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    Home Automation


    "I'm always impressed with the amount of talent! One thing I love about these winners announcements is that it gives me a nice summary of all the projects I haven't been able to keep up with - I look forward to checking them all out in more detail soon." - fmilburn

    "I am always impressed to see what great things others on the community are working on, as well as the creative way that they solve the problems that they are faced with." - genebren


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    The Smart Room Project - Current Phase by  milosrasic98


    "This was presented in a very well laid out blog, detailing each aspect of the project as it was built up. The project included many elements of controlling different aspects of a room via an Android device." - Community Member Judge

    "I voted this as my of my top projects as Milos has tried very hard to complete this with very little available resources. It was close to the sort of issues I often have." - Community Member Judge

    "Good description, videos, pictures and project layout." - Community Member Judge


    The dirty smart button! by aspork42


    "This was a really smart solution to a real life problem that he was facing. The blog was well laid out and covered many aspect of the design in detail. I really liked the touch of housing it all within an empty baby food pot." - Community Member Judge

    "I wasn't sure about this one at first but... it is clever, unique, and there is lots of detail on how it was done." - Community Member Judge

    "A really well setup project that could easily be applied to other problems with a few tweaks. Also he tackled a subject that many stay clear of !" - Community Member Judge

    "The dirty smart button was a unique creation that met a real need for the users. The simple UI made it easy to use." - Community Member Judge


    Mini Weather Station  by carmelito 


    "The mini-weather station was well made and performed it's task elegantly." - Community Member Judge

    "I loved this project because it is complete and just mini! Very nice and seeing the dimensions seems a good idea easy to integrate into any other device or environment without impacting too much. Very good." - Community Member Judge

    "I liked the Mini Weather Station by Carmelito. It has a nice finished feel and a compact design." - Community Member Judge


    Kitchen Lighting Phase System Phase 2 by genebren


    "This was a very extensive project undertaken with many aspects that needed to be addressed from gathering performance requirements, through designing and building bespoke housings to integrating it all with software all detailed in some high quality blogs." - Community Member Judge

    "Quite a sophisticated design with much customization" - Community Member Judge

    "This is obviously at a very high level of quality and a lot of engineering has gone into it. The only issue is that it doesn't feel very complete based on the most recent blog post or video that is shown." - Community Member Judge


    Home Automation Mojo by sjmill01:

    "Lots of techy stuff..." - Community Member Judge

    "Good description, videos and pictures." - Community Member Judge


    Smart Clock over Cloud by fyaocn


    "I learned a great deal of ideas just by reading through this blog. It was a very interesting project and very useful as well." - Community Member Judge


    Being Lazy - Home Automation by vimarsh_


    "Being Lazy, good description, videos, pictures and guidance." - Community Member Judges

    "My top project is Being Lazy by Vimarsh with a simple voice activated lamp and clean UI for the web pages. The explainations were also clear with the often missed "why" being included as well at the how. A "what is needed" is a great way to start a project explanation." - Community Member Judge


    SERA - Smart Extension Relay with Alexa - powered by MATRIX Creator and Arduino MKR1000 by dixonselvan


    "Dixon in this project has created a good improvement to the Alexa system. Well documented and nice demo video with all the parts on the bench. Next step? Just distribute the component at home!" - Community Member Judge


    Open Hab 2 with MATRIX Creator & RasPi 3 A+ by jomoenginer

    "This project is well documented and using a number of different devices implies a certain complexity. I have especially appreciated the management of the open-Hab / networking with a mobile interface instead of simple terminal access demonstrating the functionality of the project. This gives a good consistency to the building. IMHO, it is worth to evolve it in some real-world application." - Community Member Judge




    "What a great and diverse range of projects were presented for this challenge, each exploring different areas of electromagnetism. Congratulations to the winners and commiserations to all the other participants - but thanks to everyone for sharing your ideas. Plenty of ideas and concepts that I would like to explore further." - 14rhb

    "This was a really educational group of projects which I enjoyed following. Thank you to everyone for sharing." - jw0752


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    First Place Trophy



    Measuring Electromagnets - the Magneto Mutant Magnetic Measurement Meter (MMMMM-1000)  by shabaz


    "Well built and described. This seems like a great instrument and a great platform to build onto." - Community Member Judge

    "Measuring Electromagnets, well described and easy to build." - Community Member Judge

