits but were all very different. It made it hard to judge."Fred27


    "Congratulations everyone - lots of interesting applications - I hope this topic resurfaces sometime."dougw

    "It was a lot of fun to follow the project blogs and see the engineering and creativity that was on display. Well done all!" - genebren


    Step Climbers





    First Place Trophy


    Grand Prize Trophy






    The Dancing Birds by balearicdynamics


    "For the grand prize I think the Dancing Birds is my favourite, inventive, funny and detailed write up." - Community Member Judge

    "Watching the video made my day. This is the type of project that  would brighten your day. It would be easy enough to re-create with different  objects that are meaningful to the creator." - Community Member Judge

    "Wonderful project with lots of care in its presentation, and documentation with photos and video too. This is a very inspiring project and I learned a lot from it. This is the level of inspiring projects I would like to be able to create, and aim to present it like that too one day, so really for me it was my favourite." - Community Member Judge

    "This was another creative project, where whimsy was on fully display. Sort of like Art runs into Engineering." - Community Member Judge

    "Creative, suited to the season, and fun.  Loved it." -  Community Member Judge


    IoT Magical Wand by dixonselvan


    "IOT Magical Wand ...demonstrates good use for each of the different devices, it is clearly documented and has a good demo." - Community Member Judge

    "Dixon made this project easy to follow. The blog is filled with lots of information for those who want to re-create it. All the coding is included as well as a list of hardware required. The video uploaded was very well made with a good demo of the finished project. Very fun to watch with lots of information. I really like this project. It was fun to follow and will be worth re-making. The wand can be used for many purposes that is only limited to your imagination." - Community Member Judge

    "Dixon's getting great at presenting his projects in stunning ways - great descriptions, interesting to watch his videos and he makes it all sound really fun. He ought to be one of the Ben Heck show new presenters. He knows how to make his projects interesting, like Enrico."  - Community Member Judge

    "A lot of good effort was shown in this project." - Community Member Judge


    tinyMonster AIO Robot by mahmood.hassan


    "Some solid assembly techniques for TinyMonster I particularly like the socketting of the ESP module."- Community Member Judge

    "This was a huge project, with good documentation and many blog posts. All source code appeared to be supplied in the blog post #3, and many detailed photos and videos through all the other blog posts. If I had one slight criticism, it would be that the presentation should be slightly more tidier, but all the content was there, and it was a lot of content." - Community Member Judge

    "This was a nicely tested project, with a fun video. Several microcontrollers were used, the video was really nice, and there was a mobile app too as if the multiple  MCUs were not enough! It was an impressive amount of work, and all source code is published." - Community Member Judge

    "A lot of good effort was shown in this project."  - Community Member Judge

    "All the detail on the build and firmware using a microcontroller that is less familiar to many." - Community Member Judge


    Octopod: Smart Home IOT Project by  sakshambhutani


    "This is a fun project that can be recreated quite easily. The blog  is full of information and worth recreating for those interested in smart home  projects. -" - Community Member Judge

    "This was a nicely tested project, with a fun video. Several microcontrollers were used, the video was really nice, and there was a mobile app too as if the multiple  MCUs were not enough! It was an impressive amount of work, and all source code is published." - Community Member Judge


    Project14 | Clustered MCUs: Functional Safety with Lockstep CPUs by jancumps


    "The LockSteps CPU is good because it clearly explained a technology people may not be familiar with." - Community Member Judge

    "Very interesting blog with lots of detail. Jan excelled on a technical level, covering a very important topic in a way anyone can understand."  - Community Member Judge

    'I'm going to go for Jan Cump's Hercules Demo. It wasn't in the same sort of project format as maybe you were expecting from the competition but I felt the most complete and explained a situation where you really did want 2 microcontrollers working behind the scenes." - Community Member Judge

    Very interesting blog with lots of detail. Jan excelled on a technical level, covering a very important topic in a way anyone can understand. - Community Member Judge

    This project is very involved with a lot of  information provided. Even though it is a complex project Jan has made it easy  for most of us to recreate. One of the best written projects I have had the pleasure of  reading. I hope to have time to build this one day. - Community Member Judge


    The micro:bit Quartet by jc2048 


    "The idea of multiple microcontrollers for music is very cool : ) Neat idea to have the virtual conductor too : )" - shabaz

