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    Did you know that TTL chips do not output 5 volts? 74LS, 74HC, and 74HCT all have different input and output thresholds. Switching between logic families can be difficult if you are not careful. In this video, learn how different 7400-series logic families compare with input threshold, output voltage, frequency, rise time, and propagation delay.


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    MC74HC1G04DTT1G - 1 Gate Inverter 74HCON Semi1Buy NowBuy Now
    SN74HCT04NSN74HCT04N - Inverter 74HCT, DIPTexas Instruments1Buy NowBuy Now
    SN74LS04NSN74LS04N - Inverter 74LS, DIPTexas Instruments1Buy NowBuy Now
    SOT23-to-SIP AdapterCaptial Advanced1Buy NowBuy Now
    LCQT-SOIC14LCQT-SOIC14 SOIC14 to DIP AdapterARIES1Buy NowBuy Now