    "Educational and well documented." - Community Member Judge

    "M5. This pipped in at the last minute but it was not disappointing in any way. The detail that Shabaz has worked into this unit is fantastic. I don't own anything capable of measuring field strengths and as an engineer I do like to be able to measure just about everything. Therefore I hope to be able to follow this project at a later date and make my own version of it. I have given my third choice to Shabaz." - Community Member Judge


    Flipping Core Memory Bits Directly With a Magnetic Stylus  by abg123


    "Clever and different." - Community Member Judge

    "I initially thought Andy had made all the PCB and memory latticework but he was truthful in stating he bought it, which is always appreciated. It didn't really detract from my interest in how he made the pre-bought board into a nice little game with the application of an LED matrix unit. For giving me insight into this board, and the possibilities from it, I have chosen him as my second place." - Community Member Judge

    "Magnetic Stylus, very interesting legacy technology view." - Community Member Judge


    The KLINGMAGON Subspace Probe  by dougw


    "Following the path of his building, I found a lot of applications. Interesting the final demo experiment on the glass; beyond the obvious - like cleaning difficult to reach glass surfaces (like the external part of windows - I see applications also in scientific applications and more." Community Member Judge

    "Another amazing build by  Doug.  This seems like a great platform for many future projects" - Community Member Judge

    "Well thought out, documented and useful" - Community Member Judge


    One String Electric Guitar by dubbie:


    "I started following it with sincere curiosity; the author reputation is not new and as a guitarist, I was very curious. Then, when I saw the result, I have just to compliment the great building, including the form-factor of this original string instrument. I am very happy that the project become so popular and followed and commented by a lot of other users." - Community Member Judge

    "I really connected with this simple project from the start and the regular blog posts keep my interest going. So there was no coding, homemade PCB or complex electronics but there was some 3D printing, bobbin winding and some awesome carpentry/painting skills ! For such a simple approach the result was surprisingly professional. Therefore I have placed this as my top choice." - Community Member Judge

    "Great build, well described." - Community Member Judge



    3000A current clamp table and amplifier by three-phase


    "Donald has once again shown that his attention to detail and testing can produce a great project."  - Community Member Judge

    "Great build, well described." - Community Member Judge



    An Attempt at Building a DIY Spring Reverb Tank Using Electromagentism by aptbartmess


    "First of all, it's a great creation; then it is a kind of effect in electronic music that I always loved but I never had the possibility to investigate in depth. I bookmarked the idea and with some modifications maybe I will include a similar version in my next book of projects for makers." - Community Member Judge


    IoT: In the Cloud


    "One thing that was pleasing to see was the use of MQTT in so many different applications. It really is becoming the protocol of choice for device to cloud, & vice-versa, communication."  - BigG

    "Thanks Element14!  I've been wanting to make a foray into LoRa.  Now I have just what I need. Congratulations to the First Place Winners and other participants.  Another great contest with lots of neat projects." - ralphjy


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    Grand Prize Trophy




    Irrigation Sprinkler Control by ralphjy

    "A well thought out and executed plan that leveraged the IoT connection to provide a benefit to the project." - Community Member Judge

    "This was such a professionally engineered and well presented project. Also timed just right for summer in the Northern Hemisphere." - Community Member Judge

    "A practical IOT project with a high build quality. The Raspberry Pi base user interface is clear and focused on the task and hand. The use of MQTT integration provides a flexible way to expand the system with dashboards or other UI stations." - Community Member Judge

    "An awesome project that anybody can use with a lot of useful details well documented documented. My favorite part was how the synchronization between a UI and a Cloud provider was clearly explained." - Community Member Judge

    "Sprinkler Control, great description and testing videos." - Community Member Judge

    "Another excellent entry and a close call for the Grand Prize. This was a professional solution and outcome to the project, explained well over a number of detailed blogs." - Community Member Judge


    Manage Arduino MKR WIFI 1010 Battery Life in the Cloud by jancumps


    "Nice, deep dive into IoT and maximizing battery life.  Lots of good info here." - Community Member Judge

    "A nice set of detailed blogs the component parts of which could be utilised for other systems." - Community Member Judge

    "This was a practical project that could be adapted for many uses. It was accompanied with a clear demonstration video describing the set up and functioning of the Amazon Web Services system. I also liked how the DM6500 roadtest item sneaked in an appearance." - Community Member Judge

    "Very useful and elaborate project with attention to detail and good documentation." - Community Member Judge

