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    The Avnet® Centennial Quiz will test your know-how when it comes to the history of Avnet for the past 100 years and its involvement with science, technology, engineering and products. How much do you really know about Avnet®? Take the quiz and find out!

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    1) What year was Avnet first formed?


    2) What successful hardware launch crashed the Farnell website in 2012?


    3) On what date was Avnet featured in The New York Times?


    4) Which of these is not a record label once owned by Avnet?


    5) Which of the following did Avnet not manufacture in the 1960s ?


    6) In what year did Avnet open its first west coast facility?


    7) Which of the following did NOT happen in the 1920s?


    8) What was the average price of a US home in the roaring 20s?


    9) Which company did Avnet provide components to for the surveyor soft-landing lunar spacecraft?


    10) What in-car technology was introduced in 1929 and supported by Charles Avnet?


    11) What's the equivalent value today, of Charles Avnet's first year of sales?


    12) This type of manufacturing was banned during World War 2:


    13) From whom did Charles Avnet learn the philosophy "Good, better, best, never let the better rest until the better's best" ?


    14) What comprised of the bulk of Avnet's sales in the 1950's ?


    15) How did Avnet contribute to the United States war effort in the 1940's ?


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    This quiz and its questions are based on the Avnet Centennial Central website and the history of Avnet. You can find more information about Avnet's Centennial Celebrations at Centennial Central.

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