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    element14 presents started as The Ben Heck Show and Ben was famous for his gaming mods.  In this episode he built the ultimate retro gaming controller using an ESP8266 WIFI Module, a transmitter controller, and a receiver on the game console. Universal support includes Nintendo, Super Nintendo, Sega, and Atari.


    Yes, it's retro and wireless.


    We're going to give this project away to the Community member who has the best story about wires.  Some community members may remember when there was only one phone in the house - and it had a short cord, hanging on the kitchen wall.  How did we survive that?  Some members may remember when all game controllers were wired to their consoles.  Were you able to sit a safe distance away from the television?  Did it matter?  Design engineers may have memories of creating prototypes where the wiring got. . . maybe a little confused?


    If it's a story about wires, it goes in the chat.  The Community team will pick the best story and award that author this one of a kind build.


    Episode 260:  Multi-System Retro Gaming Controller - watch now

    multi system retro gaming controller


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