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      "What an excellent field of projects!  SO MUCH CREATIVITY!!!"  - kmikemoo


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    The Pi Rotary by balearicdynamics


    "This (Grand Prize) has to be the Pi Rotary by BalericDynamics. This is such a interesting retro gadget it has to take the top place. It also uses so many facets of technology that were well detailed enabling others to replicate the project if they wished." - Community Member Judge

    "Great to see such a nostalgic piece of communications equipment be used to in such an entertaining and unique manner. The project blog was great to follow and accompanied by a superbly put together video." - Community Member Judge

    "This was another work of art in the form of a great project/hack." - Community Member Judge



    Screaming LM386:  An Audio Amplifier with PCB Art by fmilburn


    "An aptly named project with a very creative outcome combining electronics and art. The concept opens up so many options and ideas for producing unique PCBs for a project." - Community Member Judge

    "Frank combined Art and Electronics into a simple, but cool project.  Well described, cleanly built and it sounds good too." - Community Member Judge

    "Awesome twist on the theme with The Scream - and it makes sound." - Community Member Judge



    Boogie Bones by BigG


    "A neat modification to the skeleton disc-jockey with an entertaining and amusing outcome. The blog covering the build was well written and full of detail." - Community Member Judge


    "Fun little project/hack that really rocks! I really like the FFT work to drive the LEDs." - Community Member Judge


    Portable Ultrasonic Object Detector by


    "The detail provided in Keith's blog was ample to allow other members to replicate the work. I really enjoyed the mix of mechanical within this acoustic project." - Community Member Judge

    "An intriguing project with a well written blog to covert build. The end result was very good with a classical radar / sonar display to highlight the project in operation." - Community Member Judge

    "Detailed.  Multiple aspects.  Visualization of ultrasonic detection." - Community Member Judge


    It’sa me, Oscilloscope! - Making Music with a 'scope? by lui_gough


    "Out of the box thinking.  Alexa, look out.  Power Supply supplements this choice." - Community Member Judge



    "Amazing Bass" homebrew audio system for a Raspberry Pi Retro-gaming console by robogary


    "Nice work getting the bass on this retro pi based system so loud. There was so much detail in this blog including great screen shots of the design whiteboard and layouts for the bass port itself. This would allow anyone to follow and tweak the design to their own requirements." - Community Member Judge

    "Great sounding project.  The details on the speaker enclosure work was very impressive." - Community Member Judge



    The specified item was not found. by sjmill01


    "I was all prepared until Sean Miller took himself out of the competition.  He was my pick for Grand Prize.  The Ultrasonic Owl Orb of Protection          Nice reverse engineering.  Ultrasound in, creepy voice out." - Community Member Judge


    Audio project: Agony Box by cypresstwist


    "An amazing little drum kit was made on a Adafruit Circuit ground device which could be adapted to make various sounds. I really liked this and could easily see myself building one into a toy or gadget." - Community Member Judge


    Buzzomatic - electric ears by paj


    "In third place I would put: Buzzomatic - electric ears by paj as it is a wonderful idea to try to help those with sensory problems. Even this idea could be improved but it is an interesting starting point that I will propose to my students next year." - Community Member Judge

    "Unique.  Assistive.  Homebrew.  I love it." - Community Member Judge


    SoundFi - Transmitting Data Using Sound (Ultrasonic Sound) by vimarsh_


    "I assign the second place to the project:SoundFi - Transmitting Data Using Sound (Ultrasonic Sound) by vimarsh as it uses  affordable technology to make a transmitter, even if there would be something to improve, it seems to me an interesting idea." - Community Judge




    "There was certainly some tough competition this time around. I loved (as always) the huge amount of variety in projects." - aspork42


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    WWCS - World's Worst Color Sensor - Project 14 Photonics Challenge by aspork42


    "This was a very clever project.  While the electronics were relatively simple, the  photonics aspects of this project were well considered and well executed." - Community Member Judge

    "Worlds Worst Color Sensor, Great explanation and experiment." - Community Member Judge