    "Battery Life, great description, HW, SW, video and lots of useful pictures." - Community Member Judge

    "It makes you think more about battery life and power consumption as a whole." - Community Member Judge

    "Battery monitoring is an important concern for IOT devices and this project shows you how to do that in a clear and structured way. I particularly like how Jan explained some of the common pitfalls such as how to reflash a device that spends most of it's time asleep." - Community Member Judge


    IOT Reflow Oven with Arduino MKR WiFi 1010 by fmilburn


    "Great project based on the MKR series and the IoT.  Nice approach to building a tool/equipment." - Community Member Judge

    "Great working design concept that works based on a simple idea!.. and also may be useful for many members of the community."  - Community Member Judge

    "I've always aspired to make one of these and now I have Frank's knowledgable blog to guide me." - Community Member Judge

    "This project showed what can be done using a free API and simple data logging. It shows that a manual process can be enhanced by IOT to give better results and can be used as a building block for further automation." - Community Member Judge


    Arduino IoT Cloud Controlled MKR Robot Arm by jomoenginer:


    "Very nice multi-dimensional project. Well done!" - Community Member Judge

    "A clear example of how the Arduino IOT cloud can be used. Good explainations of the limitations of the board and platform." - Community Member Judge


    Month of Robots


    "I almost think it is easier to put together a project for submission to these contests than to judge them :-)." - Community Member Judge


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    Grand Prize Trophy




    NVIDIA Jetson Nano  by jomoenginer


    "I liked how the build was presented and all the details provided. A lot of fun to watch." - Community Member Judge

    "This was a very interesting project, using some very interesting technology. Very well done!" - Community Member Judge

    "Nvidia Jetson Nano.  It's a good read and build log on a more complicated robot." - Community Member Judge

    "Great tutorial-like content that will help lots of people, and a nice insight of how computing and image processing can revolutionise robotics" - Community Member Judge

    "Nice use of a more powerful platform to perform rudimentary collision avoidance.  Well documented." - Community Member Judge

    "This is real cutting edge stuff and Jon gave us a great insight into the new AI capabilities of this board coupled with image processing." - Community Member Judge


    BBC MicroBit Robot Bonanza by ipv1


    "Many small projects to choose from with informative details" - Community Member Judge

    "Interesting way to remote control the robot using and lots of detail on the line follower" - Community Member Judge

    "I would nominate  BBC Microbit robot bonanza for the grand prize.  I liked the tutorials and the projects can be replicated for little cost by makers, schools and STEM clubs." - Community Member Judge

    "Robot Bonanza, excellent description, HW, SW, Video" - Community Member Judge

    "Very cool project showing how to make a remote-controlled robot using a couple of MicroBits." - Community Member Judge

    "I always like to see the Microbit being used and this project didn't disappoint, it is well written up and included plenty of 'hacked' together parts." - Community Member Judge


    The Drawing Machine Part 1. The micro:cycloid by balearicdynamics


    "A very unique project, well executed and documented. Very nice video" - Community Member Judge

    "Very fun project, with some great results." - Community Member Judge

    "Microcycloid, original idea followed up with good description and build instruction." - Community Member Judge

    "It was fun, different - perhaps not quite a robot and more a machine, but I loved the simplicity of design with the complexity of the output. Nice work." - Community Member Judge


    Mini Quadcopter by carmelito


    "Great build with nice end results! The set of skills and knowledge required for this project was impressive" - Community Member Judge

    "Very nice construction and tuning of a quadcopter. Great demonstration/ flying." - Community Member Judge

    "Who doesn't like a dog getting in the video? Seriously though, this project included some extra points for the 3D printed parts including Element14 ! The design and software were very interesting and something I hope to read through again." - Community Member Judge

    "He makes it look easy, but it takes a lot of skill and experience to pull this off. Excellent project and video." - Community Member Judge


    SuperRobot by dubbie


    "Nice upgrade of existing electrical toys. The breadboard-on-a-train-carriage is inspired. I'm surprised Adafruit, Arduino etc have not thought of that yet. It would make a nice development platform for some firm to design and sell - a hackable train kit with sensors, a small Arduino with BTLE or WiFi and the mobile breadboard of course." - Community Member Judge

    "Clever and funny with good detail on the project including overcoming issues" - Community Member Judge



    Walter the Coil Winding Robot Arm by three-phase


    "Walter coil bot,  again a good build log and something that although it didn't quite work, was beautiful overkill when just a motor would have done!" - Community Member Judge

