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    The new 9CT1-U001 IoT enabled fan controller from Sanyo Denki can remotely monitor and record the status of up to four fans in a cooling system and can use its network of remote sensors to measure the enclosure's temperature, humidity,  and air pressure whilst the accelerometer can monitor g-force in the system across 3 axes. These measurements, which can stored in the cloud can be used to optimise the thermal management of  the cooling systems by remotely controlling the speed of the fans. The operating data recorded includes cumulative fan operating time, any alerts set by the system and the history of the data on temperature humidity and pressure measurements. This data can be used to prevent overheating problems in the equipment, and this can contribute to reduced maintenance costs, improved energy consumption and insight into the need for maintenance of the cooling system.


    Product Features


    Preventive maintenance of equipment (IoT functionality)


    ・ Easy to connect to user's terminal devices. (Wireless LAN /wired LAN)

    ・ Enables users to monitor the status of fans and sensors from remote terminal devices.

    ・ Enables users to control the fan speed remotely via terminal devices

    ・ Detects outlier sensor measurements and sends alerts.

    ・ Saves the fan's cumulative operating time and other fan measurement data to the cloud for later use.

    ・ Prevents heat problems with user equipment, contributing to reducing maintenance time and costs.


    Low noise and high energy efficiency (Automatic control)


    ・Stores temperature, humidity, and air pressure measurements for automatic fan speed control based on the setting conditions.

    ・Makes fan cooling and ventilation more efficient, reducing noise and improving efficiency.


    Optimised fan settings (Manual control)


    ・ Can connect and control a maximum of four fans, enabling different speed settings for individual fans.

    ・ Optimises the airflow and static pressure of individual fans in multi-fan systems.



    Specification for Sany Denki IoT Fan Controller


    The IoT controller unit front panel layout and the connection ports arrangement is shown below:


    Front View

    System Configuration



    IoT Controller  System Configuration


    Download Full product data and the details of the Graphical User Interface here 



    The optional sensors for the IoT controller are also available from Farnell /Element14 and include:


    9CT1-T   -  Temperature and humidity sensor


    9CT1-P   -  Air pressure sensor


    9CT1-A    - Accelerometer sensor