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    Remote Monitoring & Control


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    Big Petro Maker Magic: $100 Datalogger That Can Save Millions by  sjmill01


    "I really liked this project. Sean explained it really well, and  showed his steps of how he developed his project, and all code is published. The end product looks usable too." - Community Member Judge

    "Sean did a great job of detailing this project and providing a solution to a real world issue in an innovative way. The end result is a very cost effective way to improve the safety and monitoring of pressurised systems." - Community Member Judge

    "Entertaining video. Always a pleasure to follow them along on their journey." - Community Member Judge

    "The project is the grand prize winner. Some impacting aspects of the project IMHO match the most important aspects of the philosophy of Project 14: it's open source (very welcome), and it's really original for the topic, the field of application and for the idead in general. Then the project is well done very near to a on-field testing prototype than just a proof of concept demonstration. As a chemist I can appreciate the value of this project in the chemical production plants." - Community Member Judge



    Micro Monster - Succulent Plants Monitoring System by mahmood.hassan:


    "Very nice seeing IBM IoT being used for a change. Lots of detailed with code snippets for each step." - Community Member Judge

    "This is in my opinion the second winning project. the idea to chose a not very commong kind of plants evidentiated some issues that the maker faced and solved very well. The project is well described and gives a sense of completeness. Appreciated the use of more than a single sensor to get a more detailed environmental status of the plant." - Community Member Judge



    CatDogFoxBot  by dubbie:


    "A nice study of how to not just collect data, but how to try to pull out useful information from it, to determine the presence of animals. It was a challenging project, and dubbie has done a lot of work to get this far. Very interesting to read." - Community Member Judge

    "Micro Monster, great project, well described with support material." - Community Member Judge

    "This was a very well explained project over a comprehensive set of blogs. The project implemented a fully functional solution but also with some options for future improvements." - Community Member Judge

    "An interesting project with a lot of good examples of working through problems and/or issues." - Community Member Judge



    Solar Panel Monitoring Using Particle Photon by ruchir1674


    "Solar Panel Monitoring, Great project, well described." - Community Member Judge

    "This is a great project on a subject that is likely to have an impact on the future of energy generation. The blog was well detailed with a guide to the design, build and implementation of the project." - Community Member Judge

    "The Solar Panel was technically the most proficient in using resources and the results were good." - Community Member Judge


    Electronic Toys

    "Wow! The talent and effort of all the contests was fantastic. I think this goes down as one of the better monthly Project 14 events." - clem57

    "Thank you tariq.ahmad, e14, community members and judges for all the effort put. Over time the quality of these projects only goes up."  - luislabmo

    "This was a very interesting group of project to follow, with some amazing content and great tips throughout." - genebren

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    DIY Smartphone controlled tiny plane as weekend project for children and parents by ravi_butani


    "The idea of building a small plane using cheap components was incredible and is a very interesting initiative for teaching electronics and aerodynamics concepts in schools." - Community Member Judge

    "This project achieved so much with so little and ravi_butani provided a highly detailed blog, delivering a step by step guide to the build." - Community Member Judge

    "A great toy for a 3 year old. I particularly liked the fact that you got her involved in choosing the sounds to go on it. I'm sure she'll appreciate a personalized toy even more." - Community Member Judge

    "DIY Smartphone Controlled Plane, great description with lots of pictures." - Community Member Judge

    "A very cool project!  Great documentation and amazing results shown in the video." - Community Member Judge

    "Top Place: This goes to ravi_butani  for his airplane as I thought the whole design was fun, modern and clever. I used to love model planes - chuck gliders and rubber band models so this really took me back to the 70's/80's and toys. It also seemed to work so well. Personally I would have accidentally crashed it on that maiden flight so another well done to him for the pilot skills." - Community Member Judge

    "I'm particularly impressed that the plane was handmade and that it flew so well." - Community Member Judge


