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    Arduino Day 2021: Arduino Day Workshop and Drone Competition

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    In the comments below:  Let Us Know What Arduino Project You Are Planning on Doing for Arduino Day 2021!


    We'll be sending out a limited number of Arduino boards for project proposals that use them!


    Arduino is celebrating its 16th Birthday on March 27th, 2021!  We will be celebrate by having a a workshop will present his Arduino Day project from last year,  The Nanodrone and its evolution to its present form, the NanoDrone II. Visit the workshop to learn how you can win a pair of MKR 1300 boards and more!  You can also submit your proposals for Arduino Projects for Arduino Day for a chance to win a limited number of Arduino boards!

    Project14 will celebrate its 4th Birthday with an Attack of the Drones Project Competition that begins the day before Arduino Day!  You are free to use whatever electronics components you choose! Attack of the Drones is an homage to Sci Fi and its influence on drone technology.  Your project can feature any kind of drone such as a UAV drone. a droid, a robot with wheels, a Cylon Hunter, a Borg,  or a humanoid.  You'll get a chance to apply what you learnt to a finished project for a prize.There will be activity planned around May the Fourth, Revenge of Sixth,  and Borg Day (Borg introduced in Star Trek on May 8th, 1989). The competition will close on Geek Pride Day on May 25th 2021. It is also the 44th Anniversary of the release of the first Start Wars movie (May 25th, 1977)!  We will have a winners announcement on June 5th, Hot Air Balloon Day to celebrate the anniversary of the first public demonstration of a UAV!




    This year, Arduino Day will be on March 27th, 2021.  It will be their 16th birthday and we've decided to celebrate with a special Event !  We're kicking things off with Arduino Projects from Arduino Day.  Submit a proposal for a project that uses an Arduino board and if we like your idea we will send out a board so you can submit your project on Arduino Day.  On Arduino Day, we will host the first ever Arduino Day Workshop on Arduino Day.  balearicdynamics will present his NanoDrone II project and we will be inviting members of the community to join him.


    Beginning on the 26th of March,  submit your Arduino Day project in Arduino ProjectsArduino , your blog, or the Attack of the Drones Birthday Special on  Project14 using the tag AttackoftheDronesCH.  In the comments below let us know what project you wish to submit for Arduino Day 2021.  We will be giving away a limited number of Arduino boards for projects that use them.


    More details to be provided as they become available.....


    Key Dates:


    Project14 Birthday Special: Attack of the Drones (4th Anniversary of Project14)26th March 2021
    Arduino Projects for Arduino Day 2021(16th Anniversary of Anniversary of Arduino)27th March 2021
    Arduino Day Workshop:  NanoDrone II: AI and Computer Vision with Arduino LoRa27th March 2021
    Drone Course:  Lesson 1:  NanoDrone II: AI and Computer Vision with Arduino LoRa 4th April 2021
    Drone Course: Lesson  2:  NanoDrone II: AI and Computer Vision with Arduino LoRa26th April 2021
    Star Wars Day Poll (May the Fourth):4th May 2021
    Drone Course: Lesson  3:  NanoDrone II: AI and Computer Vision with Arduino LoRa5th May 2021
    Drone Course: Lesson 4: NanoDrone II: AI and Computer Vision with Arduino LoRa8th May 2021
    Borg Day (31st Anniversary of the Borg on Star Trek) 8th May 2021
    Attack of the Drones Closes on Geek Pride Day  (44th Anniversary of Star Wars):25th May 2021
    Hot Air Balloon Day Winners Announcement 5th June 2021


    *Preview of Upcoming Arduino Day Workshop:


    More Details coming soon...




    What you'll learn by attending:


    • How to use 12C camera with a Raspberry Pi for real-time image acquisition
    • On-the-fly image processing for data analysis
    • How to connect the Raspberry Pi to Arduino LoRa to send data to a ground base
    • How to connect the ground Arduino LoRa receiver to the Cypress PSoC6 for data collection
    • How to connect the Cypress PSoC6 to the Internet via a mobile hotspot to send the data to an AWS IoT gateway





    In the comments below:  Let Us Know What Arduino Project You Are Planning on Doing for Arduino Day!