    "This is a beautifully simple project, which really makes the most of both LEDs and photoresistor by leveraging some clever physics. The 3D printed enclosure for the LEDs and photoresistor makes it a nice little hand tool. The result is great, I might build one for myself, so I can finally match paint colours while decorating the house during those COVID-19 days! "  - Community Member Judge

    "There was a good combination of theory and practical implementation within the project. The video was well produced and gave a good explanation of the project works." -  Community Member Judge

    "A well documented project." - Community Member Judge



    Simple light flicker meter by kk99


    "This was another great photonics project.  A handy and clever tool to analyze the flicker of a light source.  What a cute little device!" - Community Member Judge

    "This is an interesting concept and the project was well delivered with a nice upgrade added after the initial build. There was plenty of detail in the blog about the build aspects."  - Community Member Judge

    "A well executed and genuinely useful project" - Community Member Judge



    PiFace, Raspberry, LabVIEW and LEDs by jancumps


    "A good explanation of using LabVIEW programming to produce a very effective building block for other applications. I liked the overall sophistication in the approach to blink some LEDs." - Community Member Judge

    "A great LabVIEW/SCPI project with some LEDs as the final link in an impressive chain" - Community Member Judge

    "PiFace and LEDs, very good explanation of MATLAB." - Community Member Judge



    Ski Lamp by milosrasic98


    "This is a very nice art project, driven by some great electronics/software and hacking.  This really came together well!" - Community Member Judge

    "Ski Lamp, very well written project." - Community Member Judge

    "A very detailed blog showing the build, the end result worked well and looked great. A great mixture of electronic skills and practical building methods." - Community Member Judge

    "Simple and effective! This projects creates a lovely wall light, with many effects available at the touch of your phone!  The woodwork just adds a nice finishing touch to an  already excellent project." - Community Member Judge


    Photonics:  Wireless Communication with Infrared by fmilburn


    "This is a great practical demonstration project, showing a working IR communications link. Very useful and handy way to wirelessly communicate." - Community Member Judge

    "Really well done and nicely written up. A shame it never got used for its original purpose. I'd like to vote for this but it seems the author would rather I didn't." - Community Member Judge

    "Another well presented project by Frank with good details of the build within the blog and a positive outcome that can be built on for other projects." - Community Member Judge

    "IR Communication, well written." - Community Member Judge



    Arduino MSGEQ7 Light Organ - high power LED banks for your backyard party by robogary


    "An entertaining end result producing some nice effects. The blog was well written and interesting to read."  - Community Member Judge

    "A great project. I could see lots of teenager rooms fitted with LEDs strips, flashing away to their favourite tunes! And, as a plus, this project which could be easily adapted to many other uses! Excellent!" - Community Member Judge


    Candle in the wind by redcharly


    "A well written blog with an interesting use for PWM signals. The end result was very effective." - Community Member Judge

    "Very original project, loved how those rectangular LEDs are used, and the end result is pretty amazing! Great project, well done." - Community Member Judge


    Color Classification on ESP32Cam by ankur608


    "A good blog that produced a working outcome that could be used for other projects." - Community Member Judge




    Restoration & Repair


    "Useful stuff saved from the garbage dump .  Reminds me that I’ve got stuff that needs to be fixed." - ralphjy


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    Grand Prize Trophy



    Midi Synth rescued from the junk bin by aspork42 


    "He has done a good investigation job, recovered the issue and also made a good demonstration video of both the phases, the work and the result." - Community Member Judge

    "Repair process was well documented and nice video of post repair testing" - Community Member Judge

    "Nice clean up and detective work to restore this non-functional piece of audio gear.  James did a great job breathing new live into this long dead device." - Community Member Judge

    "Great research tracking down the schematic, a challenging repair with multiple issues to fix, good use of a development board as a test tool." - Community Member Judge


    Fix that Power Supply, or bin it! - Part 1 by gecoz


    "Second first prize to the fixing of the power supply, interesting project and a good demonstration of the features of the recovered device." - Community Member Judge

    "Also good documenting and testing" - Community Member Judge

    "Fabio did a great job of understanding the proper operation (and taught me a lot it the process) and then found and fixed the issues.  Great to see another piece of gear saved from the trash!" - Community Member Judge