    Creating your own Handheld Electronic Games – Pocket Nim by shabaz


    "I loved the idea of the project, mainly because they use games as a motivating factor for teaching electronics, 3D printing, and programming." - Community Member Judge

    "Creating Your Own Handheld Electronic Games, great build well described." - Community Member Judge

    "As usual, flawless build with excellent documentation along the way. Nice to see his nephews trying out the prototype and seeing the design process in action." - Community Member Judge

    "This was one amazing project.  Highly documented with great images/illustrations made this a very enjoyable read and highly educational." - Community Member Judge

    "Great to see him testing it with the next generation of engineers although maybe a bit harsh to scroll 'looser' across the screen to them :-) This was a very well packaged up toy, again taking me back to the 80's when LCD games were the rage (and cutting edge)." - Community Member Judge


    the Rainbow Ukulele by fmilburn


    "A fun project, built for a grandchild, how could anything be better." - Community Member Judge


    "A great toy for a 3 year old. I particularly liked the fact that you got her involved in choosing the sounds to go on it. I'm sure she'll appreciate a personalized toy even more." - Community Member Judge


    Pimp my PICADE by luislabmo


    "The 1st runner up was the Pimp my PICADE  by luislabmo for his use of the engraving machine and led display." - Community Member Judge

    "I really liked the high quality of the build and implementation to produce some superb visual effects." - Community Member Judge

    "A very cool hack, packed with some great tool development.  A definite improvement to your gaming console." - Community Member Judge


    The Musical Box by balearicdynamics


    "The 2nd runner up was the Musical Box by balearicdynamics for his usage of simple but effective sound and light. The side motor for the pointer was effective with the windup sound." - Community Member Judge

    "Creating Your Own Handheld Electronic Games, great build well described." - Community Member Judge

    "Musical Box, cool build well described." - Community Member Judge


    Spider-Man: Into the Maker-Verse by  connormiller


    "The final runner up was Spider-Man:  Into the Maker-Verse by connormiller  on account of his sewing and using many instruments for design. He has a fertile mind and good focus for the results." - Community Member Judge


    The Useless Box by balearicdynamics


    "Useless Box, good description and build instructions." - Community Member Judge

    "As usual, balearicdynamics has produced a highly unique and entertaining project delivered in a well detailed blog." - Community Member Judge


    ARBot by dubbie:


    "I wish to add a honorable mention for ARBot by dubbie. A great blog about many things especially the mobile robot truck. He may not have had success, but it was very good to instruct others to face adversity up front..." - Community Member Judge

    "I found the integration between digital image processing and augmented reality of this project very cool. The project was very well documented by the author and can be applied to many games with children." - Community Member Judge

    "For a project that didn't quite meet his aspirations, but plenty of effort was expended, I think this goes to dubbie's augmented reality project. It was fun and just along the lines of how many projects go - also nice to see I'm not the only one that struggles to get a motor traction :-)" - Community Member Judge


    Kids Kingdom: Learn N Fun by mahmood.hassan


    "Building electronic equipment for children's entertainment and teaching is very interesting." - Community Member Judge

    "I played around with those RM/GUI software packages before but never made much progress. Where as mahmood.hassan seems to have got it covered very well and has built a great educational toy. It could actually be sold IMO." - Community Member Judge


    R2-D2 Arcade Live by balearicdynamics


    "A nice mash-up between two products. I have to also give him credit for managing 3 entries!" - Community Member Judge



    Energy Harvesting


    "Energy harvesting is not an easy topics, and these projects all did a great job."  - hlipka


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    Grand Prize Trophy




    Solar powered IoT device with Cayenne by luislabmo


    "An excellent  solar based, IoT sensor project.  Great energy harvester development, forming a very usable IoT sensor platform.  Great work!" - Community Member Judge

    "Solar Powered IoT with Cayenne, luislabmo.  This one did stand out to me.  The parts and steps were explained the best.  The video clearly showed his results. Source code and schematics were included. He harvested energy and used it to do something useful (soil moisture).  He made his own circuit board, with several options for using with different projects.  It was all very impressive.  For my own use in the future, I wrote down the part numbers, the use of supercaps really interested me." - Community Member Judge