    "This is another fine example of your musical themed blogs.  I really liked the chorus effect created by the multiple micro:bit quartet." - genebren


    Test Instrumentation


    "I've learned so much during the build - from other community members, friends and colleagues. The effect of Project14 is visible here - it encourages me to try more things, ask better questions, learn more and share the information back." - koudelad

    "Amazing.... It was a noble Theme and the response from the community participants was awesome.  Congratulations to the winners.... But most of the projects have almost similar quality which shows the level of integrity of Project14. It is an incredible success.  I found several projects which will help me in my work and I hope to replicate those...." - sunnyiut

    "They are really awesome projects.  MicroBit are used in schools as they are perfect for that but its great to know that they are also capable of doing all this." - vimarsh_

    "Congratulations to the winners of this fun competition. There were some amazing entries and the judges were right on the money in their selections." - jw0752

    "Congratulations to all the participants. Whenever there is an instrumentation theme it brings out some great projects. I expect it to be a recurring project14 topic. So start thinking about what you will enter the next time it rolls around..." - dougw

    "Some good projects there. Well done everyone. I think I'd have chosen the same winners, though a couple of the runners-up did very interesting projects too and in other circumstances might have won." - jc2048

    "A fantastic range of project. Will be going back to read many of these and hopefully learning some new electronics." - Workshopshed


    Step Climbers




    First Place Trophy


    Grand Prize Trophy




    "No Lies" IR Thermometer by koudelad


    "A genuinely useful project that was really well documented. It's great that he explained his need for it, the reasons behind the design choices, etc. I must admit though, my wife (who's a doctor) and I find that the off-the-shelf IR thermometers work just fine for our kids!" - Community Member Judge

    "This was a great project to following through its development.  The results were great." - Community Member Judge

    "This is just a fantastic project, bespoke PCBs, plenty of photographs, cool  videos and a wealth of well written documentation that kept me busy for  hours (both when posted initially and for selecting my winners)" - Community Member Judge

    ".Well documented project with some nice research about the working of thermometers." - Community Member Judge

    "t covers all the points that I think makes it a winner. It would something I would be keen to do as well.  1. The idea is original idea and usable in everyday life.  2. Clear description of the problem statement with facts. 3. overcoming challenges such as doing your own pcb and design, analysis. 4. Completion of the project is well executed. There was prototyping and then the final results 5. Many experiments were done to arrive to end results. The blog is written excellently with results. Working video demo of the end product." -  Community Member Judge


    Working Prototype of a Kelvin (4-Wire) Milliohm Meter  by fmilburn


    "Also a device which can be very handy while doing tests and measurements. Recycling old stuff from the house; great!!; made his own pcb design and blog well written." - Community Member Judge

    "A great project. Well designed, well built and well demonstrated.  This is a great tool to have available on any work bench." - Community Member Judge

    "Frank progressed this well presented project with its own PCB and enough material in the professional write up to allow others to understand the design or to be able to build there own. The project consisted on many posts and informative videos. This project is something I may like to copy myself at a later date. A well deserved joint first place."  - Community Member Judge


    Tiny DVM by dubbie


    "DubbieDubbie's project was one of the few that score extra points in my opinion for the fun aspect. Who couldn't like that ultra small display and the 3D printed bespoke casing. The videos provided were really interesting and made this the top prize winner for me." - Community Member Judge

    "The grand prize is deserved to the TinyDVM#4 : Graphical Display for its completeness and size. This project is very interesting as it is easy to replicate by other users but in the meantime includes a number of complex aspects, a nice challenge for a one-month project. Notable the use of the small display with the real time graphical representation of the variations. The TinyDVM catch me." - Community Member Judge


    µBOSS .... Test Instrumentation ... micro:bit  by  dougw


    "This is a well documented and easy to reproduce project. There's nothing really complicated but it's the sort of thing that really inspires a beginner to think 'I could make one of those." - Community Member Judge

    "The project is useful and compact. Also this can be easily tried again to make one for us. I really liked the diffuser used for making the LEDs

    in micro:bit more readable. Overall Doug has once again produced another complete project that looks like a product, which is his style and what

    makes him stand out."  - Community Member Judge


    tinyMonster - Analog Precision opto-isolator  by mahmood.hassan


    "This is a simple project with more use cases. The case for the project makes it more professional and the integration of micro:bit makes it an useful