    "Detailed breakdown of the schematic and a systematic repair process." - Community Member Judge



    Service My Philips 212 Turntable  by jancumps


    "What a great dive into the inter workings of a classic piece of audio equipment.  If I still had any of my old audio equipment and it needed work, I would be sure to consult with Jan first." - Community Member Judge

    "Great use of service guides and creation of repair tool" - Community Member Judge



    This Device Tickles My Fancy by dougw


    "Third first prize to dougw with his tested device. He has done a nice work, including the recreation of the case and really improved the device with an add value including the USB power and the restoration of the parts." - Community Member Judge

    "Nice upgrades and improvements to the functionality of the LCR meter" - Community Member Judge


    Repairing a Generator Stator Earth Fault Relay  by three-phase


    "Donald really dug in and traced the faults and restored a device that many would have tossed. Well done!" - Community Member Judge


    A Shocking Variac Made a Little Less Shocking! by lui_gough


    "First prize to the Shocking Variac by lui_gough Very well explained the process, as well as demonstrating how it works now, including a short but clear lesson on what are the possible applications of this device." - Community Member Judge


    Don't Be a Wimpy-Wrencher, Son - Cars are Actually Easier to Maintain Today than Ever by sjmill01


    "A great selection of tips and tricks" - Community Member Judge



    Tektronix D10 5103N analogue oscilloscope repair by memyselfandi 


    "Great rescue of a classic instrument" - Community Member Judge





    "Lots of good projects.  It's nice to see Project 14 being so well supported. Well done to the winners and all who took part." - jc2048

    "Every contest is such a boatload of inspiration."  - wolfgangfriedrich


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    Grand Prize Trophy




    DMX Diagnostic Tool by genebren

    "This project is simply brilliant, and besides the excellent technical aspect, I liked the way Gene faced the many challenges posed by its execution. It is just a fantastic example of real life project, with its ups and downs. Truly inspirational (even more so because uses an Arduino Nano! )" - Community Member Judge

    "Incredibly detailed and well written, my favorite projects are practical and test equipment is very practical!" - Community Member Judge


    TinyML on Arduino Nano 33 BLE Sense by jomoenginer:

    "I enjoyed following the very detailed series of blog Jon has produced, He walks the reader through  a few use cases for applying TinyML, which make great starting point for anyone interested in using ML on resource-constrained devices such Arduino Nano." - Community Member Judge

    "That looks pretty great, and has many potential uses!" - Community Member Judge

    Focus Laser using Micro-LIDAR  by ralphjy

    "Focus Laser Micro Lidar, great project, good testing data."  - Community Member Judge

    Nanorama Project14: Integrated Diagnostics Health Kit by ashutosh_pandey


    "What can I say, this is a massive build with many different components working with each other." - Community Member Judge


    Simple NANO Battery Tester Prototype by jc2048


    "Fairly complicated circuit to test a battery, I love it! Whoever did this either had a great deal of preexisting knowledge of batteries, or devoted a great deal of time learning about them to so completely test the battery. Code is well documented." - Community Member Judge

    "A fantastic project and very useful as well! Jon's blog makes a very enjoyable educational reading." - Community Member Judge


    Arduino Hot Plate - What's for dinner? by wolfgangfriedrich


    "A great project, very simple yet very effective! " - Community Member Judge


    NanoDrive your 7-segment display by luislabmo


    "Nanodrive 7 Segment Display, great project well explained." - Community Member Judge


    Social Distancing while Team Building with Arduino Nano 33 IoT  by sjmill01


    "Social Distancing, simple project well executed." - Community Member Judge


    Fighting Germs


    "I'm going to donate the thermal measuring device to a local school, in case it helps with fever measurement, but in any case for the school science lab, since they have little equipment, and temperature is likely the single most important quantity to be able to measure for science and engineering. The donation will likely be for a water charity." - shabaz


    "Congrats, all. What a great set of projects!"baldengineer

    "There was a ton of really great projects in this one - much more than normal. One of the things I really love about these projects is the diversity in thought and creativity in solutions. There are always so many creative approaches that people use that I never would have thought of.