    "The project was well planned and executed with a customised board using SMT. The many phases was completed in a small time frame and video was complete." - Community Member Judge


    The Trickle Charger by 14rhb


    "This was a novel and interesting approach to energy harvesting.  Plenty of good examples of math, mechanics  and engineering were demonstrated throughout this project." - Community Member Judge

    "14rhb  was the only one who attempted to harvest mechanical energy.  It was not an easy task, but he overcame most of the difficulties. Big points for the clever name, Trickle Charger.  He hand built a diode voltage multiplier, used a supercapacitor.  Most of all his background explanation was very informative, I liked that he quantified how much energy it takes for a "cuppa" tea.  We're used to milliamps and microamps for modern electronics on element14, you can't boil water with that." - Community Member Judge

    "A 3D printed turbine! This is a super cool DIY project." - Community Member Judge



    Measuring nanoamps by koudelad


    "For showing the tools and methods of measuring energy consumption of a typical microprocessor, Very instructive of the problems facing in energy harvesting  projects." - Community Member Judge

    "'No lies' IR thermometer is a production-grade project and now Koudelad has optimized its energy consumption as well. Optimization means you have 'level up' - Community Member Judge


    Soil Battery for Forest Fire Detection System by pratyush_cetb


    "A very interesting energy harvesting project using soil shows research and inventiveness." - Community Member Judge


    "The use of the soil battery for remote energy harvesting impressed me.  It's a great idea for any remote area.  The objective to detect the VOCs for forest fires is a good one.  The choice of electronics to do that were very sensible, another supercapacitor..  The steps required were explained well.  The video was long but didn't contribute much to the project." - Community Member Judge

    "This is an unusual power generation methodology, but most applicable to the forest fire sensors it was built to power. The concept of the design was interesting and had great merit." - Community Member Judge


    Eagle EYE - Solar Power Monitoring using Labview and ULP MAX32660 by mahmood.hassan


    " Simple but effective usage of resources with a nice interface view." - Community Member Judge

    "This is  a well written description, the decisions he made in putting together the system.  One demerit point, I don't think he powered anything useful with his solar power.  But I liked the detailed steps for the hardware, and the detailed steps for the software, Labview.  He included the source code listing along with attaching the files to help others make use of it." - Community Member Judge


    Vision Thing


    "Computer vision isn't easy, especially for a small computer, but small modules now come with enough capability to make interesting applications. Well done."dougw


    "There were so many great projects in this competition.  I learned a lot by reading your experiences, and clicked a lot of bookmarks for me to come back and learn some more." -   mp2100


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    Grand Prize Trophy




    BBAI Seein' Around Corners, Talkin', IoT Exploitin' Backup Car Cam with Onboard Vision AI by  sjmill01


    "He proposed an ambitious project, completed it, and along the way documented important functions in the new BB AI.  Other contestants benefited from his documentation.... I will be referring to his information as I learn the BB AI." - Community Member Judge

    "Nice project with a mix of technologies. However it wasn't clear how much of the reversing activity was using video, or the LIDAR sensor. Still, the technologies used were great to see, and the information could be applied to many other future projects. Sean put in a lot of effort, as well as lots of useful BB-AI documentation." - Community Member Judge

    "Sean Miller has went the extra mile ahead and explored the BB-AI. He has provided so much valuable information that will help a starter have a hassle free start. His project will be definitely useful and has been documented excellently with all the troubles and issues he faced and details of how he overcame them." - Community Member Judge

    "My top pick is the "Seein' around corners" project. I really liked reading to its comprehensive project description, and learned quite a lot. Sean and his son set their goal quite high, and I think they even overachieved. Bonus points for using LEGO in their test setup :)" - Community Member Judge