    DIY project." - Community Member Judge

    ""The idea was good. Well executed with many applications in his project. Also made his own hardware and tested. The final blogging video could have been better and also the problem statement could have been well written." - Community Member Judge


    A Simple DC Electronic load for the experimenter's Shop.  by  jw0752


    "This was a great example of a well described and well engineered project.  John has a super clean hand when it comes to building project.  His hand-built projects look so clean and well built than one would wonder why the rest of us need to have PCB built.  This is a project that I will need to build." - Community Member Judge


    Project PITS  by carmelito


    "A unique idea where he has tried to simplify a complex instrumentation device to simple one. Well executed and working video presented. Lot of thinking involved in bringing something original to the project competition. Also did his own pcb design." - Community Member Judge

    "A very cleaver project, addressing a unique way to extend the functionality of other instruments.  I love the magnetic puck used to read the LED."  - Community Member Judge


    micro:bit as Pass / Fail indicator in an automated test setup by jancumps 


    "It's great to see the micro:bit coded in C rather than the usual block editor. This is clearly a genuinely useful piece of test equipment that fits nicely into a bigger setup." - Community Member Judge

    "Also a device which can be very handy while doing tests and measurements. Recycling old stuff from the house; great!!; made his own pcb design and blog well written." - Community Member Judge


    MinMax - Calibration Box by rsc 


    "This is a simple project with more use cases. The case for the project makes it more professional and the integration of micro:bit makes it an useful

    DIY project." - Community Member Judge


    Simple resistance measurement with the micro bit and voltage divider by kk99


    It's good to see a nicely documented basic design (resistance measurement) that obviously inspires a follow-on project (wireless voltage measurement) that does a little more and uses more of the micro:bit's features. - Community Member Judge


    A Transistor Load by jc2048


    "It was really nice to follow your process as you made changes, and seeing it all documented. Also you may have established a record on lowest-cost for a DC load.. since each part (apart from the final MOSFET) is about $0.01, you have a sub-$2 project I think.. : ) Also, great idea with the shield for future automation! : )" - shabaz

    "As usual your explorations are fascinating to follow. I believe that one can't truly understand electronics without a good feel for the fundamental components. Thanks to your interest and willingness to share we are all benefiting with a better understanding of transistors and other circuit basics."  -  jw0752


    SCPI on a Linux Board - Part 4b: TCP/IP SCPI and Instrument Service 100% Working by jancumps


    "Jan produced a series of blogs over the months before this project detailing the progress and including a lot of material to help others understand his project and to be able to replicate it themselves. The whole article was really interesting and informative about the SCPI command/control language. A well deserved joint first place." - Community Member Judge


    Back to Analog


    "I learned quite a bit from these projects..." - hlipka

    "There were many great examples of usage of analog electronics." - kk99


    Step Climbers




    First Place Trophy




    Tube Amp on a PCB  by  dougw


    "Doug took the idea of 'Back to Analog' back into time too, using tubes! It was lovely to see the design had a nice mix of retro and modern components for this analog audio amplifier. I hope we see more tube projects on element14."

    "You had me at 'Tubes'.  You can't get much more 'old school' than lighting up some tubes!  Well done!" -  Community Member Judge

    "This was really analog and pre-TTL. Not many people venture into the valve area anymore so I learnt a lot reading Dougs post." - Community Member Judges" - Community Member Judge


    Wearable Tech


    "I'm humbled and happily surprised that our silly little project was selected amongst such high quality meaningful builds!  Congratulations to Workshopshed and milosrasic98   for the wins and amazing work, and to everyone else who joined this fun challenge I have to admit this was definitely the funnest project I've worked on for quite some time, and having spouse and cats involved made it that much better!  I could not have made it look half as good without Naomi's input, for sure!ntewinkel

    "I love wearables and it was fun participating in this wearable tech competition. Hope this theme repeats again!" - dixonselvan

    "The projects were all superb, thank you for sharing with us!"gecoz

    "These projects were all very cool and judging which were best was a tough set of choices. Well done everyone, another great Project14." - DAB


    Step Climbers




    First Place Trophy




    The Thinking Cap by ntewinkel


    "This projects is quite different from all the other entries: it is a quirky project, which conjugates technology and creativity, to remind us that working with electronics can also be just for fun!" - Community Member Judge

