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    Proving Science


    "Learnt loads and loved the range of projects submitted."BigG


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    "Showing the effects of something all electrical (and electronics) engineers know in an entertaining fashion. Well done!" - Community Member Judge



    "I never managed to keep a hola hoop in the air, but now at least know in theory what I should do to make it happen. I think of this as a 'typical' Douglas Wong project: surprising idea, finished into the last details, and a great presentation too."  - Community Member Judge



    "That was a really cool experiment (with a surprising result). I liked the ingenuity, the cleverness and all the effort that went into proving that it actually works as explained. I cannot decide whether Milos would be better as an engineer, a teacher or a physicist... Its really a shining example example of a 'proving science' project." - Community Member Judge



    "Even though the results seem not to be as precise as Frank hoped, is a great project with a very good explanation of one of the basic physical principles we see every day around us. Its not every day you see theoretical physics shown and explained so well." - Community Member Judge


    Control Systems


    "This was a great theme for a contest and a lot of fun. Congratulations to all the competitors for the really neat and well presented control projects. Thank you to everyone who read, supported, and helped us learn from our builds. In my case at least I have learned so much in the last seven years on this forum and from the generous engineers who have shared their wisdom and electronics expertise with me. Finally thanks to element 14 and  tariq.ahmad for all his efforts and for providing this wonderful platform that adds fun and challenges for anyone interested in technology and electronics in particular." - jw0752



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    "I really like the investigation of the "found object" pressure sensor, explanation of how it functioned, and then using it for a practical application.  The combination of mechanical and electronic devices to create and control the system shows a depth of knowledge.  Clear documentation and descriptions of the steps along with the troubleshooting needed made for an enjoyable read." - Community Member Judge

    "A fully function project bringing control to apparatus repurposed from old machinery. The blog was well written with plenty of detail from design, through to build and on to testing the end results. Extra bonus of reviewing the operation at the end and offering up improvements." - Community Member Judge

    "Apparently, it is simple feedback. Really it is very precise feedback done easily but with high efficiency." - Community Member Judge

    "Liked the whole progression from concept to design to improvement to execution.  Showing the actual circuit and then the circuit in action won me over." - Community Member Judge



    "This is another practical solution to a real problem that needed to be solved.  He researched enough to understand the problem, and assembled a solution from inexpensive electronics.  The photos and circuit diagrams were well done, making it easy to reproduce the work." - Community Member Judge

    "I liked the practicality of this project and showed a functional end result. The blog was detailed and well written taking the reader through the various aspect of the project." - Community Member Judges

    "A nice and efficient real-world application." - Community Member Judge

    "Real life application.  Overkill with the Busy Bee but a great start." - Community Member Judges




    "I admit I have  a preference for this because of the PID control algorithm that was well explained by Gene.  He used it for what I consider an unusual application of PID control but it made sense when he explained it.  The project provides one important piece for someone designing their own solar power system." - Community Member Judge

    "STRONG candidate.  Really liked the application - makes good sense as to why one would want it.  Practical." - Community Member Judge



    "This was a very interesting project with a detailed well written blog. I liked how the video explored the operation of the regulation in different scenarios with a clear and concise explanation of the findings. The blog produced some great interaction in the comments section." - Community Member Judge



    "One of the three winners; the very appreciable aspect is how much easy it is designed. And it works! A kind of control system with practical application in the real world; it is a simple circuit to take into account when designing prototypes. A few components and the feature is available easily." - Community Member Judge



    "I suggest this for the grand prize winner. You know, I am almost passionate of electronic control for mechanics; regardless my personal feeling with this project, the very interesting aspect is that this kind of approach has also good applications – may be an add-on – in those cheap motor controller where these features is not present." - Community Member Judge



    "Enjoyed the evolution of the control system and the thought that went into the evolution." - Community Member Judges



    "An intriguing project that produced a great end result and the video was interesting showing the effects of changing the control parameters to the circle created." - Community Member Judge



    "What I like about this is combining a sensor in the home for air quality, with the use of an internet API available for his smart thermostat.  Rather than cutting into his home furnace control, he used the thermostat that was already in the system, but using a modern cloud type method.  It inspired me to learn more about my own smart thermostat API" - Community Member Judge