    "Seeing around corners, excellent post providing detail, pictures and good explanation." - Community Member Judge

    "Great to see a father and son working together. It's always good to inspire the next generation. I'm hoping to do the same when mine are a little older. I also appreciated the fact that a useful guide to getting started with the BB-AI came out of this too." - Community Member Judge


    Vector Display GPU Project by neuromodulator


    "I learned a lot reading this (Q notation), I expected a simple Lissajous vector display (which he noted was overdone).  Very impressive and unexpected project.  I would have to spend many days to understand all that he presented." - Community Member Judge

    "A really interesting project that was also very well written up. I liked the fact that it merges of an old style of display with a modern FPGA." - Community Member Judge

    "A fantastic project (actually two projects rolled into one). Some source code was provided. Really great to see FPGAs being used for vector displays, and the demonstration video for the second project (which used OpenCV as a kind of preprocessor) was impressive too." - Community Member Judge

    "Vector Display, good technical challenge appreciated by those of us experienced with vector graphics design and development." - Community Member Judge


    Light Dependant Resistor Camera LDRCam)  by dubbie:


    "His step by step description of his work was excellent, problems encountered, workarounds he decided on.  He started with what he knew (arduino), making his concept work, and then tried to move on to the BB AI.  His explanations and videos show his thought process and results clearly." - Community Member Judge

    "This turned out to be a very unique project. Initially I wasn't sure what the result would be, but Dubbie managed to turn it into an interesting hardware version of an eye, with a ton of wiring to do that! Impressive that he even went to the extent of investigating a neural network for the eye too!" - Community Member Judge

    "LDR Camera, Great post, original idea and execution" - Community Member Judge


    Driver State Monitor with OpenCV and BeagleBone AI by vlasov01


    "This was a genuinely useful implementation of the BeagleBone's Vision processing. He saw the project through to completion too. I almost put this as the winner. This and Neuromodulator's display are the two stand-out projects this month." - Community Member Judge

    "This project is a life saver I would say. Because most accidents happen in just a blink of an eye of tired drivers." - Community Member Judge

    "Although the project description is not as complete, Sergey delivered a really cool and useful project here. Using face recognition to detect when someone is about to fall asleep or is not concentrated is a cool idea." - Community Member Judge

    "Driver State Monitor, built on someone else's work, but a good use of vision systems." - Community Member Judge



    Virtual Loop Sensor by skywalker1211


    "Pretty impressive work - well documented, and a great concept, to do vehicle sensing by using a line drawn on the video. Great to see OpenCV being used, and the source code will be great for people to follow to understand how to create such video related projects. This was a very complete project." - Community Member Judge

    "Virtual Loop Sensor, good idea to set up an advanced vehicle counting package." - Community Member Judge


    Vehicle Speed Camera - Beaglebone AI by gam3t3ch


    "This is a brilliant idea making a speed gun out of BB-AI which could be extended to make use of AI feature to note down frequent or pattern of defaulters by noting down the vehicle registration as well." - Community Member Judge

    "There were lots of vehicle projects in this Project14 challenge, but Wesley still managed to keep it interesting, tackling something quite challenging, determining the speed of objects. This could have applications for security purposes too; identifying unusually slow-moving cars, perhaps of the same color or type, multiple times, 'scoping the joint' or neighborhood." - Community Member Judge


    Medication Monitor - Part 1 by milosrasic98


    "This is another useful life saver project, not taking medications at the right time could be fatal. Waiting for Part 2." - Community Member Judge

    "Awesome idea - very innovative. I think there could be many applications for image recognition built into lighting like this. Milos used OpenCV, and got to the point of detecting the individual compartments of pill boxes, which is very cool. Hopefully the source code can be published too so people can learn the techniques used with OpenCV." - Community Member Judge


    Self Driving Car (Automatic Lane Detection) (on a Robot) by vimarsh_


    "Another well-done projects with a comprehensive project description. Vimarsh did a great example of all the work that needs to done for self-driving cars, and I again learned quite a lot from his project." - Community Member Judge