    "I didn't think I was in the runnings, but I appreciate being chosen! As such, I would ask the E-14 team to add my shopping cart into my $100 donation to make it $200. I think I will donate to Children's hospital for COVID relief. Perhaps the next creative genius can be helped by our donations."  -  aspork42


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    Heart Trophy





    Safe, Contact-less Virtual Buttons! by shabaz


    "Avoiding germs is a great step to protection - Shabaz's Touchless buttons are a great approach to helping with fighting germs.  Clean design, excellent performance, another great project." - Community Member Judge

    "This is a very useful system for decreasing the spread of germs." - Community Member Judge

    "It's a nice and useful project and uses FFT and frequency analysis to solve problems. The code is present and well described. This is the typical project that I like to discuss in class with my students looking for practically feasible solutions and then analyzing the one proposed by the designer. To me, good work." - Community Member Judge

    "Shabaz is awesome.  The use of FFT to discriminate between buttons using capacitance at a distance is genius.  This is worthy of the grand prize as well." - Community Member Judge


    COVID-19 - Authorized Entry Using Face Mask Detection by rahulkhanna


    "I like the idea and it seems to work well in the demonstration." - Community Member Judge

    "This is an excellent application of facial recognition technology. There's a lot of potential with this design." - Community Member Judge


    Corona Cap by dougw


    " A clean and easy device to help shield us from germs.  I really like the clip on feature so I can wear my favorite cap and protect myself from germs at the same time." - Community Member Judge


    Non-Contact automatic Temperature checker by aspork42


    "I like everything about this project: it is well described and rich in code but I chose it above all for the final part where it develops some statistics to solve the problem of classifying the states of "healthy" and "sick". It will certainly be one of the projects I will show my students next school year. Congratulations to the author. There would be other projects to mention but I think I have been long-winded enough." - Community Member Judge


    Outdoor Social Distance Alert by ralphjy:


    "A very clean design/implementation of a device to protect us from germs by establishing a safe perimeter." - Community Member Judge


    EEVP-ROM Eraser by rsc


    "A simple and effective way to kill germs on your PPE so that you can reuse them, as it can be tough to find these." - Community Member Judge


    EMDR tappers with Arduino (to reduce stress and anxiety) by ilvyanyatka 


    "Seems like a good idea: these days Covid does not only live on disinfectants and diagnostic tools but it is also important to improve the quality of life as much as possible even when we are indoors." - Community Member Judge


    COVID-19 Handwash Timer (Touchless) by drecali


    "A number of handwash timers showed up on the internet but this one has the advantages of being simple and is well documented." - Community Member Judge


    Hardware Hacking


    "I did especially like the Pong game as I can remember playing it and it reminded me of my first arcade game playing while a student,  in the laundrette while waiting for my clothes to finish washing. I cannot remember exactly what it was called, it wasn't space invaders, but it had a rocket flying from left to right and you had to shoot some things (I forget what). I put too much money into that machine." - dubbie


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    Grand Prize Trophy





    Radio Magic: Sounds Nice? (part 1)  by balearicdynamics:


    "A project that deals with many different aspects of electronics, perhaps even too many! There is a lot of meat on the fire and fortunately, the contest lasted only 2 months otherwise the sections would have been well over 4 ... :)." - Community Member Judge

    "A wonderful blend of old and new." - Community Member Judge

    "The integration of the stepper motor into the old radio is very neatly done and the use of the RJ45 connector results in a professional looking project." - Community Member Judge


    Do mighty oaks from SQRL Acorns grow?  by Fred27:


    "Systematic reverse engineering of a single use device to make it into a general purpose development board. Great job." - Community Member Judge

    "Nice piece of data mining for an old cryptominer.  Hit all the marks." - Community Member Judge



    Pong Game Circa 1978 by ralphjy:


    "Seeing this project brought me back to many years ago, to the hot Sicilian summer afternoons spent playing, a beautiful jump in the past that gave me the opportunity to see the technology that was used many years ago in video games." - Community Member Judge

