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    Connectors VI: Automotive Connectors for In-Vehicle Electronic Systems

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    The element14 ESSENTIALS of Automotive Connectors for In-Vehicle Electronic Systems covers various types of automotive connectors distinctively designed for In-Vehicle systems, including their design, types, functions, and applications. To extend the knowledge covered in the main module, this supplementary guide discusses the types of related components used for prototyping or product development.

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    Microminiature Connectors


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    494561017 1.00mm Pitch Easy-On Back Flip FFC/FPC Connector, 10 Circuits, Nylon Glass Filled, UL94V-0, Beige

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    FFC/FPC connectors feature a range of pitches and circuit sizes in combination with ZIF, non-ZIF, slider, flip actuators and locking features deliver both high reliability and user friendliness. The 49456-1017 features:

    Pitch Spacing: 1mm

    No. of Contacts: 10 Contacts

    Gender: Receptacle

    Product Range: Easy-On 49456 Series

    Contact Termination Type: Surface Mount

    Contact Position: Bottom

    No. of Rows: 1 Row

    Contact Plating: Tin Plated Contacts

    Contact Material: Copper Alloy

    FFC/FPC Thickness: 0.3mm


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    513380474 SlimStack Board-to-Board Receptacle, 0.40mm Pitch, J-Bend Series, 0.20µm Gold (Au) Plating, 1.50 or 2.00mm Mated Height, 3.40mm Mated Width, 40 Circuits

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    Molex SlimStack Connectors feature pitches of 0.35mm to 2mm, mating heights between 0.60mm and 16mm, mating widths from 2mm to 7.20mm, and up to 200 circuits. The 51338-047451338-0474 features:

    Connector Type: Receptacle

    Pitch Spacing: 0.4mm

    No. of Rows: 2 Rows

    No. of Contacts: 40

    Connector Mounting: Surface Mount

    Contact Material: Phosphor Bronze

    Contact Plating: Gold Plated Contacts

    Product Range: SlimStack 51338 Series


    Mini50 Connection System


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    347910020 Mini50 Unsealed Receptacle, Single Row, Bridged, without CPA, 2 Circuits, Polarization Option A, Black

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    Mini50 Connection Systems achieve 50% space savings over traditional USCAR 0.64mm connectors with sealed or unsealed Mini50 single- and dual-row receptacles, with smaller terminals to fit more low-current electrical circuits in interior transportation-vehicle environments. The 34791-002034791-0020 features:

    No. of Positions 2 Positions

    For Use With Molex CTX50 560023 Series Contacts

    Voltage Rating 500VDC

    Current Rating 4A


    stAK50h Connection System


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    1600130623 stAK50h 2 Bay Infotainment Hybrid Header, 56 Circuits, Bay A 28 Circuit Header, Key 2; Bay B 28 Circuit Header, Key 3; 2.10mm PC Tail Length, Gray, Tube

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    stAK50h Connection System offers unsealed hybrid headers and receptacles to deliver both signal and Ethernet connectivity within a small footprint. The 160013-0623 features:

    Product Range: stAK50h 160013160013 Series

    Automotive Connector Shell Style: Right Angle Plug

    No. of Contacts: 56

    Automotive Contact Type: PCB Pin

    Connector Body Material: SPS (Syndiotactic Polystyrene) Body

    Contact Material: Copper Alloy

    Contact Plating: Tin

    Voltage Rating: 500VDC


    DuraClik Connector System


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    5051510400 DuraClik TPA Wire-to-Board Receptacle Housing, 4 Circuits, Black

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    The DuraClik Connector System features terminal retainer options providing superior electrical contact reliability, mating retention and space-savings for high-vibration and high-temperature applications.  The 505151-0400 features:

    Product Range: DuraClik 505151

    Gender: Receptacle

    No. of Positions: 4

    Pitch Spacing: 2mm

    For Use With: 505152, 505153, 505487 Crimp Terminals


    H-DAC 64 Unsealed Connector System


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    307001060 2.54mm Pitch, 0.64mm Width H-DAC 64 High Density Automotive Connectors, Dual Row, Female Harness Assembly, 6 Circuits, Polarization Option 1, Gray

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    H-DAC 64 Unsealed Connector System features a single- and dual-row connector system providing space savings and flexible options for unsealed applications. The 30700-1060 features:

    Product Range: H-DAC 64 30700 Series

    Gender: Receptacle

    No. of Positions: 6ns

    Pitch Spacing: 2.54mm

    For Use With: Tyco GET 1393366-11393366-1 & 1393367-11393367-1 Socket Contacts


    Stac64 Single, Multi-Pocket, and Hybrid Header System


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    313721000 Stac64 Hybrid Receptacle Assembly, 10 Circuit, Black, Polarization A, without CPA

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    The Stac64 Single, Multi-Pocket and Hybrid Header System is a stackable connection system that provides single and multi-pocket PCB solutions, offering a diverse range of circuit sizes and greatly reducing time-to-market by completely eliminating custom tooling. Female connectors feature a pressure-activated design. The 31372-100031372-1000 features:

    Pre-assembled, linear Mylar PC tail alignment strip for right angle headers

    Modular-housing design with standard dovetail features moulded into the housings

    PCB alignment posts

    PCB standoffs moulded into housings

    High temperature thermoplastic housing

    Pre-assembled TPA to receptacle housing shipped as single assembly


    HSAutoLink Interconnect Systems


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    348570506 HSAutoLink II Right-Angle Sealed Header, 12 Circuits

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    The HSAutoLink interconnect system leverages Molex’s expertise at producing high-speed cable technology. The 34857-0506 features:

    Product Range: HSAutoLink II 34857 Series

    Automotive Connector Shell Style: Right Angle Header

    No. of Contacts: 12

    Automotive Contact Type: PCB Pin

    Connector Body Material: SPS (Syndiotactic Polystyrene), Glass Filled Body

    Contact Material: Copper Alloy

    Contact Plating: Gold

    Voltage Rating: 36V

    Current Rating: 1.5A


    CMC and CMX Sealed, Hybrid, Modular Connectors


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    347630001 CMC Header 154 Circuits, 3-Bay (Bay-X 48 Circuits; Bay-Y 53 Circuits; Bay-Z 53 Circuits) Compliant Pin, Press-fit Style

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    CMC and CMX connector family from Molex is an IP6K9k sealed, modular, high-density and hybrid connection system developed for the transportation industry. The 34763-0001 features:

    Product Range: CMC CMX 34763 Series

    Automotive Connector Shell Style: Right Angle Header

    No. of Contacts: 154

    Automotive Contact Type: PCB Pin

    Connector Body Material: Nylon 6.6 (Polyamide 6.6), Glass Filled Body

    Contact Plating: Tin

    Voltage Rating: 14VDC

    Current Rating: 17A


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