    "Automatic Lane Detection, good project well explained." - Community Member Judge

    "A good project. It still needs work to improve it, but considering Vimarsh attempted both robotics and vision, two challenging subjects, he's very brave : ) Really nicely documented too." - Community Member Judge

    Dragon Detector by  Workshopshed


    "This hit my sweet spot for not-so-serious projects. But even dragons and knights prove to be very useful to learn about AI" - Community Member Judge

    "Dragon Detector, definitely original though an old recycled project." - Community Member Judge

    "Great project showing the power of OpenCV. Full source code too." - Community Member Judge



    Smart Security Camera (with Attendance on Google Sheets) by aabhas


    "Well-documented project, showing how to use OpenCV for face recognition and automatic logging of the person to a spreadsheet in the cloud. Aabhas went to a lot of effort to document this project, it looks great." - Community Member Judge

    "I can see how much enthusiasm has gone into this, and how one of our younger members has really been inspired to put a lot of effort into E14." - Community Member Judge

    "Smart Security Camera, well done project with lots of uses." - Community Member Judge



    AI_Lock - DIY with BeagleBone AI in four hours by fyaocn


    "Very interesting project, relying on the BB-AI hardware features and TIDL functionality to perform the image recognition. This is new stuff, so it's great to see such projects we can all learn from. There was actually an immense amount of useful information, but needs a video." - Community Member Judge

    "While others seemed overwhelmed by the new BB AI, he got right to it and made an electromechanical solution with no complaints.  He explained advanced BB topics such as PRU and TIDL.  I would have to spend a few days learning to understand it all (and I will, later)" - Community Member Judge




    "Those are all very fun and creative projects! I've always enjoyed animatronics, and these give some great inspiration for me to maybe give it a shot one day."ntewinkel

    " As usual, all the projects show that, besides the skills, there is also no shortage of creativity and humour in our community!"gecoz


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    Grand Prize Trophy




    Xut by fmilburn:


    "Xut the Animatronic Penguin demonstrated exemplary 3d design and printing skills resulting in a very professional-looking finished product." - Community Member Judge

    "This was great fun. There were two detailed blogs about the build and Xut looked great, I was impressed how well the 3D printing came out." - Community Member Judge

    "Good story-telling and fair amount of photos that show all the details of the development of the project. I really enjoyed the description of how the 3D object were designed starting up from a sketch and ending in a 3D Fusion360 model." - Community Member Judge


    Peter the Pumpkin - pt4 (ready to Share the Scare) by  14rhb


    "Peter the Pumpkin was an impressive retrofit of electronics to a home-made papier mache head. Good engineering skills were demonstrated and several different techniques and materials were used. Exemplary documentation throughout." - Community Member Judge

    "I really liked the more agricultural approach to the engineering and build of this project against the more precise 3D printing often seen now. A lot of work went into the project and the blogs to produce fantastic effects." - Community Member Judge


    Creepy Clown's Best Friend Skelly by rsc


    "It did seem a bit harsh to cut off the head first thing, but it all came good. Entertaining and a good end effect, detailed in an easy to follow blog." - Community Member Judge

    "Creepy clown’s best friend Skelly skillfully incorporated a servo and LED eyes into an existing dog skeleton model" - Community Member Judge

    "Cool project and Interesting hacking of a "skeleton dog", to add head movement and glowy eyes." - Community Member Judge


    Gremlin in a Gas Mask by  robogary


    "Gremlin in a gas mask showcased a brilliant finished product that scared the pants off me." - Community Member Judge

    "The ends results of this are really good, it was a very neat project, good build and explanatory video. " - Community Member Judge

    "This project uses lots of components and its easy to see that it probably took quite a bit of time to develop. The eye animation is pretty amazing, and the video explains the project with a fair amount of detail, but a blog could have added more info. For instance, I'm not sure if author animated the eyes, also source code availability would have been nice." - Community Member Judge