    "A great example of a general-purpose robot arm being used to perform a task."  - Community Member Judge

    "Coil Winding Robot, another interesting use for a robot arm." - Community Member Judge


    Captain S.L.O.W. (Rhex inspired) by milosrasic98


    "Captain slow.  An interesting concept. It sort of lollops around, and I'd like to see more if development continues." - Community Member Judge

    "An interesting robot, very clever way of making the robot legs/wheels!" - Community Member Judge



    BeagleBone Devastator Robot Introduction by ninjatrent


    "This project shows the mix of skills needed for robotics. Nice project." - Community Member Judge


    "Beaglebone Devastaor Robot by ninjatrent: Well built robot" - Community Member Judge



    Using the MeArm robotic arm to test battery life in the Dirty Smart Button by aspork42


    "Dirty Smart Button, interesting use for a robot arm." - Community Member Judge

    "Another great example of using a general-purpose robot arm to do a dedicated task that would be boring for humans." - Community Member Judge




    "Great projects, and sincerely happy for the incredible success of the Project14 initiative." - balearicdynamics

    "Another very successful Project 14 contest with excellent projects." - DAB

    " All the projects were top class and it is amazing to see the variety of application." - BigG


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    First Place Trophy




    LockNFC  by Fred27:


    "LockNFC was an innovative project that successfully overcame several engineering challenges. Fred27  gave clear step-by-step instructions in a well-written series of blogs, complete with photos and videos. I liked that the project objectives and design criteria were clearly set out at the beginning." - Community Member Judge

    "I thought this was the most practical project, one that would be used all the time.  I also felt this had the most "finished" packaging (very nice PCB as the front panel).  And there were multiple functional variants based on the same basic hardware (good design reuse)." - Community Member Judge

    "For a Project14 project I enjoyed watching this one come together the most was very cool" - Community Member Judge

    "I know David has put a lot of effort into this over several years, sometimes I mark down if a project isn't created just for that month's Project14, and the same was true here. But all the other areas of David's project attracted so many other points in my marking he still managed a very good score ! The project is great as it contains a custom PCB, 3D printing of lock components (never seen that tried before) and I do believe he even has an RFID embedded in his hand !" - Community Member Judge

    "Project executed very well both by design and architecture. An interesting approach to the problem the author has set all the components from mechanics hacks to case design and a good aesthetic. An advanced maker build." - Community Member Judge

    "This was a great project with lots of technical details provided in multiple, well laid out blogs. The video showed a fully functioning project with a professional finish, it makes me wonder how long something it will be before something like this will commercially available." - Community Member Judge


    S.H.E.L.F. V2 by milosrasic98


    "This was a nice idea and there was a mass of technology and ideas running behind the project. It is a good use of RFID and the ability to weight various foodstuffs to record how much remains is a good idea." - Community Member Judge

    "This was a good redesign to solve the issues of the original V1 design.  The implementation seemed to work well.  I'm not sure how practical it would be to add NFC tags to items unless it was done by manufacturers or distributors complying to a standard, but the concept works well.  And I liked the smartphone application on this project, too." - Community Member Judge


    NFC and The Raspberry Pi by ipv1


    "My notable mention, as it scored the same as the second and third choices was Interpret's NFC+RPi. There was lots of great technology being used as I learnt a lot from reading his post. The video was also of a very high quality and explained the project well." - Community Member Judge

    "A very great design. Very interesting the coprocessor and the Raspberry PI used as a cloud connection/local server. Another very well engineered design. I think this well'documented architecture can be a good inspiration for many other projects." - Community Member Judge

    "Very clean project loved the concept was well presented and defiantly something I would love to build myself. design files and code were also provided which is saweeet!" - Community Member Judge

    "Nice simple example how to connect an NFC reader to the Pi, and use it as part of a home automation system!" - Community Member Judge

    "I also thought that this was a very useful project - something that I have also tried to implement - user environmental control using NFC tags.  The packaging design was good but would need to be improved for continuous use.  I like that it had smartphone control and incorporated environmental sensors." - Community Member Judge

    "This is something that a lot of members of the community could relate to and make good use of. The concept was well explained and the demonstration video showed how the system would work." - Community Member Judge


    NOVSIS by BigG


    This pipped the others for me as it was a complete build using lots of interesting technology. The diagrams and code were more than enough for someone to follow in BigG's footsteps and replicate his work...always a worthy thing to see on a forum." - Community Member Judge

