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    Portable Electronics Kit


    "This must have been a difficult one to judge given the quality of the entries and I am honored to be one of the winners." - fmilburn


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    First Place Trophy






    The Magic Tool Kit by  dougw


    "I really liked the overview of all the tools. The videos can be really helpful to many hobbyist and professionals, I didn't know some of the tools even existed." - Community Member Judge

    "Once again, Douglas Wong, has demonstrated the clear and concise approach that he takes on any project he works on.  I almost needed to write down a list of all the cleaver tools that I should add to my own tool box." - Community Member Judge

    Babbages Baggage by Workshopshed


    "Babbage Baggage, most unique interpretation." - Community Member Judge

    "Andy's take on this project was a bit different, but I thoroughly enjoyed his project.  A kit that brings your things to you.  Too bad it wasn't a bit bigger to carry more stuff.." - Community Member Judge


    PERMA-PROTO:  A Portable Prototyping System Built to Last by fmilburn 


    "Good overview of tools and storage system for people having limited space. I also liked the idea of building custom prototyping boards - it is not that scary as a lot of amateurs think." - Community Member Judge


    The Arduino Starter Kit Upgraded Case by gam3t3ch



    "That's beautifully designed and created, excellent workmanship. The video was awesome to watch, and seeing your setup, but also the post-project review and the discussion about wood knot behaviour. I too felt that Arduino kit was awesome, but let down with a poor box (nothing fits in it after you've taken the components out unless one is trained in tessellation : ) so this custom box makes a lot of sense.  Really, really nice work : )" - shabaz





    Mixing Electronics & Water


    "Congratulations on the wins!  And a special shout-out to winner Raymond  urkraft, who inspired me to push through with my build for the data logger temperature sensor! It was great being able to bounce ideas around with you." - ntewinkel


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    First Place Trophy



    Long Shower = Candle Power by sjmill01


    "Why isn't he trying out for Ben Heck's replacement" - Community Member Judge

    "A very documented and  entertaining look at a simple approach to saving water by limiting  shower time." - Community Member Judge

    "Was a unique approach and would have been cool to have it regulate a switch on the shower to turn it off I thought it certainly was one of the more unique ideas in the group.  Was well scripted video and well presented with great explanations." - Community Member Judge


    (Semi)Automated Plant Irrigation System by urkraft


    "Well documented, clearly explained and with a good video showing both the making-of and the real-world application (very nice I should say)." - Community Member Judge

    "A well executed build that included great features" - Community Member Judge

    "Interesting project designed to keep an Olive tree alive and happy." - Community Member Judge


    Social Plant Survival Kit by mbozdal


    "Despite the evidence of the reduced available resources, the author has created a good working system involving certain complexity. The proof video explains almost how well the project works and the running application." Community Member Judge

    "Well document project  that uniquely handle keeping a house plant happy, with your help." - Community Member Judge

    "A very original approach" - Community Member Judge

    "Probably my favorite the post was full of information and code and loved seeing it in action this was the only project I felt would grab the regular person and have them want to experience making with the raspberry pi.  Which is awesome I know other used arduino's and so on but it was that presentation that anyone could make it that made it my favorite in this group. You could really see their love for making in this project which is a breath of fresh air." - Community Member Judge


    Remote (Water) Temperature Monitoring by ntewinkel


    "Great build and steps. Excellent cross checking to verify results" - Community Member Judge


    HOPPY - An intelligent Raspberry Pi Irrigation System by 14rhb


    "A clever approach using the Meta data.  Adding a graphic user interface would be brilliant product." - Community Member Judge


    Salt water cell by kk99


    "This was like reliving science class so I personally thought it was great bring the old back to the new... All and all I enjoyed the content for this project and thought it hit the target marks." - Community Member Judge


    Robots with Wheels

    "Being a newcomer to Element14 this was the first thing I contributed and I only did it for fun. I didn't even realise that there was a prize until the winners were announced, although I'm not sure how I missed this as it is on all the links."  - dubbie


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    First Place Trophy




    Robots with Wheels - CupRobot by carmelito 


    "Great project, cool and fun" - Community Member Judge

    "Carmelito  made some really good 3D printed parts for his simple robot. What  really got me was how dextrous it was moving around - the tall cup  giving it a very likable personality." - Community Member Judge