    "There are some pretty good sensor projects here. Very impressive. I particularly liked the line image sensor and the laboratory monitor but they are all very good sensor systems. The light up coaster is also good - I might try and make one as a Christmas present. The Hall sensor is very interesting for me and I am just about to order two to have a play with." - dubbie


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    "This is a very high quality project with the theory explained in a highly detailed blog. A lot of work and time has been spent working on this project that makes it most deserving of a prize." - Community Member Judge

    "Unique sensor - not the norm.  Well executed and well explained." - Community Member Judge



    " Wio Terminal Sensor Fusion, Great project well explained." - Community Member Judge



    "A well written detailed blog going from design through to a working demonstration that covers mechanical, electronic and programming aspects." - Community Member Judge

    "Well documented.  Simple concept but not simple execution.  Informative." - Community Member Judge



    "Nice integration of sensing with corresponding response." - Community Member Judge



    "This is a neat and tidy solution to a real world problem. The workings of the system were thoroughly explained within the blog." - Community Member Judge



    "This is a great project that steps away from the more common sensors being used and shows a good how to blog for everyone to follow along." - Community Member Judge



    "Nice integration of various features.  Like the use of discrete components." - Community Member Judge



    "Spectroscopy and Arduino Heartbeat Monitor, good projects with good explanations." - Community Member Judge


    Recycle & Retrofit



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    Grand Prize Trophy





    "Nice upgrade to an interesting piece of electronic history." - Community Member Judge

    "Ideal as an entry project when you’re strong in software and want to start with electronics." - Community Member Judge

    "A great project to bring back to life and old radio with nostalgic memories. A highly detailed blog provides a great reference for anyone else wanting to attempt a similar project." - Community Member Judge

    "I can't ignore that this contest originates by the Upcycling workshop series. And this is the project that most focused the attention on the approach. A vintage device becomes new; very different features perfectly saving the aesthetics of the old times. Appreciable the approach of reusing the original user interface for a new user experience." - Community Member Judge

    "Apart from being really retro and modifying and old piece of audio equipment this project blog was extremely well written - it made it a pleasure to read and learn from the steps involved." - Community Member Judge

    "Clear explanation of steps. I liked the way how Simone Tomaselli has maintained the old radio look on the outside and placed modern tech inside to keep us entertained with songs. Good job." - Community Member Judge

    "Senzfilo Diffusione, great project, sentimental favorite." - Community Member Judge




    "Useful project, nice presentation and video. Steps lack some detail." - Community Member Judge

    "This was a well thought out project with a step by step blog from design through to build. The touchless control was well thought out and implemented perfectly." - Community Member Judge

    "The Disinfectinator by yesha98 - At first sight this project may seem yacc (yet another covid control  ) but this is a very valuable project with some interesting features, like the disinfection time based on the hand distance and the possibility to apply it to a wide range of different containers." - Community Member Judge

    "The Disinfector, simple project well explained." - Community Member Judge

    "A complete design based on a simple and sound solution for each aspect. Repeatable. Perfect Project14-style project." - Community Member Judge

    "Whilst this project essentially reused the casing from an existing piece of equipment, and I noted several other projects did the same, what I really liked about this was the LCD display...always nice to see a personalised project. The Arduino layout using Fritzing easily allows others to follow and replicate the project - always nice to see." - Community Member Judge



    "Great Project, reminds me of my own youth, using modems and bbs's. Very detailed description, great video."  - Community Member Judge

    "Wifo 9600 Modem, great project extremely well documented." - Community Member Judge

    "A perfect trip to the past through this well-executed Wifi9600 modem project. The sound of the modem beeping made this project really stand out in the competition. Other than that Baldengineer has amused us with his video and presentation skills." - Community Member Judge

    "WiFi9600 by the Bald Engineer. This project may not seem as attractive nor interesting as the others but James has delved into many aspects of engineering in its creation. Also very impressively he has shared all of that knowledge in a very well written series of blogs, more than enough steps to allow readers to replicate and learn and he did so enthusiastically." - Community Member Judge