    "This was a fun project that utilised family members and recycled components that embodies the ideology of the Project14 competition." - Community Member Judge

    "This project is the testimonial that sometimes a crazy idea needs a cap built thank to a crazy idea. Very appreciated the building with "poor" stuff and a great result. Lights and sounds. Nico should wear his device for his next projects!" - Community Member Judge

    "Original and funny.  I am always a fan of that." - Community Member Judge



    Smart Bluetooth Gloves V1 by milosrasic98


    "The project shows a very clever way of using hall sensors to provide a simple hand gesture interface. I like the way the project has been developed and its potential for further improvements." - Community Member Judge

    "I liked this one because of the quality of the blog that stepped the reader through the build process, from the initial selection of the technology through to a working model, that would be a good building block for other uses." - Community Member Judge

    "This was the clear leader in my opinion.  It has real world potential beyond what was demonstrated and was complete with a working demo, code, and circuit." - Community Member Judge


    UV Exposure Badge by Workshopshed


    "This is a beautifully simple project which offers a range of applications, the most important being related to skin health monitoring (skin cancer prevention springs to mind). This is where wearable tech is at its best." - Community Member Judge

    "The project is complete and very well documented, around an original idea. This project is intriguing as it involves a considerable match that has been approach with the needed simplifications due the use of a micro controller without penalising the trustability of the device. It is appreciated if the author can provide in future some more test wearing the prototype in several conditions of UV exposition (in this period it is not so easy in his part of the world )" - Community Member Judge

    "UV exposure is a growing concern and this project is a great approach to addressing this concern." - Community Member Judge


    Saving Sleep with PocketBeagle by vlasov01 


    "Sleep is a very important aspect of well being and light exposure does effect our sleep. This project allows the user to monitor this exposure and make informed choices to maximize sleep." - Community Member Judge

    "The project demonstrated originality and had a working demo.  It would be interesting to see follow-up with additional variables like color of light, etc." - Community Member Judge


    'WatchAble' - The Smart Wear:it Watch by dixonselvan


    "I particularly liked this one as it was an extension of a previous project showing how an initial concept can be adapted and improved upon and came up with a great project name and quality video." - Community Member Judge

    "IMO this is one of the few projects in the ocean of IoT prototypes that can be used in the real world. The project is well documented and the demo video is really inspiring for a lot of possible applications. A good base to interact with the environment, low cost and a lot of options. Appreciated a lot the adaptability of the prototype to different customised applications." - Community Member Judge


    Merry Boxes & LEDs

    "We thoroughly enjoyed every entry and the effort that was put into each project. The element14 community has grown so much and it is warming to see so many great projects in one place." - ipv1

    "The projects are all exceptionally good, and a pleasure to read about." - gecoz

    "Honestly, the projects were awesome and I really want to congratulate everyone for participating, I love contests like this. And I can't wait till next year to get some new cookies!" - archiela


    Step Climbers




    First Place Trophy


    Grand Prize Trophy


    Heart Trophy




    Christmas Magic aka Advent Calendar on stereoids by archiela


    "This project ticked all boxes and is something I would like to build myself." - Community Member Judge

    "This really embodied the concept of Merry Boxes and LEDs with a fun family build. The build was well explained and demonstrated in a fun video. I liked that it was built to be reusable year after year. To be honest, I was very close to giving the Grand prize to this project." - Community Member Judge

    "This project offers a different take on the classic advent calendars. The quality of the build and the execution led to a great finished product, which would make the countdown to Christmas magical for any child (or adult!)." - Community Member Judge

    "Wow - superbly executed project, it brought many smiles watching the videos of it in action." - Community Member Judge

    "Xmas Magic, good description, great video." - Community Member Judge


    Automatic christmas bell ringers.  by danielw


    "I'm a sucker for Lego - clever and sounds great." - Community Member Judge

    "Very lovely project, I like that it uses Lego, so kids can help in the assembly of the snowmen! It's really awesome, if I can find those bells then I want to build it too!" - Community Member Judge

    "I found this to be a creative, fun and novel entry with a traditional Christmas theme. A clever build combining Lego and electronics that also involved family members." - Community Member Judge

    "Fantastic project, involving Lego, bells, servos and lots of fun. If this project doesn't lift your Christmas spirit, nothing will!" - Community Member Judge


    LED Firework Suite - the details by 14rhb :