    Lego Darth Vader reviews your code by  Fred27


    "Very cool project showing the hacking of a toy to add servos and LEDs. Well written and entertaining to read, it contains the sufficient amount of details to allow easy replication." - Community Member Judge


    Scary Door by  fyaocn


    "Scary Door, simple but good description to duplicate." - Community Member Judge








    RF (Radio Frequency)


    "Thanks for hosting this truly inspirational contest. I am still reading into the submissions and learning new things. I find these competitions a great way not only to start, but also to complete a project before moving on to the next random impulse. Thanks a lot, can't wait to experiment with the prizes."  -  eivholt

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    Grand Prize Trophy




    Xmas Audiovisual Show by neuromodulator


    "Xmas Audiovisual Show was a very impressive combination of RF and FPGA and it was provided with copious documentation. I like these 'sledgehammer to crack a nut' projects where they demonstrate the underlying science in an unusual context." - Community Member Judge

    "This was a great project as it generated the RF directly from an FPGA, and that in itself is not easy, but also explained very clearly the steps involved. I really learnt a lot from the great writeup blog, photos and videos. I plan to revisit this blog to copy and try and replicate it myself." - Community Member Judge

    "It was great to see a transmitter project implementation in FPGA. The results were very good too!" - Community Member Judge

    "Xmas Audiovisual show - Really like the use of FPGA's here." - Community Member Judge



    Antenna Radiation by kmikemoo


    "Lots of experiments with the aim of seeing how different antennas for Ham radio can perform. Nice to see the practical approach even in winter outside!" - Community Member Judge

    "Mike's project aligned exactly with what I thought this RF Project14 would involve. He blogs several times over the period, each time building and taking us further on a journey of learning - I didn't even have to stepoutside as Mike did into the cold weather!" - Community Member Judge


    Building a poor man's quarter-wave 433MHz antenna: Introduction by gecoz


    "Excellent experiments with a VNA, his project shows that anyone can start exploring antennas on a budget." - Community Member Judge

    "This project blog taught me a great deal about RF measurements and also showed me the availability of some low-cost but effective test equipment. Fabio's series of blogs ofver the competition period were a real joy to see and read." - Community Member Judge

    "Nicely documented and educational series using hobbyist accessible equipment"  - Community Member Judge



    Got mail! LoRaWAN Mail box sensor by eivholt


    "Got mail! LoRaWAN Mailbox Sensor was a great project, well documented. Useful!" - Community Member Judge

    "Got mail! LoRaWAN Mail box sensor - thorough description, using SDR for debugging." - Community Member Judge

    "Great project that solves a practical problem!" - Community Member Judge


    Star Wars® R2D2 Uses the Force with XBee RF Virtual Wires by sjmill01


    "Beautifully constructed robot, and incredible attention to detail." - Community Member Judge

    "Well documented with a nice back story." - Community Member Judge


    NFC Data Exfiltrator: QRSS on the NXP EXPLORE-NFC feat. Raspberry Pi by lui_gough


    "Nice exploration of how NFC can transmit unexpected distances." - Community Member Judge

    "This was first on my reading list but the quality of Gough's video and the information he got across in this project kept this project high on my list to choose at the end. One of my scoring criteria was 'would I like to replicate this project' and for that I gave Gough 3/3 points." - Community Member Judge

    "Very interesting and educational submission full of things I didn't know.  I went back and read it twice.  Great video." - Community Member Judge


    PDTect_RF Partial Discharge Detector by three-phase


    "Nice professional-looking project. It will be interesting to see the results of it in action!" - Community Member Judge


    PlanetCatcher: Building a World-Band Radio Receiver by shabaz


    "A complete world band radio design and thorough description of the design and build, including making it available to everyone." - Community Member Judge


    ArduTrx with Arduino MKR by bernhardmayer


    "Nice update to a project to get it working with a user-interface." - Community Member Judge