    "WiFi9600 Modem by  baldengineer - This is a project that centered the mood of the challenge. Not in my absolute preferences but deserves to be one of the winners for the very professional quality of the building." - Community Member Judge



    "A fun and ambitious project, a lot of skill was shown in developing the printed parts to upgrade the original toy. Plenty of detail of the project was developed over multiple engaging blogs." - Community Member Judge

    "Great project, very complete and detailed description, nice video." - Community Member Judge

    "Mr. Machine gets an upgrade by genebren - I Liked this project, it is always a pleasure to see a toy from the past transformed in something better and new. But... The sound?" - Community Member Judge

    "Wonderful project using a very interesting toy that has a personal connection with the author.  Gene overcame numerous issues this very challenging project.  I flipped several times on whether to give this the grand prize." - Community Member Judge

    "Thank you Genebren for bringing Mr.Machine to life again. Reading your blogs literally put me on the edge of my seat. I was worried about whether or not you will finish it on time. And you completed it beautifully." - Community Member Judge



    "Doug Wong has made it look easy. 3D printed case looks carefully planned and neat. I have been meaning to make a bench power supply for myself and this project motivates me to do so." - Community Member Judge

    "PC Bench Power Supply, Great project easy to make." - Community Member Judge




    "Very useful, a real recycling project. I'm missing some details, e.g. schematics in the description." - Community Member Judge

    "This project made the use of multiple redundant items destined for junk to produce a full functional extractor that would be a valuable addition to any makers bench." - Community Member Judge



    "From light to sound with a solar panel was a great experiment." - Community Member Judge




    Making Time


    "This competition inspired a nice collection of unique projects - some were practical and some were fun, showcasing member creativity and multidisciplinary talents for electrical theory, mechanical design, programming and making." - Community Member Judge


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    Grand Prize Trophy





    "Every category on my checklist I marked against this project must amassed points. It was well designed and thought out with some great 3D printed components...and of course it worked well. Frank deserves a win here and if for no other reason then he'll need to recoup his depleted filament stock!" - Community Member Judge

    "A super clean project with great results. I really like the remote interface for setting the feeding schedule." - Community Member Judge

    "I like the little touches like the coutdown to blastoff." -  Community Member Judge



    "Very nicely documented. I learned a lot about cameras and shutters before I even got to the electronics." -  Community Member Judge

    "A clean and simple approach yielding great results.  Nice addition to show fractional shutter time along with decimal time. " - Community Member Judge

    "Just watching the video sold this project to me, although that then was confirmed as I marked it without bias against the other projects. What I liked was the shutter noise and whilst that wasn't part of the project it gave the sense of what was happening immediately. The display was very clear and I would imagine any photographer would enjoy replicating this neat little project. I also liked the rugged approach to the design using wood and tape to prove the point." - Community Member Judge



    "A nice project covering the basics of how we define time electronically." - Community Member Judge

    "Jan built a little crystal oscillator clock that explored the theory of Pierce oscillators." - Community Member Judge



    "A nice simple fun project. It made me smile and it sort of managed to alter time." - Community Member Judge

    "Dale created a unique clock to make time fly when at work and stretch out when not at work." - Community Member Judge



    "I found this a really nicely made and presented project - the 3D printed shapes were truly lovely. I must admit I wouldn't be able to tell the time from it but the idea must still be rewarded in my opinion." - Community Member Judge

    "maxpower did some nice Yin Yang work to make a Yin-Yang color-coded clock"  - Community Member Judge



    "nmccloud created a fully functional alarm clock with a touch pad to control its functions" - Community Member Judge



    "Bernhard created an interesting clock that also graphically displays the sun's position in the sky" - Community Member Judge

    "I liked this original idea for a clock display. Ive seen moon phases before, but not the sun." - Community Member Judge

    "Great design and a clever sun position concept makes for a truly unique timepiece.  Well done!" - Community Member Judge


    Holiday Special 20





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    Heart Trophy
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    Mr. Machine gets an upgrade by genebren