    "This is an alternative solution to a problem that a lot of companies are likely to be facing. I liked the detail put into the video breaking down the aspect of the project, which was very easy and engaging to listen to." - Community Member Judge

    An excellent idea for a project for visitor sign-in, with lots of diagrams, code and videos. Although the project is still to complete with a web app, there is already a wealth of information in the blog posts." - Community Member Judge


    Programmable Logic


    "It's got the right mix of Project14 material: a little reverse engineering, pushing hardware to its limits, overcoming obstacles, a mix of hardware & software HDL and the right amount of duct tape holding all of this together." - avnrdf


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    First Place Trophy



    Grand Prize Trophy




    PanelDriver: A FPGA based HDMI to FPD-Link converter by avnrdf 


    "This was a great example of using programmable logic to build a complex electronics project.  Nice explanation of the process, problems and solutions along the way." - Community Member Judge

    "It is a very original application of the power of FPGA and it has also a lot of possibilities of evolution. A clean and efficient solution where FPGA covers one of its historical roles: signal conversion and manipulation." - Community Member Judge

    "It's a good example of a project that cannot be done using a microcontroller, and makes good use of FPGA capabilities.". This is one of the main things I expected to find in these projects. In addition, the well developed explanation, and having it split into 2 posts, makes it readable and understandable. It's a little complex for beginner, but with a plain English, brief summary could attract interest of more people." - Community Member Judge

    "A FPGA based HDMI to FPD-Link converter by avnrdf is an interesting and original project derived from Path to Programmable" - Community Member Judge

    Having built a display test board for my college engineering project, I found this entry very interesting. It was clear that a great amount of effort went into this to deliver a functional project. The detail put into the blogs was quite impressive." - Community Member Judge


    VidorScout by  jomoenginer:


    "Nice robot with lots of sensors.  Good use of FPGA to read the QR codes." - Community Member Judge

    "A lot of great work shown here in the development of a highly capable robot." - Community Member Judge

    "Good example of a scratch built robot with plenty of information on the build and programming aspects. Finished off with a fully functioning robot in demonstration video." - Community Member Judge


    bb-cpld - a robotics expansion board for the BeagleBone Black with an Altera MAX II EPM1270 by bernhardmayer


    "Nice implementation of a CPLD based programmable logic project." - Community Member Judge

    "Simple but nice project for introducing the use of the PSOC4 in a distance measurment application. Nice explanation for the background of the application at the start and the limitations at the end." - Community Member Judge

    "BB-CLPD, good project well explained." - Community Member Judge



    Display for Traffic Predictor - Cypress PSoC6 BLE Pioneer kit by dixonselvan 


    "The grand prize winner I think it is the traffic predictor. It is an almost well-documented project with the plus that the video proof not only illustrate how the project works but it is also shown it in place. As the PSoC 6 BLE support a lot of sensors, adding some traffic alarm with an ultrasonic range finder is a great idea suggesting a lot of small improvements that can make it a good product." - Community Member Judge


    Programmaball by Fred27:


    "This is a good use case for an FPGA and Fred27 has started from scratch rather than using already developed code." - Community Member Judge


    Pseudo random generator with Arduino Vidor MKR4000 by kk99


    "A simple, but complete solution using a FPGA as a custom logic device" - Community Member Judge



    Vidor Clock - Powered by FPGA by vimarsh_


    "The Vidor clock is sure one of the three. The author (by the voice he seems really young) has put a lot of effort showing in detail how it works. The demo is well done and clear how it works. And the idea sounds nice." - Community Member Judge

    "Effectively demonstrated the use of the Vidor board to produce an internet synchronised time clock" - Community Member Judge

    "Simple project, not the most original but the well structured blog makes it interesting and easy to read from top to bottom. I think this kind of projects/guides are enjoyable for those new to programmable logic devices and programming in general." - Community Member Judge


    PSoC ultrasonic range meter by koudelad


    "There are two original aspects of this kind of FPGA application if compared with some commercial range meters. The commercial ones are laser-based and the calculated distance is referred to a specific point instead of a surface or an obstacle. The second element is the wide range covered with good precision. This can be a very powerful improvement for the robotic obstacle detection systems based on the ultrasonic sensor." - Community Member Judge

    "This was a great project to follow that produced a useful working range meter with a great ad hoc case and entertaining demonstration video" - Community Member Judge