    "Recreating Pong is almost synonymous with hacking - or upcycling." - Community Member Judge


    Modifying a RC Toy Truck using a Raspberry Pi by carmelito


    "Breathing life back into old toys and learning new tech, what's not to love." - Community Member Judge



    Hacking an old darth vader lamp by daniloo94


    "It might seem like a trivial job but it brings together several aspects: Arduino, ESP8266, Artificial Intelligence techniques, and Python. The end product is beautiful, congratulations!" - Community Member Judge


    Knockoff stage lighting by ashley_c4


    "Making cheap work!  YEAH!!!" - Community Member Judge



    Electronic Art


    "I am very honored to have won the Grand prize in the Art Contest. I am wondering if it is possible for you to do me a favor. There was a young lady ilvyanyatka who entered the contest a little late but she had a great project and impresses me as being a potentially active member of element 14. I would like to encourage her to continue building and posting to the forum. Would you be willing to split my prize and give her half as an honorable mention?" - jw0752

    "I have recently started being active in the element 14 community and it is my first time winning a contest here." - zst123

    "We are very lucky to have the energetic inventive staff at element 14 who make this gathering place for electronics enthusiasts so much fun. I really enjoyed reading about all the different ways to use electronics to produce an art form. You guys are great! I have been here as a participant on this Forum for the last 7 years and it has been a constant source of ideas, inspiration and new friends."  -  jw0752


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    First Place Trophy


    Grand Prize Trophy


    Heart Trophy




    A Do Nothing Machine - Electronic Sculpture - The Thinker Revisited by jw0752 


    "An amazing mix of electronics and art. John, your attention to detail clearly shows in this unique and playful project!  Well done!"  - Community Member Judge

      "Fun, interactive, can envision this piece at a Children's Museum." - Community Member Judge

    "John's creation stops you and makes you think as good art should.  It is whimsical, clever, and beautifully presented." - Community Member Judge

    "Another pretty good piece of "electronic art". I liked the "ordered confusion" of an apparently dismissed piece of electronics capable of delivering so many lighting and sound effect. Very nice the confusion generated by the interaction." - Community Member Judge

    "Electronic Sculpture, simple project well explained and demonstrated." - Community Member Judge


    Exploded View by jw0752


    "Simple, elegant, enduring, I want one for my desk" - Community Member Judge

    "Exploded View Sculpture, simple but well explained." - Community Member Judge


    Animatronic talking Tiki twins centerpiece by robogary


    "It is the most complete project, with good interaction, great audio, and sound effects, and a very nice design. Regardless of the very enjoyable soundtrack I appreciated the perfect tiki style of a mix of modern technology and something of magic." - Community Member Judge

    "Great build detail, bright and cheery - no matter how ominous they're trying to be." - Community Member Judge

    "An absolute explosion of lights, sound and motion.  A very fun and interesting project." - Community Member Judge


    B.P.M.  -  The Blooming Pi Matrix Project by gam3t3ch


    "Another piece of classic art, really liked the "pot" lighting, well presented" - Community Member Judge

    "What a nice innovative project. I really like the way you wrapped the cables to add a golden vined look to the flower." - jw0752


    Name Badge Lanyard by zst123 


    "While seeing the demo video I was thinking to this badge to access a secure pin: you need good training to use this tool but your code sure is very well secured!"  - Community Member Judge

    "This is a very artful and clever project.  One of the nicest PCB that I have ever seen." - Community Member Judge


    Electronic Art app controlled by Arduino Uno by  ilvyanyatka 


    "I notice that Victoria just submitted a project titled "Electronic Art App controlled by Arduino Uno".  If not too late I will change my last vote to her.  There is a YouTube video in her description.  It is a fun little project and I would like to give her encouragement." - Community Member Judge


    The container for pens by kk99


    "Who would have thought that an old keyboard could be turned into a piece of art. When you used it as a light shade, I nearly melted. Nicely done." - Community Member Judge


    Electronic Art on your DMM6500 by jancumps


    "A modern version of something I have been fascinated by always: the non-conventional use of the measuring instruments. A nice and unexpected effect of an application running on an unconventional device." - Community Member Judge