    "What a fantastic project. The fireworks look so realistic, and they make an ideal display for the holidays celebrations. Hat off to Rod’s craftmanship for creating such a head-turner piece of tech-art!" - Community Member Judge

    "It really does look like fireworks. Great job!" - Community Member Judge


    Connected Christmas Tree by ntewinkel:


    "Connected Xmas Tree, excellent description, circuit, software and video." - Community Member Judge

    "The project turned out really nice and all the steps were logged along the way" - Community Member Judge


    Caustic XMAS by neuromodulator


    "The effects produced in this project were truly fascinating and mesmerising to watch. The build blog was well laid out and the process thoroughly explained." - Community Member Judge


    Flashy LED Picture Frame by tonydbeck


    "LED Picture Frame, great description, circuit and software." - Community Member Judge

    "Super-comprehensive project, well documented, and it looks awesome!!  This was another really cool project that many would love to build.." - Community Member Judge


    The Christmas Joy Spreading Machine by balearicdynamics


    "As always, the quality of Enrico’s work is superb. This cleverly build machine truly brings fun and joy to the spectators, and also shows that any build material is good when used with ingenuity." - Community Member Judge

    "Beautiful project, it left me almost speechless! I can't imagine a more fun project to make and also watch in action, at Christmas time." - Community Member Judge


    Holiday Lights and Music Festival With Love and Cheer by ipv1


    "I would give this to ipv1 for his Holiday Lights and Music Festival with Love and Cheer. This was a whole family project that showed a fun build with plenty of aspects to it. I liked the mixture of the electronics with the creative visual elements using a variety of materials. The build was extensive with a lot of effort put into it and well demonstrated within the video." - Community Member Judge


    A Question of Scale


    "I loved being a part of this as much as Hack Like Heck! Hopefully I will enter into more competitions in the future, since you all have inspired me with your genius projects! Keep it up, and let the force flow from within!" - nobble

    "This one must have been tough to judge because they were all excellent entries. I'm not even sure if I have a favorite!" - baldengineer

    "This was a fun series of projects to follow! Especially because everyone got super-creative on different ways to scale things. Also, the idea of a miniaturized NES prize from the Ben Heck Show, is really great! It's a game system I've missed out on (my first Nintendo was a SNES) so it will be fun to finally play with it after all these years - and I really appreciate such a thoughtful custom-made prize. Thanks so much!" - shabaz


    Step Climbers




    First Place Trophy



    Grand Prize Trophy




    Building a Miniature 300W Speaker Simulator  by  shabaz


    "A professional looking load box with a high quality build and great attention to detail on the finished product. A neat and tidy solution to the problem that could be utilised for many more tasks requiring a load." - Community Member Judge

    "What an amazing build!  This was a clean and functional project that showcased some very important lessons in fabrication." - Community Member Judge


    Mini Gameboy Home Console: The Gamebox DMG Consolizer  by nobble 



    "This was a great project with an interesting, detailed blog and video giving a clear view of the design and build process. The end result was a very neat design that definitely rescaled the original." - Community Member Judge

    "Mini Game Boy, great writeup, good walk through of design, and a solid build" - Community Member Judge


    Jumbo LED  by Workshopshed


    "A fun and creative project that definitely brought the upsizing of an LED to the competition. Further enhanced by upsizing the resistor to keep up the theme." - Community Member Judge

    "As a follow-up to his jumbo servo, Andy builds a great looking jumbo LED.  His motto must be 'Supersize mine please'" - Community Member Judge


    Tiny24MoBot by dubbie


    "I liked how this project continually evolved throughout the blogs building on the design and the competition theme as time went by. A mixture of bespoke parts and parts salvaged from around the house, pulled together to produce a tiny little bot with a shopping trolley mentality." - Community Member Judge

    "Tiny24MoBot, great writeup, good design with plenty of pictures and video to follow along." - Community Member Judge

    "For a quick turn project, there was a lot of interesting  lessons on how to shrink your robot." - Community Member Judge



    Size Matters Not - An R2D2 Story by dougw 


    "What an amazing and highly detailed 3D print.  It is projects like this that inspire me to print more and more things." - Community Member Judge


    Remote Home Monitoring with Raspberry Pi and Hologram Nova - Full Instructions by luislabmo


    "Remote Home Monitor, good writeup and design, but did not include a video of working project." - Community Member Judge