    "Nice build of a ham radio transceiver using arduino and TRX module, similar to a recent roadtest of myself, but now using the TRX module in stead of an old mobile radio. I'm planning to build this one myself." - Community Member Judge


    Arduino MKR GSM and SemTech LoRa Example: LoRa Message to SMS by jancumps


    "A great demonstration of how different radio devices can connect together to start building solutions. Nice to see GSM and LoRa being demonstrated." - Community Member Judge


    Jingle Wi-FPy: Encoding a Tune with UDP Packets by  lui_gough


    "A nice project showing an unusual way to transmit tunes! Very cool." - Community Member Judge


    Deck the halls with holiday flowers - and keep them alive by eivholt


    "Deck the halls with holiday flowers - and keep them alive was a comprehensive, well documented and easy to follow project." - Community Member Judge

    "Nice clean design, solving another practical problem!" - Community Member Judge


    Field Strength Meter by kmikemoo


    "This project showed the principle of how a RF field could be measured." - Community Member Judge



    Holiday Special 19


    "Thanks so much for the selection, I am truly surprised!  I appreciate the kind words along the way and hope it maybe helps someone else as well!"garengllc

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    Grand Prize Trophy


    Heart Trophy





    Christmas Spirit Meter  by  garengllc


    "The Christmas Spirit Meter has a couple of great videos and a detail explanation of the working. A great way to get everyone involved. Top quality finish." - Community Member Judge

    "Very cool project, it looks awesome, and I can imagine that kids and adults had fun with it!" - Community Member Judge

    "This is very festive way to find out how much Christmas spirit you have. It's great to have kids included in the attached video. Great project for the holiday special 19 competition." - Community Member Judge

    "A mixture of mechanics and electronics to produce a fun project with plenty of build detail over a number of blogs." - Community Member Judge

    "A mixture of mechanics and electronics to produce a fun project with plenty of build detail over a number of blogs." - Community Member Judge


    5000W Dual Drive Electric Car by deolee


    "This was a fantastic achievement that created a lot of interaction and brought a smile to a lot of faces. There was a very well made video explaining the project concepts and build, I particularly liked the use of the custom spacer to maintain the belt tension."  - Community Member Judge

    "I don't know what to say that hasn't already been said : ) Great project, and glad you survived it : )" - Community Member Judge


    Open LED Race how-to by cypresstwist


    "The Open LED Race is example of getting everyone together to play a game. It is fun game with a competitive element but not to serious. A detailed build and highlights some of the issues you can have with the simple circuit design." - Community Member Judge

    "Very cool racing game - I'd like to build it too!" - Community Member Judge

    "I can see how this project would get very addictive. I like how it is interactive and involves others in the fun time. Colourful lights, speed and competition, what more can you ask for. Photos and video included with a diagram of how it is put together." - Community Member Judge


    Project Cookie Jar by milosrasic98


    "This was an innovative, festive linked project that I enjoyed reading about. There was a good, detailed blog of the build to support the project typical of Milos's great contributions." - Community Member Judge

    "A fantastic project, I loved it! It seems to work really well, and it is a really great idea. Extremely well-written blog post too." - Community Member Judge


    Touch of Love by  ptoth


    "A Touch of Love is my last pick and favourite. Another simple circuit used to great effect. Despite being on strip board it has a high quality appearance and a delight to behold." - Community Member Judge

    "I like the way this brings people together for the holiday season. It's a fun project that everyone can take part in. This shows the meaning of the holiday season." - Community Member Judge

    "Slightly unusual circuit - but there's no arguing with results!" - Community Member Judge



    Happy New Year Element14: my last project for 2019 by  14rhb


    "Fantastic displays and a multi-year project!" - Community Member Judge

    "Beautiful firework effects. This ought to be a product for sale!" - Community Member Judge


    Project14 | The 2019 Year in Review: Decider, Founder, and Influencer of the Year!



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    dubbie5000W Dual Drive Electric Car by  deolee