    The Making of R2D2 - The Force on Wheels by sjmill01


    "A truly amazing project" - Community Member Judge

    "Sean has provided a really good build diary and some great custom PCBs. Plus it includes the Star Wars theme !" - Community Member Judge


    RobotBobLet by dubbie


    "It was great fun to be able to build a mobile robot just for fun (you can never mention the word fun too many times in relation to engineering!). I think the part I enjoyed most was being able to connect everything together without having to make any special connectors or PCBs, or writing extensive software (there were example libraries for everything (the glory of open source and sharing) and that it actually worked!" - dubbie

    "This has been a good project to follow, well done for getting this far with it." - three-phase


    Cardboard Robot With Wheels: A BBC micro:bit STEM project by balearicdynamics


    "A well-written project, which looks like a lot of fun for children. There were many photos and the project was extremely well documented." - Community Member Judge


    The Lino Project with Arduino Mega 2560: Interrupts and Motors by balearicdynamics


    "Another great project, very educational and detailed" - Community Member Judge


    Open Arduino


    "This was a really great contest with a lot of outstanding entries.  The open nature and creative ease from using Arduino resulted in a lot of clever designs.  Congratulations to all and thanks to element14 for the generous prizes. " - fmilburn


    "All the entries in this contest were great and there were a prolific number of entries in this popular category. It speaks volumes about the flexibility of this platform and the strength of its eco system.  It is also great to see element14 encouraging and showcasing this technology, they made this a fun contest to participate in and provided lots of prizes. I hope they do it again - I'm sure there are lots of other interesting projects in the tank."dougw

    "A big thanks to.. the folks at Element14 for continuing to support the Maker community and for providing a great platform for folks to show case their ideas. You guys Rock! 


    Also To the folks at Arduino, it's been impressive to see how such a simple master thesis on creating an easy to use prototyping platform (Wiring) by Hernando Barragán has become a staple in not only the Maker movement, but in designs from practical special effects to the fashion world as well as a great educational platform for all ages. I look forward to seeing the platform continue to grow and perhaps expand in the Iot and IIoT areas.." - jomoenginer


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    First Place Trophy



    Grand Prize Trophy




    Arduino Powered MSE-6 (Mouse Droid) by jomoenginer

    "Very elaborate dual-Arduino project with sound, movement, and browser based control. Lots of good documentation with code. The end result really great too." - Community Member Judge


    "Oh, Wow!  Now that was a nice surprise.  First seeing Solo: A Star Wars Story on Thursday night with my daughter and then this.  There was a local Astromech Builder group at the showing with their various R2 units so I'm looking to work with them to further develop my Mouse Droid.   It's been a good week" - jomoenginer


    LS Cubed: Little Sister Security System  by fmilburn


    "Excellent project, fun and original, and well detailed - Community Member Judge" -  Community Member Judge

    Unreal. Resistance is Futile  by balearicdynamics


    "How could I not choose this! It was 100% fun - in a very bizarre way. The whole build was well documented, great use of 3D printed parts and an awesome video/sound track. I could easily have made this my first choice. - Community Member Judge" - Community Member Judge


    Celebrating Arduino with a Torch Relay!  by  ntewinkel


    "Great use of lights and very fun project" - Community Judge

    "What a great idea. I really enjoyed your video - the fact the first torch didn't light at the start just added a nice realistic touch." -


    Arduino SD Card Audio Player & LM386 Audio Amplifier board  by gam3t3ch


    "This project showed how the Arduino could do far more than expected. It used the Arduino Uno and an SD card to play back sounds and speech. The information here will be very useful for all manner of projects." - Community Member Judge

    Weather Cloud Clock by carmelito


    "Very cool case (good fit & finish) and quite functional." - Community Member Judge


    Intelligent Hall Light  by mcb1 


    "A very nice project to subtly bring high tech into old systems. The possibilities are endless with this one. (Vehicle fan controller is right up there with this)" - Community Member Judge


    Exploding Kittens Soundboard by fvan :


    "I chose this, not because I don't like cats but, because it was fun. It is also very adaptable and could easily be used with different designs and sound effects at any public event/stall/fair. Frederick's video was also particularly fun to watch as he sped through the whole project." - Community Member Judge