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    As we look forward to celebrating our 500th episode of element14 presents, we've decided to raid the vault and give away some of the builds from the past.


    Be sure to come back every Friday for new episodes of element14 presents where we'll be featuring the results of the Build Inside the Box 500 to celebrate our 500th episode on May 28th!


    Four chances to win - follow the links below to enter!



    Episode 315:  Xbox One X Tear Down

    Enter to Win the XBox One X


    Episode 260:  Multi-System Retro Gaming Controller

    Enter to Win the Multi-System Gaming Controller


    Episode 407: The Ultimate Raspberry Pi 4 Laptop

    Enter to Win the Ultimate Raspberry Pi4 Laptop


    Episode 417: #Pipboy 2000 Mk II

    Enter to Win the Pip-Boy 2000





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